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Updated on January 09, 2011
M.F. asks from Fort Mill, SC
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Hello All,

I am expecting a boy in May and have two girls who are 5 and 7. I am wondering what is new in the baby gear world these days. I already know what I want in a carseat, crib, and playpen and will deffinately be getting another boppy pillow (lent mine to a relative and didn't get it back). I have picked out a breast pump, and bottles to help deter nipple confusion. Everything else from slings to bathing is up in the air. I was hoping you all can tell me what you LOVE for your babies and what you can do without.

When my girls were babies we didn't even have a play pen and most of our stuff was either borrowed or purchased used. I see all kinds of cool little gadgets for mommies with babies now but I don't want to end up wasting money on something I probably won't really use.

Suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks :o)

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answers from Las Vegas on

The swings that electronically go back and forth are awesome and the fisherprice zen collection cradle swing... those are so cool. My daughter liked the reclined seat (rainforest, fisherprice) that played music, lit up water fall, and vibrated.

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answers from Provo on

Unlike the poster below, I LOVE my big high chair. My son from birth has been watching me cook and now a days can't not be by me when I cook. Even if it's something as simple as putting milk in my cereal, he has to be there. Of course it is annoying, but it's cute too. I'd make sure to get a reclining one for a newborn. I love my Chicco Discovery. It has a kind of padding that is nice to help smaller babies out that can't sit yet.
I don't know how I lived with out my baby carrier. I originally had a bjorn but now I have a sleepy wrap. It is a little difficult to figure out in the beginning, but I love it now!!
A bottle drying rack is super nice if you end up hand washing the bottles. It's also great for breast pump pieces.
Other than that, with a new born you don't need a whole lot. When my son was first born, I didn't have a high chair, but I did have a bouncy seat. I liked it, but I hated that he was so close to the ground when I was cooking or standing up. When I finally got a stroller, I got a combi that was nice and small that I used around the house since it was to cold to go outside. That was nice.

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answers from San Diego on

the bouncy seat was a must have.

used a fold-up travel bath tub so I could store it easily (or you can get on from a 2nd hand store and sell it back after) --- always did baths on the kitchen counter for the infant until to big for it.

be willing to try different pacifiers (if using them)--I had to get the soothie paci for one baby b/c she wasn't latching on nursing properly, but switching to that paci for a while solved the problem

if you don't want a diaper champ, have plastic grocery bags near the changing table to wrap up smelly diapers

flannel crib pad cut in quarters--it might sound crazy to take scissors to a perfectly lovely crib pad, but they really are waterproof and are a better size than the lap pads. Here's how I use them--1) layered on the changing table so you can toss it in the laundry if it gets dirty and be immediately ready for next time w/o changing the changing pad; 2) in the diaper kit/bag for a clean place to lay baby when out in public; 3) in the carseat to use as a piddle pad--really it WORKS!! it saved my infant seat from diaper blowouts several times when we were on road trips (a bassinet sized pad cut in 1/2 may fit better in the infant carseat too).

Diaper caddy/bag for back of car (I love having it at the ready in the back of the SUV)

for 0-9 months our favorite sleeper was a fleece zippered sleep sack with long sleeves--it was SOOO easy to change a diaper in the middle of the night before nursing!

*******Congrats on the baby! If you're not having a baby shower/getting new stuff, you can get lots of good quality stuff at the baby resale shops for less money.

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answers from Detroit on

I'm a grandma so am not up on the latest and greatest; but my daughter had a baby in August and got many nice, needed things at the baby shower. A few of the big things they wanted to "wait and see"; my suggestion to you is to checkout as we have found many great baby things on there very reasonably priced (Exersaucer $10, Jumperoo $10) and in very good condition; all the parts on these items could be washed (including the cloth seat) and the plastic frames and toys cleaned with anti bacterial wipes. The other place we have found good deals is at Mom to Moms sales, you could google that website. What I think my daughter is finding is that much of the "equipment" is great, but for a very short time before they outgrow it.
At her shower, she got a "Lambie" swing that is also like a cradle that she couldn't have lived with out since that was the only place the baby slept and also a Lambie vibrating chair; Medela breastpump that has been fabulous; and a carseat that also snaps onto the stroller.
Good luck to you - yes, there are SO many choices out there!

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answers from Detroit on

The more kids I've had, the more I've questioned what I've really "needed" (I'm due with #4 in March) - due to space and how much use it gets or doesn't, and of course monetary reasons!

I could not live without a baby carrier - check out and/or -- they have great info and tutorials on carriers that are great for you and baby! You can also find gently used carriers on

Other basics that we use often are: carseat (obviously), pack 'n play, bassinet, bouncy seat, breastpump & accessories, bottles, clothes and diapers.

Everything else? We could definitely do without! Especially the infant bathtub, kickmats, monitors, and diaper champ. With my last 2 I didn't even use the Boppy, though I loved if for my first. If you feel like you really need or want these items or others, check out consignment shops -- you'll get great items for at least half of the price!

