Baby Birds in Grill & Tomorrow Is Supposed to Be 97 Degrees! HELP!

Updated on May 27, 2012
J.R. asks from Geneva, IL
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A mama bird built a nest in our grill and now we have five little babies.

I have been really worried about them baking to death in the grill. Tomorrow it is supposed to be really hot -- in the high 90s all day. The grill is black and in direct sun all day so I can't imagine how hot it's going to get in there.

My current plan is to put a patio umbrella over it and crack the grill lid (but not open it all the way). I am also wondering if I should point a fan at the grill or something.

I am hesitant to move the grill and freak the mom out (we could move it into the shade) and I'm afraid to open the lid all the way. Ugh! Any tips? Has anyone had this happen? I just will feel bad if these baby birds die and I could have prevented it.


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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advice -- we put an umbrella over the grill and I also put a big bowl of ice in there. Then I propped the lid open about 1/3 of the way to allow some circulation. I keep checking on them and they're doing fine. Mama bird keeps bringing them food. I think we're in good shape. :)

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Contact Willowbrook Wildlife Center (Glen Ellyn, IL) to ask for advice. They are excellent with over the phone advice.

[email protected]

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Do you have a wildlife store that you can call and ask. I know we have one here and I had to call about a bunny nest in my yard. I found out that if you touch a baby bunny that the mama will not abandon it. I had to pick the bunny up and put it back in it's nest.

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Move it to the shade if shade is close by. Maternal instinct is quite strong and usually the mother birds will still tend to the babies as long as the babies are chirping.

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depending on the species, they have a way to adapt, however they made a poor choice in homes. These birds in the wild would die, and not go on pro-creating to continue to make dumb baby birds that build their nests in grills. Humans have really made it hard for nature to weed out there not so smart ones. Since humans made the grill, humans probably should help them out. Moving the grill a few feet into the shade will not stop the mother from coming. Smell is not what stops mother birds from abandoning. Most birds have pretty bad sense of smell. It would be activity and too much hanging around her nest, that would bug her. This attracts attention, and attention attracts predators. Birds are not that sentimental, if they live, they are able to produce more, so they abandon if they feel threatened.
If the shade is a few feet away and the general spot it used to be in, then I would say move it, if you see her off the nest. If not the umbrella, and wetting it down with water every hour, may be fine. I used to have a wildlife, and Bird rehab licence. I raised too many birds to count, and if you dont want the hassle, of becoming momma bird, I think less is more in this case.

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Take a chance and move it anyway. The babies will bake if you don't. I would open the lid all the way. There are birds that make their nests on the ground and just vigorously defend it (dive bomb and all that.) This bird isn't that type, but it would be better for another bird to steal a baby than for all the babies to die in the heat, in my opinion. I think your umbrella would hide the nest from view from above, so hopefully they'll make it by the time they fledge. Just be sure to remove the nest as soon as they fledge so she doesn't lay new eggs.

Btw, I have a robin's nest outside of my window, and it was cold several nights. Mom Robin just sat on the nest and kept them warm. They can take direct draft. But they can't bake.


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My son came home from college and realized (because of smell) that a momma had made a nest and had babies in a vent (for air. You could tell that at least one was dead (smell) but the others weren't. We had to take apart the truck to get to the nest but that left us with what to do with the birds. At first we were gonna try hand feeding them, but I have no luck with that. So my son put them in a box on top of his truck cause we realized momma was looking for them. Slowly everyday he moved the box closer to a large barrel we have. When he is home he puts the box on the truck when he leaves he puts them on the barrel. Momma bird has always found them. They are almost big enough that momma won't be feeding them, we were worried about our cats but they have left them alone. you can probably lift the lid and be fine.

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I have no idea what to do, but I would be freaking out too! :(

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I like your ideas. I was going to suggest an umbrella. If you have a local wildlife sanctuary or wild bird food type store in the area, give them a call and see what they would suggest. I don't think I would move the grill or use the fan. I'm not sure they would do well with a direct draft? I would prop the grill open just a bit with a thick branch or something else natural. Keep an eye and make sure mom comes back on schedule as she usually does. If not you can bring them to the sanctuary.

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You could contact this association, which is in MI:
Back 2 the Wild Rehab, Contact: Erin Stacks, State: MI, Country:US, City: Fort Gratiot, Phone: ###-###-####, e-mail: [email protected]

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Outside wild animals adapt I would just leave it alone cuz if u mess with t u can freak them out. I earned that for little bab rabbits just leave them alone they will figure it all out!



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Wow...I think you did must be an awesome compassionate rock!!!!!



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Glad to hear the bird family is doing well! My only concern is over the grill being propped open. The bird may have chosen the grill because it seemed secure and inaccessible to predators. When night falls and racoons and other things come prowling they might find the baby birds an easy target! Maybe close the grill for the night?