Baby-proofing Recommendation

Updated on April 30, 2007
I.S. asks from Chicago, IL
4 answers

would you recommend a baby-proofing company or brand of products which has worked for you and your little one?

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So What Happened?

thanks for the advice!

i used 'protective parents childproofing' and am quite pleased. i had them install the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs, plexiglass over fireplace opening and latches on cabinets/drawers. we are installing the other items on our own--bifold door locks, toilet lid locks, outlet plugs, tv straps.

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I had Protective Parents Childproofing come out to my house. They have a website you can check out with safety tips and prices A technician came out to my house and did an in-home safety evaluation. I could either buy the products and install them myself or they could come out and install them. Gates were a necessity and I especially love the safety outlet covers which slide closed when a plug is removed. Also, as the person above was talking, the Magnetic Tot locks for cabinets. Toliet lid lock prevents anything from being dropped into the toliet and then your child head diving in there to try to get it out. Good luck!



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You can get a lot of the baby proofing stuff at Babies R' Us or Target. I think my cabinet latches and drawer latches are from safety first. Also, Babies R' Us has these foam pieces that you put on your doors so when they shut, they won't shut all the way. They are great! I don't remember what brand but they cost about 1.99. I also bought something that you can put over your outlets that have plugs in them. It's a box that covers the wires. And of course outlet plugs for the empty outlets. I also have a couple gates so that I can keep an eye on my daughter and know that the areas she can go into are mostly babyproofed. That helps a lot!



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My duaghter is only 3 1/2 months old; however, since I have friends and family who visit with toddlers, I began baby-proofing during my last trimester. One of my girlfriend's used the KidCo brand that you can get from Babiesrus and from Might even be able to get them from The nice thing about these is that they're self-adhesive, so you don't have to worry about drilling holes. I was a bit nervous about buying them intially; however, after testing my friend's locks they worked really well. The other nice thing about this brand is that it's magnetic so rather than trying to stick your finger inside to open the cabinet each time, you just slide a magnet past the lock area and it unlocks. They cost a bit more, but are certainly worth it in my opinion.



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Hi sweetie! Of course we all know that a constant eagle eye is always best, here are somethings that worked for us. We have very "busy" kids. Almost all of the stay out traps have not worked. We had to come up with uor own. We use elec/duck tape for the outlets. We put all chemicals in a locking utility closet or up out of baby's reach. Then we get on hands and knees and cruise around at baby's eye level since that is where they will spend their day. After taking a good inventory of what is in their reach, we get busy fixing those things. We use PVC piping for multiple cords like by the PC. We made one set of cabinets a play space for the babies. It includes a touch nightlight, blanket, pillow and a few toys. This has helped with kitchen safety and it gives them a place in the kitchen while your cleaning and cooking. For the other cabinets that I don't want them in, I pull the ring strip off of those cheap binders. I mount them on the cabinets and add a key lock(we have 2 little Magivers that can get out and into anyhting)and you're good to go.

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