Baby Food vs Table Food for 10 Month Old Advise!

Updated on February 11, 2011
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
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someone had told me the other day my son should pretty much be off baby food now. he does eat table food but its not his main food beside the formula of course. should my son be eating 3 table food meals a day and no more baby food?? looking for advise and what all other moms did . THANKS A LOT :)

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answers from Provo on

Like the previous poster said it depends on each baby. My son he could eat table food and baby food by 10 months, but he didn't have any interest in them until my ped said to take away the bottle more and offer him the solids.
So you could try more solids, but I wouldn't push it.

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answers from New York on

By 10-11 months both of my sons were on all table food. Neither of them wanted me feeding them all the time anymore, and it started to become really really messy. And, honestly, I was so sick of making the baby food (lazy mommy). I say do what ever works for you. I don't think there is a hard and fast rule.

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answers from Indianapolis on

My daughter is almost 13 months and I'd say she's about half baby food and half table food. My pedi said it was fine. I've heard the same things you have from other people but, to be honest, I think the baby food is probably healthier than most of the table food she would get anyway. If my daughter is willing to eat pureed broccoli and zucchini medley, I'll take it ;)

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answers from Indianapolis on

Actually, as long a you wait until the recommended 6 months old to start solids, no baby NEEDS jarred purees. They are made for babies who aren't ready because of their tongue-thrust reflex, and don't know "how" to swallow, but who's parents think they know better than nature and want to start solids anyhow. Think of all the people in the world who have no access to processed foods, they do just fine on table foods :)
Really, babies need nothing but breastmilk or formula for the first 12-24 months of life. Offering solids should be extra, not supplemental, and used purely for exploration of tastes and textures, not nutrition.

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answers from Detroit on

They have really updated the site since I used it 5 years ago! Visit and there is a Solid Food Chart down on the left a little ways.
Even if you don't plan on making your own food, it's a great guide for what you should be introducing! (But making your own is easier than it seems, especially if you freeze it & have it on hand!) It also talks about sippy cups.
And if you're behind what they say, just start out at the begining & evolve from there at your little man's pace! Keep in mind, what you introduce now is what he will like in the future!
Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

my baby was half table half baby food until over a year. It really depends on the baby. Some never like the texture of baby food and go straight to bits of regular, some have a hard time with the texture of regular and stay on baby for awhile.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Table food is perfectly fine at this age. Just make sure all the pieces are tiny so that he doesn't choke. Skip things like hot dogs, smoked sausage, grapes, oranges or anything with 'skin.' Or, do like we do, and take the skin off. You still want to stay away from peanut butter and honey.

Baby food is never a necessity. Babies can gum almost anything at about 6 months. :)

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answers from Corpus Christi on

I started my son with solid foods around 10mths...but at the same time i was still giving him baby foods...and then he transitioned on his own by a year to jus table foods!


answers from Philadelphia on

I let my daughter eat baby food in addition to regular food right up to 1 year. I just gradually decreased what jar foods she was getting, and increased the amount of milled foods (I just ground up what we were eating, like beef stew with a lot of the liquid strained out already, or chicken and dumplings). The last thing we eliminated was jar fruits, but we continued with the baby oatmeal cereal until she didn't really want that anymore and was happy to eat regular oatmeal or cereal with us. It took her a really long time for her teeth to start coming in so we did softer foods much longer.

The only danger in feeding babies jar food too long is that they become accustomed to preferring the smooth texture of the jar food. Their swallowing needs to advance to accepting other kinds of textures. It's a good idea to offer little bits of anything they seem interested in, as long as it's an appropriate food for their age and palate, and to not be discouraged if they don't like something right away. I saw a documentary on the BBC once that was about picky eaters and it takes about 11 times of being casually and repeatedly offered a new food for a child to potentially accept it.

(And to tell you the truth, my mother allowed me to eat 1 kind of jar baby food until I was about five years old: Gerber strained plums. I loved them. It was a special treat.)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Every baby is different. Go at his pace. My baby, 11 months, has every meal with us. But he doesn't actually get enough in his belly to fill him up, so about an hour later I always follow up meals with us with a bowl of oatmeal or a jar of baby food. Sometimes, if it was a meal that was easy for him to eat (ie, pasta), he'll turn down the baby food. But if it was something harder for him to eat, like chicken and vegetables, he's still hungry and will eat quite a bit of the baby food. This is in addition to his bottles. There is no right or wrong answer here.



answers from Scranton on

I moved both of my girls to table food around 8-9 months, but slowly. I introduced the easiest foods to gum and offered it at first along with the jar food. They quickly preferred the table food. My LO is 9 months now and has things like lima beans(no skin), squished peas, toast, graham crackers, cheerios, bananas...Casually introduce foods on the tray and have fun with it. Give the jarred foods if you find you can't get him to eat that particular food group using table food. My older daughter was on all table food by 1 year.
I do agree with others that it's good to introduce them to other textures.
Good Luck! Go at your own pace. How many 3 year olds do you know still eating all jar foods?



answers from Baton Rouge on

I didn't do baby food after I actually tasted the stuff - it's NASTY!

