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Updated on April 11, 2011
M.A. asks from Denver, CO
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Hey everyone! We are having a real tough time thinking of names for our baby due in May. The only one we have been able to come up with and agree on is Erin. Anyone out there have any suggestions? We are trying to steer clear of the top 20 names if you know what I mean. No Ava, Sophie, Isabelle's anything like that. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Hey thanks for all the suggestions! I forgot to put in my original post no L names. Her last name is Lovejoy so anything that starts with an L, Lexi for example, paired with the last name sounds very.... Exotic to say the least. Keep the suggestions coming though!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Perhaps try combining two names of people that are special to you. My daughters middle name is a combination of my husbands middle name Lee and my mothers middle name Ann to make Leanne. This is not a name I would have other wise chosen, but it was a special combination that meant something to us.

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answers from Lafayette on

I have worked in schools for a lot of years, and disagree with the idea of taking a common name and changing the spelling. That is really hard on kids. Also, no A's-I have 5 in my group of 34. I like taking a family name and modernizing it-for example, I had a grandmother Lucille and thought about Lucy (we got an Owen instead :) )



answers from Longview on


I have two girls Sydnee Jayde and Carly Elease..simple names that you don't hear to often.

I also like the names Avery, Jaimee, and Bayleigh.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Erin Marie
Erin Hope
Erin Margaret
Erin Anne
Erin LeeAnn
Erin Parker
Erin Ryleigh

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answers from Denver on

I'm a nursery coord. and hear a lot of names, but some I haven't heard much or at all are:
Tatum, Brinley, Keely, Kennedy, Nichelle, Acelyn, Arielle....
I love it when a name has a family connection too!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

If I every had a baby girl but it didn't happen I was blessed with boys. But anyhow I liked Alexanderia (Lexie for short) Marie, I also loved Madeline (Maddie for short). Good luck in picking out a name and congrats on the baby that is exciting time in your life.


answers from Los Angeles on

We name our daughter Roxy.
Josephina, Zoey, Ruby, Violet, Viola, Jessie, Janelle, Nikka, Kori (Cori), Carly (Karli), Cecilia, Leela, Starlaya, Layla, Annalee, Penelope, Tinnelle, Jana, Johnna, Gabby.
Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

Erin Annabelle
Erin Brianna
Alexis Camilla
Erin Rose
Erin Suzanne



answers from Denver on

We have two daughters, one is named Brenna Nicole and the other is Aria Royale (family name for the middle). I really liked them because they are not common but also not weird sounding. I also always liked Mia, Sierra, and Jalen. Another big thing we checked on was the meaning of the names. I just never wanted a name that might be negative or weird in the meaning.

I thing naming a human being is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Good luck to you, and just keep in mind that no matter what you choose, for some reason it will be perfect for your baby. = )


answers from Dover on

Madison Cheyenne
Cheyenne Nicole


answers from Chicago on

I always receive compliments on my daughter's name: Annalise. It is a traditional name that it not on the top 20 list. My cousin followed the same vein. Her daughters are Charlotte and Gwendolyn.


answers from Sacramento on

I looooove Charlotte and Scarlet. Our future daughters name will be Talise, which means "beautiful waters" in algonquin. COngrats on your baby!



answers from Boise on

If I were to have another child and it be a girl I would name her Bianca Grace. Our little girl's name is Analiese (on-u-lees) Macaylee and when we were pregnant with our oldest we had Gabriella Mariah picked out, but he was a boy :)



answers from Denver on

I really love Willow, but I think it's gaining in popularity - I hate it when movie stars take the good ones and everyone uses them!!
I like the old names like Mildred



answers from El Paso on

i was named after two of my great-grandmothers and LOVE that fact. I wanted to do the same for my daughter, but my husband didn't like the combinations i was able to come up with. we ended up naming our daughter vanessa, and everyone always seems surprised commenting on how they never hear that name anymore. so maybe think about some of the "classic" names?


answers from St. Louis on

We are naming our May baby Karli. I also liked Taylor, Reese, Paige (is my daughters name), Megan, Lauren, Victoria, Alissa.

Let us know what you come up with. Whats your due date? Mine is May 19th.



answers from Provo on

My friend's daughter's name is Arlie ("R"-Lee) and she is the cutest thing ever. Her name is simple but not common. My brother and his wife chose Hadlie for their daughter. I like some of the older names too, but not those that make you think of a grandma. I like Hannah, Gabrielle, Emma, and McKenna.

