Baby Is 6 Months and Stopped Sleeping Through the Night

Updated on November 06, 2009
J.M. asks from Farmington, CT
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My baby started sleeping through at 3 months and has been up until now. He just turned 6 months and now wakes up. We give him a bottle and he falls asleep. I have been giving him cereal and wondering if he is gassy and wakes due to the cereal. He does have some trouble with it as he spits up

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So What Happened?

Thanks for everyone's response. The doctor said it was ok that he gets a bottle at night because of his rapid growth. However, it still is difficult. We are now giving him Zantac due to his reaction to cereal. The first night he had it, he slept through the night. I thought that was the answer, but I was wrong. There has been a few nights that he woke up twice in the night. Yikes, I feel like we are going backwards. He is also moving a lot in his sleep, so I not sure what to do to keep him still. He ends up on the edge of the crib with no blankets on. Who came up with the saying.. "sleeps like a baby".

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answers from New York on

When he wakes up do not feed him. You are setting yourself
up for problems. Just try to soothe him. Rub his back.
If he has been sleeping thru the night, chances are he
is not hungry. Teething maybe. Good luck.



answers from Miami on

My baby did same thing. Could be gas, teeth, growth spurt, so many things :(
He will start again dont worry!!!!



answers from New York on

All I can say is Good Luck with that!! The same exact thing happened to my son, he always woke up between 3-4 am. starting at 6months. We thought it was teething so we'd give him tylenol and ambesol. Then it just became a terrible terrible 3am routine. We'd change his diaper. We tried not to give him a bottle becaues then he'd always expect it but that didn't matter because he'd wake up anyways.
He started sleeping through the night again at 13 months.

When I have the next one...I'm just going to let him soothe himself back to sleep (assuming that his dipey is dry) Waking up everynight at 3am for almost a year caused me many issues of my own!)(Weight gain, crankieness and I probably aged 4-5 years in my face alone)

So my only advice (aside from making sure they dipey is dry and that it's not gas or teething)is before running to their beckon call....give them a chance to soothe themselves to back to sleep!



answers from New York on

My daughter was teh same way. When she was 6 months old she woke up screaming - it was teething.



answers from New York on

Hi J.!
If you think it's gas-related, you could try giving your baby gas drops (like Mylicon).
Teething could very well be starting at that age. Tylenol and Oragel will help your baby sleep.
I went through the same thing with my daughter. I was breastfeeding at the time and caffeine was the culprit. After I eliminated it, things returned back to normal.
My daughter still wakes up for an extra feeding at night, depending on growth spurts, etc. and she is over a year now.

Take care and try to rest when you can :)



answers from New York on

I just went thourgh this with my 6 month old a week after we started solids. WE have a one bed apt so i spent a week sleeping on the couch. She goes to bed at around 7:30 since 2months. All of a sudden she was not sleeping well, waking up all through the nite tossing and turning. She is 7months now ant things are better so just try to ride it out. What i do is keep her fed through the day, 3 good meals. Dinner is at 6:30 so time to digest and bottle right before bed so she stays full. Nothing gassy at nite!! Usually it is rice cereal and a veggie and a fruit, some bread.. I wouln't start feeding in the nite again,you will mess up his biological clock. good luck



answers from Corvallis on

My baby did that as well she still at 8 mos will not sleep thru the night, she is teething and just went thru a growth spurt. So as the lady below me said, it could be a number of things, just dont worry, and do your same routine with him (if you have one) and things will exevntually get back to normal, hope this helps!



answers from Rochester on

My son did the same thing. I used the generic form of gas drops when I thought that was the reason. I could tell from his behavior-he would wiggle around and arch his back like he couldn't get comfortable. I also found that he was hungry-so I would nurse him. So many people say to not do that, but he would go right back to sleep. So do what your instinct tells you.

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