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Updated on February 12, 2007
T.F. asks from Orlando, FL
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My 6 month old has eczema (I think I'm spelling it right- it's the dry patches). My older kids had it, too, but I used that steroid cream that I want to avoid this time around because of the bad press it got-- it can leave scars and supposedly cause cancer. My doc explained why the cream is actually safe and why they had to put the cancer warning on it, but says my son doesn't need it now anyway unless his eczema gets worse or itchy. Soooo... I just wanted to exchange ideas with anyone who has found success either with a product to clear it up, or found a way to avoid it from reoccuring. The doc said it's allergy related, but very difficult to pinpoint what foods or other triggers to avoid. My son lately has it the worst on his butt right up to where the diaper covers it-- but he said the brand of diapers I use (Pampers) are usually one of the most absorbant and best so he doesn't know if switching brands will make any difference. Desitin has actually helped a bit, but I can't put that white stuff all over his legs and other spots not covered by his diaper. A friend introduced me to Arbonne Baby Oil, which does help a bit. You can get it on line, and she found it for me at an herbal shop in Winter Garden. Any advice or insight is appreciated. Hopefully, he'll outgrow it soon like my other 2 kids did, but in the meantime I want to do everything I can to make it go away and keep it from coming back.

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Hi Tammi,
We have a lot in common. I too have ecxema in my family - several of us... and I am taking a leave of absence from teaching this year. :) Anyway, two things I find are helping my 9 month old are... Arbonne products: the soap, lotion and oil. I can put you in touch with a great consultant to order it. Also, Aveeno products: soap, lotion are good too. You can use vaseline instead of the desitin, but if it gets really bad, I still sometimes have to resort to a mild steroid cream.
Hope this helps some. If you find something else wonderful out there, I'd love to hear about it.

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Could it be a yeast rash? My son had that. I used nystatin for that, and then aquafor for the healing. Aquafor is awesome. It's like a protective layer of skin. As far as food allergies, taking him to an allegist is your best bet and might save you some headaches in the long run. Or you can exclude things out of his diet until you find out what's causing it. Milk/ milk products /dairy in general/ it could be wheat or gluten...good luck!



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My daughter had eczema as a newborn and since I was breastfeeding I found that eliminating all dairy products completely cleared it up. Dairy products are known to cause allergic reactions, skin rashes, colic, and Type I Diabetes in children. If your son is taking a cow's milk based formula, switch to an *organic* soy based formula. Your pediatrician will probably tell you it's not necessary to switch to soy formula if you ask him. You can then ask him how many years of nutrition he studied for his medical degree. Seriously, most pediatricians are lucky if they have taken a semester on basic nutrition and many don't keep up with the latest research. But don't take my word for it, do your own research. A good place to start is at the Physician's Committe for Responsible Medicine. Do a search for "Cow's Milk":

In the meantime, if you're looking for a natural skin product to stop the itching. You can try something called "Flozone", which is a steroid free cream that is homeopathic. You can buy it at Chamberlains.



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I am affiliated with Arbonne and I wanted to let you know that I have heard of great success with eczema by using the Skin Contitioning Oil followed by the Arbonne Hand Cream.

I know you said you have purchased Arbonne products at a store in Winter Garden but if you would like I can send you a link over the internet and you can sign yourself up as a wholesale buyer for $29.00 and receive 35% off retail. Or you can purchase them retail through my website

I can honestly say the reason I started my own little home-based business with Arbonne is because I believe in their products and people are getting incredible results.

I hope this helps.


K. M.



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Hi Tammi! My name is M. and I'm an Arbonne consultant. I am happy to hear you've seen some results from our baby oil. I would recommend (more than the baby oil) the Hair & Body Wash and most importantly the Body Lotion. Our Herbal Diaper Rash Cream is excellent too!

Susan, the owner of the Winter Garden Herb Shop, is a friend of mine! We are on the same Arbonne team! She's great and should have both of the items I mentioned. Our baby line is great for excema, even in adults! I have as 15-week old and thankfully haven't had to deal with excema. I had it as a child and know it feels awful! I wouldn't want to use the steroid creams on my little guy either. Hopefully the Arbonne products will help since they are all herbally and botanically based and therefore safer for our little ones!

I wish you the best of luck! If you see Susan, tell her I said HELLO!

Take care!
M. Antal
[email protected]



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Hi Tammi...I work with a company that has a lotion that has helped a tremendous amount of people with eczema...children included. I've used in on my son for diaper rash and it did clear up a chronic patch of dermatitis/eczema that I had. need to look at removing harsh chemicals from your home. Often it is things like laundry detergents, household cleaners, soaps, body washes and other things that have harsh preservatives and even harmful ingredients that contribute to skin conditions and even asthma and other health conditions.

You can contact me by replying to this message if you'd like more information.

Thanks and Good luck!

Stayin Home and Lovin It!



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Hi, Tammi--

I know that at 6 months old, if he has food allergies, his diet is already pretty limited; but if your son somehow doesn't outgrow this, and if you live in the Orlando area, I would highly recommend seeing my pediatrician, Dr. Cornelia Franz (see my review of the Franz Center on this website). She's an excellent problem-solver and makes maximum use of both the traditional and the alternative medical fields. My friend's 2-year old has always had horrible allergic reactions on his skin. One time when he was a baby, the mom just wiped something off his face with a paper towel, and he looked like a burn victim all over his body for weeks afterward.

Dr. Franz had the boy go through a special blood test which broke his blood down to all the various components--including all the stray elements and unwanted metals. Many of these probably came from the mother herself during pregnancy. Although this process is perfectly safe, solid and scientific, it's still considered "alternative medicine" for some weird reason, so most traditional doctors don't know about it. However, working with the results of this test, Dr. Franz has been able to recommend simple dietary changes to clear these stray metals from the boy's system. At this point, he still has some allergies, but to the relief of both mother and child, the reactions are much less severe. According to my friend, Dr. Franz has even had some amazing successes with autism by using this same technique!

Again, just something to keep in mind in case the condition persists!



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We use Gentle Naturals Baby Eczema Cream. It's available at CVS. Not so expensive and worked better than Desitin and Vaseline.

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