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Updated on April 21, 2010
L.L. asks from Frisco, TX
4 answers

If their is anyone who needs any Enfamil, Enfagrow or Luvs baby coupons send me a personal reply and I will send the coupons to you. I have baby coupons that I don't use and I have no problem giving them to anyone that can use them.

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answers from Nashville on

What I do is lay them by that particular product on the store shelf. I also do this with normal product coupons as well. Especially if I know the coupon expires before I'll be back at the store to use it. It's great rolling up on the Tide or Bounty you need and seeing a nice coupon laying there to use!!! =0) Even better when you are in the stages of needing those expensive baby products. It's a great way to "Pay It Forward"

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answers from Dallas on

Just to let you know L. that in case you don't know about just open up an account and post anything that you would like to receive or give for free is on that website and anyone in your neighborhood can come and pick it up from your Porch.
Take care



answers from San Antonio on

Funny! I still get coupons for formula and diapers and my youngest is 5!



answers from Dallas on

I use Luvs diapers! I would definitely use those!

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