Baby Getting a CT Scan of Head and Scared

Updated on May 13, 2011
A.B. asks from North Brunswick, NJ
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When my baby was 6 months old, he got a CT scan of his head because his head was alittle flat on one side. He was not sedated and my husband had to hold him down (it was terrible). Anyway, now I am terrified, because I didnt realize all of the radiation that he was being exposed to. Has anyones child ever gone through this? Are they okay now? I am so scared and feel so guilty for letting him go through it.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter had to have ct scans (3 in all) because of her sinuses. athey were done between age 2 1/2 and 3 1/2. She had to be sedated for 2 because she was so scared and would not stay still and could not be held still. I was a wreck. The last one she was scared but she cooperated. She is ok now. She is 4 1/2. I did just see a show either last night or the night before about ct scans and the radiation. I don't like the fact that my daughter got them but she really needed. Good luck to you.

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My 2 year old had one since he was born and the news was a bit disturbing to me too although we knew it was a lot more radiation than an xray. My hubby and I discussed it and realized it is ridiculous to get all worked up because 1) it is already done and we did what we felt was best for him at the time and 2) even if we had to make the decision today, we would make the same decision because of how serious the other problem was (he has chronic lung issues and they wanted to make sure there weren't other things going on in his lungs). The bottom line is it is done and beating yourself up doesn't do any good. You did what you were advised to do and what you felt was important with the information you had.

The numbers I saw were "projected" possible cancer cases and however unfortunate were also a small fraction of the overall people scanned. Maybe discussing your concerns with your doctor can help ease your worry but I hope everything turns out just fine. Sounds like many moms below have also had CT scans and have perfectly healthy kids.

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Hi A.,
My daughter went through several test as an infant. I can remember at least 2 CT scans, x-rays, MRI's and more.One day she had a total of 11 tests done. She was a preemie and had brain bleeds and stopped breathing several times after we got her home.
She is 9 now and is fine medically and all the tests have not caused a problem. My personal feeling is that it is a small risk compared to what might be wrong with your child. In my case my daughter had things wrong that could have killed her so having a few tests was a minor concern. Obviously if the tests really aren't needed then you wouldn't want them. I would ask my doctor if the test was really necessary, plus he can probably tell you better was the dose of radiation is from the test.
Good luck

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Hi, A.:

He'll be okay. What do they think is wrong with the baby for his head to be flat on one side?

Good luck. D.



answers from Indianapolis on

The news last night about radiation variations and exposure with CTs was very scary for me as well. Since being diagnosed with cancer in June, 2008, I have had 7 CT scans. I know my Oncologist has reduced the number of scans he's ordering because of the concerns of the radiation exposure.

I'd have a candid conversation with the physician ordering the test to make sure you know the risks and benefits of continuing or perhaps looking into other tests that may show what's going on.

Over the next few weeks, the data will be a little more conclusive regarding the actual risk of exposure. Do your due diligence so you don't have to have any second thoughts.

Good luck!



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My daughter had a CT scan which she was sedated for when she was 2 months old. The dr's thought the "soft spot" on her skull was closing prematurely. It wasn't & she was fine. She is now 6 years old & is doing exceptionally well in 1st grade. I realize ever situation & child is different but I'm sure he'll be fine.



answers from Pittsburgh on

how irresponsible of the medical staff to not sedate him.

I think you should be fine and can relax. Yes, there is a certain level of exposure, but todays equipment is so much better that previous years.

You did what you needed to do to ensure there were no bigger issues, and you should rest comfortable in that thought.



answers from Philadelphia on

We had to have our daughters head scanned at 6 mos old. She rolled off the
dressing table and because of that they was a soft
spot on the side of her head. It was very tramatiZing
going into the hosp. With your baby! I did have to hold
her down, but she didn't have anything wrong
and now she is a healthy, active 6 1/2 yr old!



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter had a CT head scan in the ER at 9 months old when she felled off our bed. Just like you, at the time I didn't know what a CT scan was and the radiation that she was exposed to. I didn't even know that a CT scan had radiation at the time. After reading and hearing more articles about CT scans, especially to young infants or childern like ours and the increase cancer risk to young patients, I hate myself to this day thinking (and thinking about it everyday) the radation exposure I put her through. Looking back I wished I knew about what a CT scan was and I wished I had requested for an MRI instead. I pry God everyday that she will not get cancer from the CT scan later in life. Everyday I feel scared and guilty just like you for putting her though it and I feel like I may have cost her her life. Right now she's ok though.

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