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Updated on October 16, 2012
D.V. asks from Milpitas, CA
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Well I have three boys and finally having my baby girl.

We have a Nathaniel, Anthony, and Ryan. We have a few names in mind- just wanted peoples opinions on the names, spelling and how you think they are pronounced based on spelling. I do not want my daughter having to go through like explaining her name :)


Thank you mamas!

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So What Happened?

THANK YOU so much ladies! I appreciate the feed back. Just as I thought the names I were afraid of being mispronounced were :)

Mila- like the actress Mila Kunis (Me-Luh)
Mia- ME-uh
Amelia- is pretty much how its spelled
Maile- Like Miley Cyrus (My-Lee)

Just as I thought the Hawaiian spelling of Maile would be thought of as Mail. Mia would be Mya and Mila would be Mylah. After discussion with my husband and this posting results I think we will go with Amelia.

Now spelling of Amelia or Emilia is the next question!

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answers from Philadelphia on

amelia is pretty and i really like it.
I also like Mia but the other names i think would be too hard for everyone to pronounce and there are different ways to pronounce them!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Amelia and Mia are the nicest and there should be no explaining needed for either.
I am guessing the first name sounds like Mee-lah and have no idea about the last name.

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answers from Chicago on

1) Mila - Mee-la? If so, that is pretty--does it have a particular meaning?
2) Mia - Mee-ya - also pretty, but could also be pronounced as Maya
3) Amelia - ah-Meel-ya --pretty, and classic. I can't imagine it getting messed up
4) Maile - Would this be May-lee?

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answers from Sacramento on


I love Amelia! That would be my first choice out of the names listed.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Congratulations! One of my all-time favorite names is Amelia and the other names on your list all sound like reasonable nicknames for Amelia. You can't go wrong with that as her name, then use various nicknames as they suit her.

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answers from Columbus on

Mail (as in US Post office...)

I like Amelia and Mila, but I have a couple of Mias that have bad associations for me, so I'm not a fan, and as you can see, I don't have any idea how to pronounce the last one.

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answers from Dover on

I think Mila and Maile will require lots of correcting. Mia and Amelia not so much. Of them all, I like Mia best but can see someone not being sure if it is prounounced with a E or I sound.

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answers from Reno on

My daughter's best friend is Mila. :) So, my vote goes to Mila.

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answers from Albany on

Amelia is my mom's middle name, so I'm partial to that. But I think ALL the names on your list are beautiful and will go nicely with your boys' names. I also don't think the spellings will be confusing.

Congratulations on your baby girl. I had two boys first, so the third being a girl was such a treat. I was like a 6 yo with a new baby doll buying clothes for her!


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answers from Dallas on

Amelia is the name I had picked out for this baby (I'm 32 weeks along), but he's a boy, so... but I absolutely LOVE the name!

I would assume that "Mila" is pronounced "MY-La", "Mia" is pronounced "Mee-uh", and "Maile" is pronounced "MY-Lee".

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answers from Kansas City on

well I like Mia best. And I was considering that the other names besides Mia and Amelia could be pronounced 2 different ways. Can you imagine how confusing it would be for the teacher, on the first day of school when she calls the roll call? I remember a kid in my class, his name was Vagenas. VA-GEE-NAS. We all died laughing when the teacher called him VAGINA-S. So just a thought.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I would pick Amelia or Mila. I like Amelia best, but Mila balances out the four names because there are then two short names and two long names. I think Mia is too short and I wouldn't know how to say Maile.

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answers from Chicago on

Of these names, I like Mia the best. It sounds the best with your other kids names. Amelia is my second choice.

I would pronounce them: Mee-yuh & uh-mee-lee-yuh

Congrats on your baby girl!

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answers from San Francisco on

Amelia and Mia I knew how to pronounce. I was thinking (mill - a) for the first. I really like Mila now that I know the pronunciation. I think people would say it wrong though. I like Amelia better than Emilia but that's just me. I thought of Amelia for a girl. I had a boy and named him Adler. Amelia is becoming very common now. My husband wanted a more unique name.



answers from San Francisco on

My 4yrs girl is name Mila. I adore this name, a such cute and sweet name. I also like Amelia too




answers from Los Angeles on

Congrats on your baby girl! I like Mia the best, followed by Amelia. The others she may have to correct some people.




answers from Colorado Springs on

When I see "Mia," I think "MEE-ah" (as in Mia Farrow, an actress from several decades back). The making-another-comeback name Amelia is "Ah-MEE-lyah" (as in Earhart).

