Baby Hates Feeding Bottle Nipple

Updated on February 17, 2008
Y.T. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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I am breastfeeding my 7 -week old baby girl. She is now used to feed only from my nipple. She won't drink milk if it's on a feeding bottle. I think she knows that it's not from me eventhough it's breastmilk. I will be going back to work 2 weeks from now and I am afraid that she won't drink milk if I'm not around. Please help!

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Does she get a pacifier? If she had the Soothies green pacifier in the hospital, they also make narrow and wide nipples in the same shape and texture as the pacifier. They've been the only ones my daughter took for months. She's done all three breastfeeds, bottle feeds expressed milk, and bottle feeds formula, but only with the Soothie nipple (believe me, I've tried them all!).

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This is very normal. You are right, she does know it's not you and wants you. It's something that you will have to try with her everyday until she gets it. IT is best if you are not the one giving her the bottle (as she can smellyou). Also different brands of bottles may work better for her. If she takes a pacifier maybe getting a nipple similar will help.

Also calling a lactation nurse would really help you with ideas and getting through this patch. If you call Palos Hospital you can ask to speak with a lactation nurse and they will either put you on the phone with one or have you leave a message and they are very good at getting back to you and also following up to make sure things are working out.

Don't stress out too much, enjoy your time with you daughter, you can't get this time back.
Good Luck.

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You can check the archives for discussion on this. I see this a lot in my practice. Most often there is a reason and we need to find the reason than we can solve them.

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