Baby Keeps "Scratching" Her Scalp.

Updated on February 01, 2009
I.T. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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Hello Mommas,

Has anyone experienced their young child (mine is 16 months-old) scratching at their head/scalp? She has a lot of hair, so if there is anything there, I have not found it. I have taken and parted her hair all accross her scalp at 1/2" to 1" sections and did not see so much as a bump, yet she keeps taking both hands and rubbing her head hard as well as using her little hands to try to "massage/scratch" at herself. I'm interested to know if anyone ever had a similiar experience and if it turned out to have a specific reason/cure or wetherp to only a "phase". Thank you all.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your thoughtful replies and willingness to help. She has 12 and 14 year old sisters and does not see other children but on very rare occassions. I have definitely had to deal with head lice before, so I'm happy to say that was/is not the issue. I have not been washing her hair every day because of the cold weather so that wasn't the issue either. I actually have been using an Aveeno shampoo/bath for her but she still had the itchy scalp.

What I decided to do was give her a mayonaise treatment. I did so earlier today and have not seen her scratch since. Yay! It seems to have done the trick!

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Is it perhaps something she does as a 'self-soothing' thing?

What is her behavior when she is scratching/rubbing her head?
Is it 'angry', 'frustrated', or is she just enjoying doing it?
Or is it only when she is tired? There may be your answer as to why she does it.

Also, if you are washing her hair everyday, at each bath... try to just wash her hair less frequently. Doctor's say that you don't have to wash the hair's too drying. Especially for baby skin, which is more sensitive.

It's good that you don't see anything on her scalp be it sores, dandruff or lice.

Good luck...babies do all kinds of things, that don't always make sense to us. But at least, it does not seem to be 'harming' her or getting her scalp all scratched up.

Good luck in finding the reason,

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While there may not be any bumps there, she may be experiencing dry scalp. So, the time of year for this type of stuff to show up. For this reason, I had to switch to washing my son's hair every other bath and started using Aveeno Products on him for his dry skin and ezcema.

Infants need the oils that they produce naturally to keep their skin soft and supple, and constant bath washing can decrease the natural oils and create dry itchy skin. This happens a lot in the scalp area. My dermatologist said that many of the infant personal care products are actually very drying to the skin, he likes Aveeno cause of the natural oats and stuff. I even use it now.

Worth a shot!

Good Luck!

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Not to throw a gross option out there, but if she plays with other children you may want to check her for lice. I haven't had to deal with that in ages (since I was a little girl in school and it was passed around), but I'm sure you can look up how best to do a scalp check. Hopefully it's just a case of irritated and dry scalp which can be cured by some of the suggestions already mentioned. I just thought it should probably be mentioned to do a quick check to be sure she hasn't picked up lice from an older sibling or child she plays with. Sometimes older children pick it up at school and share it with other family members.

Best of luck to you!



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Have you checked for any hair lice,Or maybe the shampoo
you are washing with is causing the scalp to dry out,,,,My 8 year old had that ...due to the shampoo....I took her to the doctor and he recommended me to continue using baby shampoo on her,,,,,,,Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

if you bathe your baby in the morning try lotioning her scalp at night or using baby oil. it may just be dry due to the weather.

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