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Updated on February 09, 2009
E.H. asks from Circle Pines, MN
5 answers

I didn't regularly use a baby carrier with my first born due to having back problems and never finding a carrier that I liked (and that my daughter liked). Now with #2 on the way, I'm considering giving them another try. I've tried Baby Bjorn type carriers which are really hard on my back (the way the weight is distributed). I've also tried a couple sling style carriers and gave up because I felt like they completely swallowed my little girl alive at the newborn stage! She looked completely smothered in them since the flaps would always seem to come together at the top and fold right over her face. Any recommendations???

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi E.
I really like my Over The Sholder Baby Holder sling.



answers from Minneapolis on

The Bjorn style carriers are awful, imo. I never really liked slings either. I prefer either a mei tai or my Moby wrap. The Moby is a wrap style carrier which is incredibly comfortable and distributes the weight of baby perfectly.



answers from Minneapolis on

For a newborn, a moby wrap. After that, an Ergo. I have disc in my lower back I have to be *very* careful about - the last time I wasn't I was in physical therapy 3x/wk for several months to resolve it - it's bad. Both of those will be great for you. GL!



answers from Milwaukee on

The best baby carrier on the market for a bad back is the Ergo. It can be worn a few different ways and is very supportive and comfortable for both baby and parent! Here's a link:

Congratulations on baby #2!



answers from St. Cloud on

We invested in an Ergo. And LOVE it. Worth the money for us. We did purchase the infant insert as well. If you plan on carrying your newborn you have to have that so you can carry them cradle syle.....

We also had an Evenflo from Target and did not care for it as much... That's why we got the Ergo. We do use the Evenflo for a backup.

The Ergo holds like up to 90 lbs. (Like anyone would be carrying a child that weighs that...LOL.) But we STILL use it for our 19 month old from time to time. It can be worn on the front, back or side. Very comfy and your child is actually touching YOU not more fabric.

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