Baby Grunting

Updated on October 30, 2006
L.H. asks from North Brunswick, NJ
8 answers

hi my name is L. i am the proud parent of 4 the newest addition is going to a month old tomorrow . is it normal for my baby to grunt she is grunting all the time .

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answers from Springfield on

My 3 month old son has been grunting since he was born. At first we thought it was when he would have a bowel movement but oftentimes you go to change him and he is dry. His doctor says this is very normal!

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answers from New York on

Yes my son started squealing at 2 weeks. He sounds like a chipmunk

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answers from New York on

LOL, yeah! She's probably just communicating to you with these little grunts. Enjoy it while it lasts.




answers from Boston on

my baby grunted a lot, mostly at 3am! and we figured out that he had acid reflux.. could that be the problem?? If not, maybe she just likes the noise she makes. If you think the reflux, you could try to raise up one end of the crib while she sleeps and see if that helps or just keep her elevated... talk to your ped about it....



answers from Boston on

yes my daughter starting grunting at a month too, i think that the babies now a days are growning faster then back in the day


answers from Hartford on

Grunting is 100% normal. Babies are "noisy" and that includes squeaks, grunts, whimpers. She has no control over the noises she makes yet.



answers from Lewiston on

LOL- my dd started out as a grunter, and now she makes great big squeals and yells- we call them her Godzilla growls. She also makes all the normal baby babbling sounds as well. She's nearly 6 mo! Enjoy it!



answers from Albany on

hehe My son is 1 year old and he still grunts! Dr says its normal. Do you have a dog? I often wonder if my son learned it from our dog.

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