Baby Formula . . . Organic Vs. Regualar

Updated on January 17, 2011
A.E. asks from New Richmond, WI
7 answers

I am expecting my second baby any time now and was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions on the BEST baby formula to use? Is the formula labeled organic really organic? If so, which one did you find to be the best.

I will not be breatfeeding at all, so just looking for suggestions on formula . . .


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answers from Denver on

The best way to do it is actually make your own formula. There are lots of recipes on the web of different ways to do it. Goat's milk is the closest thing to breast milk, so I am giving you a link to a goat's milk formula. Making your own is inexpensive, and you can control the quality of the ingredients.

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answers from Tampa on

If you are going to give synthetic nutrition by choice... then organic definitely. It smells better, tastes better, has less recalls and you can be sure the chemicals they use to produce the formula are readable. Mainstream formula has a lot of chemicals in it that if you google what they are, you'd be shocked they put it consumable materials at all, even worse that it is in infant 'food'.



answers from Bismarck on

I like Similac for my baby. She doesn't have a favorite but I thought Similac easier to mix and that's what they gave us in the hospital.

I did try organic similac as it was on sale but I did NOT like it. It didn't mix very well and gave my baby constipation.



answers from Anchorage on

I used Enfamil lipil and had no issues, but I have heard that the generic brands are just as good.


answers from Lansing on

I just used Enfamil. I had no problems with it. I now use Enfagrow, now that my daughter is over a year old.

I'm not one for organic (unless it's something I grow and make myself), just because it's a lot more expensive and you really don't know how organic it is. My suggestion, read up on the different formulas, see which ones have been recalled the most. I believe it was Similac that was recently recalled.



answers from Wichita on

We used Similac with no problems, my sister in law used Enfamil with no problems and my cousin used the target brand with no problems. The key is consistency. Which ever one you choose, dont decide to get a different one because it's on sale or something, that messes with baby's tummy. A friend of mine had samples of Similac and Enfamil. She started out with similac, and her OB told her that there's no problem switching between the 2, just like changing brands of milk. Her baby when from being an angel to being gassy and in pain all the time, really screwed with her system.



answers from St. Cloud on

I never thought there was a difference. I used Enfamil soy, also, Target Brand soy and there was no difference. By federal guidelines, baby formula has to stay under certain rules. I know that similac has been trying to make changes as they used to have too thick of a formula to even mix correctly.

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