The other two - not sure. Mila? Is it "My-lah" (feminine version of Milo)? Is it "Mee-lah" (variant of "Emilia")? Maile - is it "MAY-lee" (a variant of the Irish "Maille")? Is it "MY-lee" (as in the Hawaiian lei vine or as in Cyrus)? If you want an easy name for other people to grasp, I wouldn't recommend those two.



answers from Sacramento on

My vote goes for Amelia. Do you have a middle name picked?


answers from La Crosse on

Mila~ My la
Mia~ My a
Amelia~ Amelia ( lol)
Maile~ Male was the first to come to my head.. but after looking at it, Mylee

My choices would be either Mia ( you would have to explain if it is My-a or Me-a though) or Ameila.



answers from San Diego on

Mila = Me-la

Mia = Me-ah

Amelia = A-meal-e-uh

Maile = My-lee or May-lee

Have you considered:

Maleah = Muh-lee-uh
Maielle = My-el-lee

I do like Mia the best, out of the ones you have chosen though. :0) I always consider nicknames when I pick names too.

Maleah = Leah or Lea or Ma or Mal
Maielle = Elle or Mai
Mila = Mimi
Amelia = Mel or Lili or Lia
Maile = Mai or Lea

Let us know what you decide on. :D



answers from Atlanta on

Mila: Mee-lah (Mila Kunis)
Mia: mee-ah (like in the Princess Diaries). Mya if you're trying to get the my-ah sound.
Amelia: ah-meal-ya (Amelia Earhart)
Maile: My-lei, like the vacuum (Meile)

Personally, I like Mia the best. Nothing offensive about Mila, just not for me. Amelia sounds very old fashioned to me. I dislike the last one. Not sure on how to pronounce it, and whatever it is, she'll be sounding it out and spelling it out for people her whole life. I find it annoying to have to spell out Kimberly if people ask.



answers from Modesto on

If you really want to keep it simple and not want her to have to explain her name, then go with Mia.



answers from New York on

Mila= "Meela"; not a huge fan b/c she will spend her life sounding it out
Mia = "Mee-ah", cute
Amelia- "Ah-mee-lee-ah", very pretty and you could call her "Mia"
Maile= "My-lee", see my comments for "Mila"




answers from Honolulu on

I don't care for: Mila or Mia. Mia... is SOOOOOOO common in my State. There are so many "Mia" named girls, at my kids' school. So then the Teachers have to use the kid's last name, when calling out the name "Mia." Because there are so many girls named that.
Mila is popular now, because of that actress.

Amelia is okay.

Maile is a Hawaiian name, that is very popular now.


answers from Iowa City on

Here's how I would pronounce them:

So if you are thinking My-la or My-ah for Mila and Mia I would spell them Myla and Maia. I don't think there will be any problems with Amelia. I gotta say I really don't like Maile.



answers from Washington DC on

I also like Mia and Amelia the best. Mila is pretty but I had to read the other responses to see how to pronounce, and I am still unsure about how to pronounce Maile.

Congrats on baby girl!!!



answers from Seattle on

My daughter is Amelia! So naturally I love it :) people do try to spell it Emilia sometimes, and its been really popular the last few years. But there's a lot of nicknames and we love it still.

All of the other names you listed could technically be a nickname for Amelia so I say it's a good pick! Ours goes by Mimi, Mia, Mila, or Millie. Her good friend Amelia goes by may may.

One boy in her class always calls her Amelia bedelia and she hates it, but I told her he's jealous he doesn't have a book named after him. I like all your names, but do worry more about pronunciation with Mila and maile. I knew how to pronounce all of them, but I'm careful to learn those things because I have one of those names that people screw up a lot! Another name I like a lot that isn't hugely popular but still pretty and well known is Lila.

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