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Updated on April 08, 2008
K.R. asks from East Liverpool, OH
6 answers

Hey ladies- my little guy will be 11 weeks on thursday and is already tipping the scales at over 15lbs!! He was 10lb 5 oz at birth. Hes perfectly healthy- both of my others were big guys too but not this big. Heres my problem though- most "newborn" baby holding things - ie. the bouncy seat, the swing, the carseat carrier, only hold babies up to 20lbs. I'm afraid hes going to out grow his carrier before he can sit up, and then what do I do in the grocery store? and he LOVES his bouncy chair. Any recommendations for big guys?? Thanks

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answers from Columbus on

My boy was 20lbs in 4 months, and I had the same problem that he could not sit up yet but I needed to put him in the grocery cart.
Go out and buy another infant car seat. There is one at BabiesRUs that goes to 22lbs, 29in. That took me till he could sit up, which was a little late since he was so big-- a lot to hold up!
Resell your other seat on Craig's list. Since you've only used it 11 weeks, you'll get top dollar.
The carts with the carriers in them just creeped me out, and I'm not a germaphobe.
btw... when you do buy a car seat, get the largest one you can find, because they will grow out of it before they are ready for a booster seat. I've got a Safe Guard and feel it's the best investment I've made for my kids. They're pricey--$400, but I spent that much on a radar detector (or my husband's golf driver). The are SUPER easy and quick to install and one of my cars doesn't even have latch. They are front facing only. You buy online. I was really happy with Albee Baby's service, and free shipping.
Britax Boulevard is another choice if you need rear and front facing, but it really sucks as a rear facing seat. Hard to get in to, hard to adjust, but the best side impact seat I could find. $250 at BRU. Good luck!!



answers from Cleveland on

What i did for my little one or should i say big little guy? Anyways, I about a car seat from babies r us that was rear facing up to 30 pounds and forward facing up to 100 pounds (it's one that converts into a booster seats). To save a little cash for the grocery store I would keep my infant seat in the back of my car. I would strap him in and put the carrier in the cart. Worked great. Good luck.



answers from Toledo on

Both my boys were big babies too. My oldest sounds like your 11 week old. He was like 20 lbs and 4 months old. I was glad I didn't have the carrier car seat!! I have a regular car seat for my 12 week old and I also have a carrier car seat for the grocery store. Once he outgrows it you can just keep it in the trunk for easy use. I know that a few stores have the seats in the carts. I use them, just throw a blankey over it.

With my older son, I used the bouncer & the swing, just with supervision. He survived:) and is 9 and still a big boy!



answers from Indianapolis on

At the grocery store, I always carried my son in the baby sling. He loved being in it, and would usually nap. We would also get lots of attention from people who hadn't really seen a baby in a sling before.



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi K. I'm haveing the same problem but mine is 5 months!
I would go buy a Graco SafeSeat with the stroller...I think it is the Quattro?? The carseat holds to 30lbs and 32 inches, and the stroller holds up to 50lbs, so you can get good use of it when he is a toddler! Also, I have seen the bouncy's that change into a rocker for a toddler... Babies R us has one that plays music and has a mobile over it for $49. It is super cute!!!! For the swing...I already had to change from the cradle swing back to my fisher price bird holds up to 25lbs. The cradle swing...was tipping over when he was only 3 weeks old...wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!! Well Best of Luck with your cutie!!!


answers from Cleveland on

Hi K.!

My son was a big boy too! I bought the Graco Safeseat at Babies'R'Us for 129.99. It's a rear facing carrier that goes up to 30 pounds. It was also able to connect to my Graco stroller from my travel system.

I gave my son lots of back and tummy time. He LOVED Fisher Price's gym from the aquarium line. It's one of those "grow-with-me" toys. So we got a year's worth of great play out of it. He loved grabbing at the fish and then kicking the ball with his feet, at the same time! It then turned into a tunnel, which he played with all the to his first birthday.

He liked one of his bouncy chairs, and hated his swing and saucer! So we did lots of hand games, floor interaction, and toys. Those bouncy chairs are quite sturdy, if propped against something. I kept my sons intact in his bedroom against a wall because I have no storage space in my apartment! He must of sensed his cousin was coming because when I was about to give it to my brother and his wife, he started climbing into it and sitting! And he was almost 2 at 32 pounds! Because it was against the wall, it held his weight! So I'm sure you will get more use out of it than 20 pounds. Just be little extra careful!

Good luck!

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