Baby Einstein Lawsuit

Updated on November 03, 2009
L.M. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
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What are your thoughts regarding this issue?

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answers from Norfolk on

I find it ridiculous that anyone bought into those claims. Research suggests that children under the age of 2 shouldn't watch TV at all and gain no educational benefit from doing so. If you use the DVD's to buy yourself a little time to go to the bathroom or eat a meal that's one thing but to actually believe they're going to make your kid smarter, I'm surprised anyone would believe that.

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answers from Norfolk on

Personally I think its laughable. Ped doctors state that its not a good idea to put a baby in front of the TV anytime between 6 months to 2 years. I can't believe some of these parents sat there and went 'oh this will make my child an einstein.' Last time I checked you had to work with your children and actually interact with them instead of just placing them in front of a TV, you know read to them, work with them on flash cards, help them count to 10, teach them colors.

This is the same thing as listening to classical music while in the womb, there is no hard evidence that it is a 'sure thing' that it will make your child smarter. It would be wonderful if there were simple solutions to a childs intelligence level such as watching a DVD, but thats not the way it works.

I'm sorry but to me its laughable, I honestly didn't think people would actually take it to heart that 'oh this baby einstien dvd will make my child smarter than his peers, I can place him in front of the TV and finish doing whatever I'm doing'. Thats not how it works people! My son gets to watch Playhouse Disney if he is well behaved and his toys are picked up, the TV is a treat. Its like sitting toddlers down in front of the TV with Nick Jr, Disney or some other child program and expecting them to learn constantly from that. Do some of those shows have a good message, YES but you have to work with your children to make sure they understand them.

However, I did state that its laughable and I think it is. But that is my opinion, I'm sure there are ones that differ from me out there but there again it is my opinion.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I agree with Suzie P. wholeheartedly.
The lawsuit is still valid based on what the company that owns baby Einstein claimed - basically they are being sued for false advertisement. The silver lining to come out of this is that hopefully those parents that use the TV as a babysitter for their kids will wake up and realize that they are doing more harm than good.



answers from Norfolk on

I also think that it is ridiculous that anyone believed the claims but I do have some of the videos and I watch them WITH my kids and we laugh at the silly puppets and talk about it together. The numbers video taught my son 1-5 on a few days but other than that they only help teach labeling and only in moderation and should only be used as a supplement to learning activities with your children. I rarely let my kids watch anything I'm not watching with them.

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