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Updated on June 28, 2011
M.F. asks from Larkspur, CO
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Can you recommend a baby carrier for my 7wk old.
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answers from Atlanta on

I really love my beco gemini. I also have a baco butterfly that is very nice, but I really like the versatility of the gemini (and it seems to fit me better - I'm short).

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answers from Syracuse on

Baby Bjorn is great for early months (up to 3 months), after that as the baby gets bigger it becomes more uncomfortable for the mom.

Ergo is a great and very comfortable carrier for both mom and baby. You'll get tons of use out of it, you can use it well into the toddler years.



answers from Chicago on

I've had the Baby Bjorn, Moby Wrap and the Becco Butterfly 2. The Baby Bjorn is the easiest by far to use but not very comfortable for mom or baby... Moby Wrap is oh so comfy but I think it's very warm and a pain i the rear to put on especially if you have more than one child and they're all stand around either crying or screaming while you desperately work to wrap up a screaming baby... the Becco Butterfly is very comfy, for me and baby and now that I know how to use it, it's very easy to put on and off. Nice thing is that unlike the Ergo, it comes with the infant insert so you don't have to make a separate purchase. It also has a sleeping hood for baby that can be stored in the waist strap. The Becco can be worn on the front/chest or on your back so you'll be able to use it with an infant up through toddler/preschool. I'd love to buy a ring sling myself but my husband isn't all that happy with my desire to keep adding to my carrier collection *boo* :(

Best of luck on finding the right carrier for you.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I liked the ring sling for the first few months. We used Ergo with the newborn insert a couple times, but the sling worked better until she was big enough (12-13 lbs) to use Ergo without the insert. For a while I would alternate.
We use Ergo now (started at about 3 months old) and DD loves it!
We also tried Maya wrap, but it was complicated and too hot for her (and she was a fall/winter baby!)



answers from St. Cloud on

LOVE our Ergo! Britax is coming out with a new one in July. Theirs might be something to check out as well since their other products are all top notch!


answers from Denver on

I used a Baby Bjorn and loved it. I bought a Moby wrap because people raved about it but I never had the time to figure the damn thing out!



answers from Portland on

I really like my Ergo carrier. It works from infant up to 50 lbs, you can wear your baby on your chest, side or back. I got mine on Craigslist fo $40.
good luck!



answers from Denver on

My favorite for the little ones was the Moby. I used it until they were a couple of years old, but after about a year did prefer the sling.


answers from Dallas on

First off, Congratulations!! My son is nine months old and I can barely remember the fog of the first few months. Over the last nine months we've tried several carriers. First the Mobywrap, then the ergo, and finally the beco butterfly 2 -

Here are my thoughts. I'm a bigger girl (size 16, 5'8") and the moby barely wrapped around me and my five pound newborn. I hated it, but the moms I've talked to that are more slender seemed to love it...

the beco was perfect for my son when he was smaller. I would say months 2-6... but once he started really gaining weight (he's 25 pounds now)... it started wearing on my back...

the ergo has been my favorite. I didn't like it in the beginning because it was weird with the infant insert... but now I take it everywhere we go. I like that I can wear my son on my front or my back with no problems... and he LOVES it... starts squealing when I start to strap it on.

Anywho, hope this helps! Welcome to baby wearing! :)


answers from San Diego on

I swear by my good old fashioned unpadded ring slings. My favorite is my Maya Wrap I bought at a resale shop years ago but honestly I think it's more because I love the colors the most of the handful I own ;) Although the pocket on the tail also makes it nice. I put them tummy to tummy with their head upright, turned to the side so they're face isn't pressed into my chest. When they are little I tuck their feet inside the sling as well, making a pouch out of it. I never put them in a reclined or pouch position unless they are nursing and I then put them back upright when they are done. My kids lived like this. I went everywhere with my daughter (my third) from the day after she was born. We went out a lot more with her as she was a summer baby whereas my boys were both winter babies so she spent more time then any of them like that. Only recently at 2 years old have I stopped carrying her much in the sling, mostly because she wants to walk like her big brothers and does not want to be carried LOL
The ring sling is so fast and easy to use, can easily have positions changed, can nurse super easy while walking around getting shopping done. It's not a lot of layers of fabric to get everyone all hot and sweaty.



answers from Chicago on

Are you looking for right now ? Then i would get the Ergo Baby Carrier it will go for now and can be used as a backpack later
mom to six


answers from Los Angeles on

I've been through six including the maya wraps. The Ergo is the most comfortable, most versatle, easiest to use carrier. Not to mention that dad and grandma can make use of it too because it so uncomplicated.



answers from Denver on

I've tried quite a few, and I say Ergo Carrier all the way. You can use it when they're small and when they are big. You can front carry, side carry, and back carry. It's great for nursing when they are little and hiking when they are big. It fits great and can be cinched up just right.


answers from Las Vegas on

I would suggest Ergo or styles like that. I used an Infantino brand baby carrier from Target that was $45 and it was awesome. I also hear Baby bjorn is good.

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