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Updated on September 22, 2011
M.B. asks from Clearwater, FL
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I'm looking into baby carriers and so far I like the mammas and pappas morph. Has anyone used this one? Or suggest a similar one? Let me say I'm NOT looking for a sling or side carrier, especially not a sling there have been infant deaths associated with those...

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice but after some research I have decided to go with the mamas and papas morph, I like that it's 2 parts and looks really easy to get baby into and looks comfy.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Have a Moby and LOVE it!
Depends on what age because we also have a Kelty BackPack carrier that is SO easy, sometimes I forget my son is up there! :)

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answers from Chicago on

the slings that had deaths were made by a mass producing coorporation making cheap bag like carriers. ring slings that are properly made are totally safe. look at the ones recalled....they have your baby down by your belly...not a good place for baby. if you cant kiss your babys head they are not in the carrier right. that being said it depends on age of your baby. when my children were young a sling of some sory was the best option. i liked the Maya the best. now taht hes heavier and older and woven wrap or a mei tai are my choice. Ergo or Babyhawks are grerat options and much cheaper than a VERY uncomfortable (for both of you!) Bjorn

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answers from Los Angeles on

I've owned 6 baby carriers. Nothing was as good as Ergo Baby.


answers from Dayton on

Ditto what T.T. said.
I have tried many different carriers and I always go back to my sling.
I really liked my wrap for the newborn days, but once my son was past that stage he didn't like being so confined.
I tried out (rented it for 2 wks) the Beco Gemini and I really liked it.
The only reason I am not the proud owner of one is because we couldn't afford to invest in it before my son became really mobile.
I still on occasion use my sling to carry him. He's now almost 17mths..

Check out the sale tab too!:




answers from Tampa on

I just recently got an Ergo Sport for my almost 7mo old son and I LOVE it! I was looking around for one, but didn't want to pay too much for one. I found this one at a consignment store for $30 and it came with a newborn insert (which I obviously don't need anymore and can't say how well they work) and a pouch that can be put on the waist belt or carried over the shoulder. I had a Jeep snugli and a Baby Bjorn (used as well) before this, and prefer the Ergo over both - even if he is not forward facing, but he doesn't seem to mind :)



answers from Lexington on

I LOVE my ergos - yes, I own two of them because I wear my toddler on my back and my infant on my front at the same time. The kids are super comfy, and it is erganomically designed for both the mama and the little one. They are out of our price range, but I purchased both of mine off of craigslist for a fraction of retail and both looked brand new. I am a huge fan of carriers - strollers are for jogging, not for real life :) I will say that if used properly, slings are quite safe and I used a ring sling until my babies could do the ergo. They rode in a sitting up position much like in a front carrier, but the sling carries them more securely when they are so little. I will not lay my baby down in a sling (and that is the position associated with suffication). My biggest issue with slings is by about 13 or 14 pounds, my back can't handle the lopsided weight. So long story short, ergos rock!

Oh, and what ever you decide, remember than it can take a couple rides in it for your infant to be comfortable, so don't get discouraged if they are hesitant at first!

Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

LOVE my Ergo - got it in NYC and was able to breastfeed my 4month old WHILE WALKING DOWN THE STREET! LOL!

He's now 4 and I recently used it to carry him home from daycare on my bike (helmets everyone!) in an emergency. He's 48 lbs and it works fine. It carries them like they are SITTING instead of dangling by the crotch area. He never has complained about it being uncomfortable. You can wear your kiddo front or back, but not facing outward. I've never used the infant insert, so can't comment on that, but it's great when they're big enough for it.



answers from Portland on

I started with a Moby which I thought was fantastic until we bought an Ergo. The Ergo is super easy to use and comfortable, my daughter likes riding in it, she regularly falls asleep in it. We tried on 5 or 6 at the store and the Ergo was the best for us. It costs over $100 but I find it to be totally worth it.

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