Baby Has Different Shaped Nostrils

Updated on January 05, 2012
M.D. asks from Indianapolis, IN
9 answers

We recently noticed that our baby's nostrils are slightly different in shape from one another. The delivering doctor and pediatrician haven't mentioned seeing any problems so we assume that it's just a natural variation that might or might not go away as he grows. Anyone else have experience with the same thing?

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answers from Tampa on

My ear canals are different shapes/sizes, not noticeable until I try to use earplugs and can barely get the right one in. And when I talked to my dad the other day he said that he just found out his left foot is an entire size bigger than his right and he never noticed until now and he's 56.

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answers from Johnstown on

If you notice, none of your body parts are exactly the same: all of your fingers are different, neither arm/leg is the same length, neither eye is exactly like the other, etc. I wouldn't worry about it. Congrats on your new little miracle!

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answers from Portland on

Everybody has two different faces – even fashion models. Hold a paper against a full-face photo so it blocks half the face, and describe what you see in terms of facial expression. Then flip the paper to the other side, and describe again. It will sound like you're describing people expressing two different moods, or sometimes two entirely different people – all based on slight differences in the shapes and angles of facial features.

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answers from St. Cloud on

My nostrils are different in shape. No problems and no one notices.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with the deviated septum response. Just keep an eye on it to ensure that it doesn't inhibit breathing, as the previous poster said.



answers from Dallas on

Many people's nostrils are slightly different in shape from one another. It is not uncommon.



answers from Lakeland on

My nostrils are two different shapes from having a deviated septum. It's very common and as long as it does not impede his/her breathing...I wouldn't worry.


answers from Los Angeles on

Our daughter's nostrils are slightly a different shape and have been since she was born. No problems over here :)



answers from Honolulu on

My son has the same issue. I noticed it when he was only a few weeks old, and asked the Pediatrician about it. She said, "that's just how God made him". He is now 2, and it still bothers me to this day that she didn't even look into his nose, or really give me a good explanation. The shape and size difference is noticable to me, even in pictures. It may very well be how God made him, but I wanted a more clinical answer. Maybe there isn't one??

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