Baby Fever After Vaccines and Flu Shot

Updated on November 29, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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My son never got fever earlier after getting his vaccines. But this time he does have fever - he got his booster flu shot and couple vaccines yesterday. He is 7 months old , I know its common to have fever but it's his first fever and I am sad :( Please tell me how I can help him get better soon. I gave tylenol 3 times yesterday and the nurse told me it's not necessary to give any medication , it will go away on it's own? Is it better to stay indoors until he feels better or for the next week or so? His cousin is in town and we were supposed to go to the zoo today, I am thinking I will just stay back home with him. He was also 2 months early , so I am worried how he will handle fever.He is eating but did spit up everything he ate just now :( Any other signs I need to watch out for and call doctor? Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

Its quite possible that he is getting sick with some sort of virus given the time of year it is and has absolutely nothing to do with the shots he got yesterday. Just give him tylenol if he needs it and lots of rest and fluids.

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answers from Boston on

First of all, don't let anyone make you feel bad about vaccinating your kid. You did the right thing, even if he feels bad now.

How high is the fever? If it's below 101, it should pass soon and you can give him tylenol to make him comfortable, or you can just snuggle him. If it's above 101 you should call the doc and bring him in. A low-grade fever is normal, a high one is not. Neither is the throwing up.

As for going out and about, if he's otherwise acting normal and happy, I think it would be fine to take him out, as he's not sick or contagious. If he's a cranky little guy, though, I'd keep him home simply because he's not feeling well and it won't be fun. If he has a high fever and/or keeps throwing up, don't take him out because he's likely sick with something and needs to recover.

Hope he feels better soon!

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answers from Washington DC on

i strongly suggest next time spacing out the vaccines and flu shot, if you must get a flu shot for a baby. in the meantime, try tepid baths or washcloths to keep him cool, and make sure he stays hydrated. often physical methods of making a fever bearable are easier on their little systems than lots of tylenol.
hope he feels better soon.

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answers from Dallas on

If he continues to spit up his food, call the Dr. I would keep him in, if you can. You don't want to have him accidentally come into contact with sick people. His immune system is lowered and compromised right now, because of all the vaccines. In the future, you could get them spread out much more...just one at a time. This would help. Unfortunately a fever is accepted as "normal," but it simply NOT normal. Accepted doesn't mean acceptable. It doesn't mean he's in serious harms way or anything, but his body is trying to deal with these vaccines. Just keep him in, only give him Tylenol if it makes him more comfortable and cuddle with him more. Like I said, if he keeps throwing up, take him in.

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answers from Modesto on

Sometimes the effects from shots will last about 24 hours. If he's not feeling good I wouldnt take him to the zoo. The flu shot is probably the one that has given him this little set back.
If you think he will be comfortable just sleeping in his stroller there wouldnt be anything wrong with taking him out, if he's fussy it will just ruin your trip, so that's what I would consider.
I would also agree about not giving him the tylenol, that usually just prolongs the sick symptoms.

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answers from Chicago on

It is normal for the fever. Just keep him comfy in light pjs--no need to overheat him and let him sleep as much as he wants and eat when he wants. Personally I would do tylenol or motrin if he is old enough to make him comfortable--a fever is a temp over 100.4 by the way. Basically just let him rest--hang back from the zoo. He'll probably will be fine by tomorrow. Fever shows his body is reacting to the shots so that good. Just try and relax, it won;t be his last fever. Call the doc if it goes over 103 or he is just acting very lethargic or sick. You will know, don't worry. Keep him hydrated with formula/breast milk, that is the most important thing.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You're lucky he didn't get his first fever until 7 months. That sounds pretty good. Rest and infant Tylenol. It could be from the flu shot or it could just be a coincidence. There a SO MANY viruses and other illnesses going around now. On my son's hockey team alone there are currently 3 cases of pneumonia, 1 strep, 1 stomach virus and various colds and other misc. viruses. It's good that you got him the flu vaccine even if it is the source of his fever. Influenza in a preemie would not be good. If it concerns you, in the future you can talk to your doctor about spacing out the vaccines. Hope he feels better soon.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My 7 month old daughter just had her shots and a flu shot last week--she had a fever for two days, the best thing for us was to give her tylynol every four-six hrs. and a lot of extra loving. I have been scheduling her appointments for friday and taking that day off from work so I can stay home with her. I made sure to give her more tylynol right before the previous dose wore off so she would not be all cranky and fevered. If he gets a high fever or is just not acting right call your dr or take him know him best and you know when something is your mommy instincts.

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