Look at family names. We chose Miley for our daughter from my husband's geneology but then Miley Cyrus came and now everybody has a Miley too. It doesn't seem to matter the name you pick and how original you are. We thought we were original on our kids' name and they end up being popular. I named our oldest daughter Madison and my husband thought he should choose the next one. He always teased me about picking a name that ended up being so popular. He loves Louis Lamour western novels and picked "Abigail" out of one of the stories, for our next daughter. As you know, it is also a top 20 name.

Good luck! Also, make sure that the names don't have weird nick names or things that kids can make fun of. Make sure her initials don't spell anything funny either.



answers from Minneapolis on

I like the Social Security baby names site for checking on the frequency of use of names:

Ours all have names that don't show up on any Top 100 list.


answers from Detroit on

Our youngest is Ruby. Not too crazy of a name and we never hear it, so just unique enough.



answers from Pocatello on

Look through your family history and see if you love the name of one of your ancestors, or look through your favorite literature and see if you might want to name your baby after one of the charactors. I really like names that are a bit classic, some of the tredier or made up names can get really riddiculous and the poor kids with really weird names may grow up to hate them! Plus I think it's nice to be able to tellyour child where their name came fromk, from a wonderul book or from the bible or from a great ancesotr, rahter than saying "Well, we really liked Angelina Jolie so we decided to name you Jolie" or "It was the only name we could think of that NO ONE else had named their baby yet." Good luck!


answers from Lafayette on

i love savanna, grace, lauren, jessica, leeann, alycia.. and of course i love M. (maggie).

My daughter is grace lauren. i didn't have a name picked out when i had her 10 weeks early. the neonatologist asked me if i had a name picked out yet, and Grace Lauren just popped out of my mouth. God had decided her name for me, i didn't have much say i guess, lol.

Erin is nice, but really common still, even if not the top 20. maybe spell it differently.


answers from Fort Collins on

We have two boys, but if we had a girl we were thinking of Raine (after my grandmother Lorraine). I also like my mom's name, Joy. My husband's grandmother was Violet.

Something with meaning to you would be nice. The names above I like because of their meaning to us....and I like the way they sound. :o) The Social Security website is a good resource....look back to a certain year, 1940s or something, for names you'll be familiar with but that aren't used that much anymore.

Congrats on your baby girl!



answers from Los Angeles on

erin is a pretty common name even though it might not be on this year's top 20 list.

maybe spell it differently...arynn, arinn...

and i agree with PP to include a name from your family that you would like to carry on.



answers from Denver on

When I got stuck with my baby's name I looked up meanings that I liked. Baby names world has a section where you can type in a meaning you like and it will bring up all the names with that meaning. And if it means anything, I like Erin.



answers from Washington DC on

I loved "Abby" but was not fond of we named her Abrielle (the "Ab" is like the "Ab" is Abby) Her middle name is Loretta after my Nana who I was super close too. Naming our child was stressful for me and my husband loved to "play" with my anxiety by suggesting crazy names like "Seven" or "Xena"...It would help me laugh at the seriousness I was putting into it. Our daughter is almost 10 and I still LOVE her name.

My name is D. (prounced Da-Ne-ka) whole life (I'm 40) it was rarely prounced right. It's a slavic name and I think D. Patrick says it right. (Dan-ica)...I always tell folks it was my name first, so she mis-prounces it and that I don't race cars!

My sister is Corinna (Cor-E-na) and she is called Corina all the time.

The good thing about a unique name is people remember you! It has helped with job interviews because it helps me to stand out. The down side is you are constantly correcting people or as I do...answering to anything close! Damica, Dan-ica, Danita, etc...

Good luck!


answers from Los Angeles on

Lets see...some of my favorites, that I didn't use are:


Good Luck! Naming them was always the hardest part for me!

It took us forever to come up with our girl name....



answers from Denver on

If my third would have been a girl, we liked Charlotte and Abigail. I love Lucy, Louisa, (our neighbors) and Staia.



answers from Salt Lake City on

My daughter is Areta Marie mine is Malea Areta


answers from Bloomington on

I like old fashioned names...
Mary Ellen

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