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Updated on March 02, 2013
A.K. asks from Stinesville, IN
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Are there not neutral infant clothes, anymore? What is a person to do , that is waiting to find out the sex of their baby?

Honestly, I'm fine waiting to buy the bulk of their wardrobe until after delivery . Just looking around & having the itch to buy a few things , I don't see much & I think I'm pretty open minded, as far as what would work for either.

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answers from Milwaukee on

For at least the first month of all my kids lives they only wore Carters onsies in white. Then swaddled. White works either way and babies look so pretty in white.

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answers from Detroit on

I didn't find out for either of my kids - my son is now 9 and my daughter is 20 months.

There is not that much, but I found some neutral things with ducks and frogs on them. I also bought some that were a little more "boy" as I am totally ok. putting a girl in blue, but not so much a boy in pink!

I bought quite a few things at mom-to-mom sales and resale shops as well, so I got some things that were gender specific, but didn't spend a ton on them. That way I figured I could just donate whatever I didn't use. Although I actually ended up passing most of it on to a friend that adopted a baby boy born that same season, so it all worked out! :)

EDIT: Also, so many people brought me clothing after the babies were born that I ended up with plenty!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

It stinks doesn't it. Almost everyone wants to know what they're having as soon as it can be seen. So the baby industry does straight up clothes for boys and for girls. They don't do the unknown anymore since "everyone" knows from the time they're just a few months pregnant.

I feel for you but unless you want to know the gender of your child you have to just buy stuff that is generic instead of cute.

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answers from Memphis on

When I was pregnant with my daughter, she refused to let us find out what she was. So I just bought both, keep the receipts and returned what I did not need for what I did!!! I was going to have to go shopping anyways, I figured this way I would not have to do any shopping until I had recovered!! It worked out really well.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree with Carter's, that is probably your best bet. I did find some stuff at Gymboree too. I found that Children's Place had a few too, but their selection of baby stuff isn't that great.

Babies R Us is okay but you have to sort of search around. Most of the Gerber stuff can be found in gender neutral and you have to sort of hunt around. Stuff that comes in packages, as opposed to hanging on a hanger, is better for green and yellow!

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answers from Washington DC on

I was the same way. I bought a lot of pale blues, white/yellow/green/tans.
I did this for clothes and blankets. I only had one blanket (green with teddy bears) that I thought was a bit boyish for my girl.

light stripes

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answers from Grand Forks on

My boys are 7 and 10 and I didn't have ultrasounds to find out the sex for either of them. I was able to find lots of generic (white, yellow or green) diaper shirts, sleepers, gowns and onsies. I seem to remember buying Gerber brand that came in three packs.

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answers from Los Angeles on

you should be able to find plenty layette clothes that are gender neutral. Clothes beyond that probably not. But layette in most companies can go up to 24 mos. have fun with your baby!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If you are willing to spend a little more there are LOTS of options. Kate Quinn Organics does a lot of unisex clothing up to size 8 years. Zutano, Feather Baby, Tea Collection, Basic Brilliance and Hanna Andersson are also good options. They all do clothing that avoids the awful pale yellow and mint green 'gender neutral' palette. Yes, it is really difficult to avoid the pink princess and blue car trash.

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answers from Dallas on

I didn't have any trouble buying some yellow or green things 6 years ago, has it gotten that bad?

I was able to buy a neutral carseat and stroller and nursery things too. I did find out the sex of both of my children before I had them, but there is always that possibility that its wrong, so I was being careful. Keep looking, I am sure you'll be able to find SOMETHING...

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answers from New York on

There really is not a lot of neutral,things out there. If you go onto Carter' they seem to have the most. Kohls also has some as does Babies r Us, but no one has a whole lot. Used to be there was so much but now that everyone finds out I guess manufacturers realized they were not big sellers and cut back.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Gymboree and Carter's both have some cute neutral stuff. We didn't know what we were having with our first and had plenty of cute stuff waiting. Most of it will be green and yellow, lots of ducks or other animals, but definitely stuff I thought was cute.

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answers from Houston on

I think it has gotten harder to find neutral baby clothes. Over two years ago when I was shopping for my oldest it was challenging. Within the last year for my youngest I found it to be nearly impossible. I found a tiny selection at Target (Gerber brand), Baby Gap, the discount stores (Marshalls and Ross), Carter's, etc. I think the neutral selection is nonexistent honestly. We wound up with some things more boyish than neutral. Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

Haha, I totally agree with Melissa J!

It is very rare to see my babies in anything other than onesies, swaddle blankets, and bibs until they're about 6 mos.

We didn't find out the sex of our first baby, so we received lots of pale greens, yellows, primary color stripes, animal-themed: frogs, ducks, circus animals, etc. Really, even when we went to church, the babies are usually sleeping in the carseats the whole time, covered in a blanket.

Scratch the itch and head to Carter's and grab some neutral layette items.

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