You'll most likely get a lot of blankets, clothes, books, and soft toys as gifts ~ these are a couple of things I'd avoid buying, unless you find a really great deal :)

Enjoy your newest addition!

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answers from New York on

I use a MyBrestFriend instead of the boppy. With the boppy I always felt like it wasn't quite fitting right and the baby would roll off.

My son never really took to his swing, but LOVES his little rocking chair (which was way cheaper too). The toys were too much for him for a while but he liked the vibration.

We have a pretty standard baby tub I think. When he was really little my husband would just wash him in the kitchen sink, because the tub was a pain to fill. Now we have the little tub inside our regular bathtub and it's much easier.

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answers from San Francisco on

Some kind of sling or Baby Bjorn. Now that you are going to have three kids, your hands will need to be free to help the other two but the baby will still want and need to be held.

I would either go on Ebay or Craiglists to see if you can find items used.


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answers from Detroit on

I have 3 kids. I loved the bath seat that you can put in the sink. It worked all the way up until I put my daughter in the tub. It was very cost effective since I think it cost less then 15 bucks vs the 20+ for other fancier once. I also had a c-section and it was easier to give her a bath in the kitchen sink vs bath tub. The other 2 could at least wash themselves int he tub.

I Loved my Moby Wrap. It was not big and bulky like most baby carriers and I did not worry about smothering my child like I would have with some slings. I choose it because I felt like it held the baby closer and more securely when I was doing something and had to bend down and the baby just wanted mommy contact. It also worked well when we would go to the park and I would use the double stroller for the older ones and then moby for my daughter.

The other essential that was a life saver was the Jumperoo. All 3 of my kids loved it and I could put them in their when they were a little bigger (about 3 months) and I could do housework or other things that I had to get done.

I hope that helps. Congrats on the little boy!!!

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answers from Seattle on

I wish we'd gone with a smaller highchair - one that straps to a kitchen chair rather than one that stands on it's own (and has a huge footprint in our small kitchen!). With the other things - go simple. Get a basic Baby Bjorn. Not that much has changed in 5 years. All a newborn needs for several weeks is a boob, diapers, a dozen sleepers and a half-dozen receiving blankets for swaddling. The rest you can figure out as you go.

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answers from Honolulu on

LOVED my Boppy Pillow. I also used it on my lap for reading magazines.... real handy and can be used for many things.

Slings are hit or miss. Depending if your baby likes it.
Both my kids, HATED slings.

For bathing: I LOVE the "Primo EuroBath" (Amazon has it and you can see it there). It will grow with the child. My kids are big/tall kids since birth, and I was able to use it even when they were 2 years old. They loved it.
And made of non-toxic plastic.

For bottles: (I breastfed) but I also used the "MAM" brand bottles, which I got from Amazon, and my son LOVED it as did I. It is BPA free, and has a natural nipple, and accumulates no air bubbles in it as baby drinks. It is cute, comes in different colors, and in 3-packs as well. Not expensive. Not commonly found in stores though. But Amazon has it. It is commonly used in Europe.

Don't waste money.... on things you will not use. Its easy to get caught up in that. Just get basics. Tons of 'onesies' too.

all the bet,

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answers from Detroit on

I like the Bumbo.... I wish I had it for allmy kids but i only have it for my last one and this one coming. I think its really cool. I don't like the tray that comes with it but the seat in general is neat. The babies can go in it i put this last one in it at 3 months old and she could sit and play. Theres a different one out there i seen the other day that has the tray go all around it and it turns so the baby can choose activities that looked neat but i never tried it. I have a pack in play never used it for any of my kids until this last one. I had let a realitive borrow it and than another used the unit for just my kids to sleep in when she baby sat. But me never really used it till this last one and plan on using with the next wish i would have I think its very worth the money. Mine has where the pad comes up for the baby when its like newborn tillabout 4 month or more cuz they can take naps in it and stuff kinda like a craddle. I recommend a pack in play before a craddle any day. Also mine has a insert that sits at one end and you can use it as a changing table and the other end has a mobile like cover. Highly recommended. The sling thing i don't care for but never really found one i liked. We have a graco double stroller love that. Pretty much thats it everything else we have is handed to use from my very first child and has been in the family for over 80 years. I really think like the whole crib set up thing is a waste I would just use a crib sheet and blanket. There is this new thing for the crib where the baby wheres its like a swaddle or something but it attaches to the sheet. I'm not sure about that one. because from what i can remmeber the baby than is restraint to sleeping only on it back and not being able to move too much. But thats up to you and your partner. There is the craddle in the bed I would love to try but I didn't get one because i thought this last one whos 8months was our last and now i am expecting so.. I would love to hear feed back from you on anything..... My bath tub I have is like from my daughter whos 10 so I can't help you there.Good luck

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answers from Lansing on

I don't know the exact name of it but I will try to explain it lol.

It's made by fisher price and it runs on batteries. Its like a little bassinet type thing that goes back and forth and side to side. If I can remember the name or have time to google it, I will edit my post lol (I have a toddler that won't go to sleep).

Ok! I googled it lol It's a Fisher Price Motion Glider.

It's the best thing on earth, in my opinion!!!

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