I gave my daughter the same foods I ate - seasonings, spices, and all - just mashed up so that she could manage them.



answers from Philadelphia on

Switching from baby food to solid food is a weaning process. It has more to do with how many teeth your son has, at 10 months he should have enough to start the weaning process.

Each meal should include some solid food that is diced or small enough to chew without choking. From there you can add more solids and less baby food until you have completely weaned your son. How long does that take?, it is up to your son and how well he adjusts to the change.

Switching to solid foods baby must learn to take small bites, so you may want to hold onto the apple slice and give him a bite. Eating solids is a learning process and each baby learns in their own time.
Good luck with your lil one!



answers from Philadelphia on

I think this person who told you this may be misinformed. My 10 month-old eats only baby food and breast milk. I have not been successful yet in getting him to eat table food yet. When my 3 year old was 10 months, he ate a little bit of table food here and there, but certainly not "meals" of table food. Don't worry about this. Your son will transition when he is ready. He will probably be eating all table food by 15 or 16 months.



answers from Washington DC on

Each child is different and moves at their own pace. My daugther didn't even take to baby food until 8m! She didn't get her first tooth until 11m!

My daughter would eat certain table foods, but not veggies. So she was on baby food for veggies until around a year. She would eat 3 meals a day, but they all had some form of baby food still.

My son didn't like veggies and fruits either, but as soon as we tried table foods, he wouldn't go back to baby food for fruits and veggies.

As long as the current method is working for you stick with it. What is important is that they eat and get the nutrients. Not the form of the food. Feel free to share different foods from your plate and see if he's interested.




answers from Pittsburgh on

Our pediatrician told us that he should be 100% on the same foods we eat by the time our son was a year. We were blessed with a non-picky eater, so he was converted by that point. So by 10 months he was eating 3 table food meals a day.

So, good news, you can save some $$ on baby food! And it's nice to have one less thing to juggle at meal times.



answers from Sioux Falls on

I fully believe that it is up to the parent based on the child's developmental stage at the time. Every child is different on what they do and whan they do it. I have 5 kids and every one of them was different. 1 never ate more than 3 jars of baby food her entire life, the others varied greatly in tastes and textures and when they were able to chew regular people food, my 2 year old for example when he is teething will only eat mush basically. He will eat a stage 3 jar or some of the baby food I have in the freezer that I make for my daycare babies, or if he is sick. My 4 year old prefers the texture of baby oatmeal w/bananas over regular oatmeal.

As long as your child is getting enough to eat and it is not junk food I think that is the most important, not what other people's kids are doing or what they think.

Best of luck.


answers from Eugene on

Do you eat organic food? Better to put the money you have into good organically grown food you cook yourself than into the doctor or the makers of baby food.
Fresh is always best. My children never knew anything about canned baby food.
When I saw one of my daughters feeding her son canned I went and got her cases of organic canned baby food. It's second best but she was not much of a cook at the time.



answers from Philadelphia on

At the 9-month visit for my first daughter, our pediatrician asked, "She is eating mostly table food. Yes?" At the time, that shocked me because I thought babies ate baby food for much longer. But, our pediatrician said that moving a child to table food (properly ground up) increases the chances of having a child who eats normally (ie NOT a picky eater). Three kids down the road, I've found her advise seems correct. I have moved all 3 of my kids to table food by 10 months and they are all wonderful eaters. My kids are now 8 yrs., 5 yrs, and 2 yrs. Hope this helps.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Every mom and baby are different but all three of my kids ate baby food and then I gradually introduced table foods alongside started at 8 months. My youngest is now 10 1/2 months and refuses any baby food. She eats 3 meals a day plus a snack...and of course 3-4 bottles a day.
It is important to introduce them to meal time, sitting down as a family. I don't remember the specific terminilogy but around 9 months babies develop tongue/swallowing/chewing and it is important to start to introduce them to different textures, foods, tastes, etc...



answers from Philadelphia on

chop up table food in the food processor or chop it up in small pieces. do not listen to other people. If in doubt ask the doctor. go by what the pediatrician says.


chop up table food in the food processor or chop it up in small pieces. do not listen to other people. If in doubt ask the doctor. go by what the pediatrician says.


answers from Minneapolis on

Babies dont NEED jarred baby foods, its all marketing. My kids never ate jarred baby foods, all homemade puree starting at 6mos and table foods by 9mos. Jarred foods are not that nutritous when you add in the canning, preservatives, etc. He'll be just fine on table foods, he will enjoy them more.



answers from Sacramento on

Until your child is 1yr old, there is no reason to feed JUST table food. And formula is needed as well until your child is one. When he turns one you can switch him over to Vitamin D milk. If he doesn't take to it right away, you can start by filling his sippy cup (he should be using a sippy and not a bottle) with 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk for a couple of weeks and then go to 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk and so on, until you are able to do just milk. As for the table food, it depends on the child. Some children take to table food right away and if YOU are comfortable with him eating table food and HE can do it without choking then that's great!! But he may need a little more time to get used to it. They also have the little gerber graduate meals that are more chunky like table food... you could try those. I wouldn't worry about what other people are saying and do what is right for you and your son. Your little one is at a fun age, enjoy it!

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