Baby Gender Mentor Dna Prediction

Updated on February 08, 2008
A.W. asks from Monroe, LA
4 answers

Has anyone used the baby gender mentor dna test? I am about 8 weeks along &I just got my results back and it says to expect a boy. I have read where a lot of women who previously had male children (I have 2 boys) got the same result as I did but then had girls. Does anyone have any experience at all with this or a similar company?

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answers from Huntsville on

I don't know anything about that test, but another fun way to predict is the Chinese Birth Chart ( It was correct for my daughter & several other friends & family's kids.

But of course the best way to tell is when baby is born! haha



answers from Shreveport on

I have never heard of the baby gender mentor dna prediction test. Can you tell me what you are talking about? I have all boys and have been doing research on natural gender selection because we would really like to have a girl. The Shettles method didn't work for us. Need to figure out the trick to having a daughter! LOL



answers from Binghamton on

A cousin of mine did this test. The test said she was going to have a boy but she had a girl!!! Just wait for the doesn't sound as reliable.



answers from Biloxi on

I was just reading their website and it doesn't give their success or unsuccessful rates....just states that the proven to be "highly accurate". Sounds kind of out in left field to me.

At 8 weeks along, just seems too soon to find out the sex of your baby. Most women have ultrasounds at 18 to 26 weeks to measure baby and some times you can reveal the sex...if baby lets ya! :)

I was lucky to see my twins grow and had ultrasounds every 2 weeks during my pregnancy, but I was high risk. My baby girl showed us once, and my baby boy took 45 minutes to find out what he was. Although I could have had done the amino and definately found out...but we didn't have to go that way since we had a Level II US.

Good luck and don't be discouraged, you will find out soon enough. My one girlfriend has twin boys and is currently pregnant with a little girl. :)

Take care,
God Bless,
J. D

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