Baby Clothes Snaps Creating Holes in the Clothes

Updated on December 28, 2008
L.W. asks from Spring, TX
7 answers

Recently when folding my 5 month olds clothes from the dryer I am noticing his clothes are beginning to get holes in them, and I believe it is from the snaps on the clothes getting so heated that they touch another part of the outfit and burn a hole through the outfit. I have our dryer on the lowest setting, any advice on how to prevent this from happening??

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answers from Houston on

Do you use bleach on the baby's clothes? If the holes are "clean", i.e. no burn marks, it might be a chemical that is causing the problem (like splashed bleach). If they are dark and appear burnt, I agree with the others that your dryer is probably going out and you need to be careful that it doesn't cause a fire.


answers from Austin on

You try putting those items in laundry bags before putting in the dryer... I had similar frustration with velco on bibs ruining fuzzy blankets/clothes and the laundry bags worked. Of course, I use the laundry bags in the washer, but that depends on how much of a shake/wash you want the items to go through in the washer...

Usually you can find the zip up laundry bags in the section that sells housewares & scrub brushes at your local grocery store. (By the way, zip up laundry bags work great at holding bath toys too!)



answers from College Station on


If you really believe it's the snaps which are causing the holes, you might try laundering the clothes with the snaps closed. That way, the hottest (largest) part of the snap is only exposed to the same part of another one, rather than touching the clothing. (same thing for velcro grabbing other garments)



answers from Austin on

Wow, I would worry more about the dryer then the snaps on the clothes. Something's not right there. If you have a setting for permanent press or delicate try using that to reduce the heat a little. You might also want to talk to a repair man. Please, please, please don't do laundry at night or when you're not at home. Since your dryer seems to be running so hot that it's burning clothes it's a safety hazard that you need to watch closely. When the snaps come out of my dryer they aren't even too hot to touch and they don't have to be.

Good luck! And get that thing checked out just to be safe.



answers from Austin on

How about letting them air dry?



answers from Brownsville on

I think it would be best if you snap the clothes before putting them to wash or dry. Also you might want to dry them with cold air or use the delicate cycle.



answers from Houston on

It sounds like your dryer is going out (if you're right about the cause of the holes.) Even on the high setting my snaps don't do that. But when the heating element is going out it may get hotter before it burns out.

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