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Updated on September 29, 2010
A.F. asks from Bellmore, NY
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My husband and I just bought a house and have one child, eighteen months. I have always used a baby bath tub but this house only has one bathroom. The tub gets in the way when one of us needs to take a shower. At eighteen months, even though our daughter can still fit in the little tub, is it time to put it away? Thanks.

P.S. The other problem is we have really nice sliding glass doors to this shower and bending over to give my daughter a bath isn't easy. I bet they sell something I can lean on that's waterproof instead of leaning over with a towel every night. Thank you!

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answers from Buffalo on

Use the kitchen sink! It works great. No bending and it doesn't take nearly as much water. I bathed my kids there until they were old enough to sit well in the big tub by themselves. :)

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answers from Buffalo on

We just got brave enough to bathe our 9 month old twins without the baby tub (but they were very, very preemie so are only 6 months old in size and development)... they sit up well now and have A LOT more fun being in the tub without the restriction of the little tub (unfortunately i have to make sure my husband is there to help me so they can play together in there, they get quite wild, but its so much more fun!)

As others have said, just make sure you have a no-slip mat in the tub... for now we have just line the tub with a towel underwater and that works ok, but we're going to invest in a no-stick mat of some kind. I'm sure there is something waterproof you could find to put over the side to lean on, maybe even just an extra one of those non-slip bathmats? i like the idea of kneeling on a gardening mat - i'm gonna have to try that :)

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answers from Dallas on

The do sell padded things at babies r us. We put my son's bath tub away at 12 months. The one thing I would suggest, is making sure the bottom of the tub isn't slippery. Our tub is porcelain, so we bought a no slip mat for the bottom.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I tried all different types of bathtubs and lounges and hated them all! I liked the little yellow foam mats shaped like a bear for about $6 at Target. I would use it, rinse it, let it air dry in the tub standing up and then stash in the closet. At $6 each you can replace it every 2 months or so.
Also, if I had to do again, I would definitely buy the arm rest tub kneeler. My son is 7 and I'm STILL kneeling beside the tub--so it would be worth the money for sure!

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answers from Kansas City on

Just put her in the tub. GEt rid of the baby bath. I used it with my first for quite a while, probably until she was about 9-12 months. With my second one I never even brought it up from the basement. I used the little ramp/support thingys and since he could sit up at 6 months he's been bathing with his big sister. They are too bulky, especially if you're all using one bath! She can sit in the tub just fine. As long as you're in there with her there should be no worry about drowning and I"m sure she'd love to splash and play with toys. Get a cheapo gardening mat (maybe hard to find now, but on clearance perhaps??) to put next to the tub for you to kneel on while you wash her and call it good. I'm sure she'll love her new freedom!

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answers from Pocatello on

oh yeah you can put it away. With my second I think I stopped putting her in the baby bath tub before she was 1. I mean I made sure she was sitting up and I sat on the floor right next to her to help make sure she didn't fall back or anything. She is now 21 months and loves to lay on her tummy and "swim" in the tub. I bet she will love playing the the regular tub so go ahead a put the baby tub away.

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answers from Honolulu on

Well, I used the 'Primo Eurobath."
Its great.
My kids, could still use it and just fine even at 2 years old.

But you can also just have her in the regular tub, with you or bathe with her at the same time?
Do you have a tub?
Or just a shower in your home?
A child the age of your child... might not be suited to just take a 'shower.'

Gardening stores... have padded knee mats... which are great and it is waterproof.
Here is one for example:

If you go to a garden store, they have them.

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answers from Austin on

My cousin had a bath seat that she used for her DD... It had a padded arm rest and hooked over the side of the tub. It swiveled so it was easy to use, and had toys anchored to it for baby's enjoyment. I know they sell it at babies r us... Im not sure where else. Wal-mart sells seats too, but not the kind with the arm rest.

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answers from New York on

I'm sure a lot of parents will disagree, but i've used my baby bath only a few times over the course of six children. i had one bad experience where both my husband and I were giving our newborn (now 19) a bath using one of the fisher price baby tubs. it was a lovely product; but i didn't feel confident of a secure grip on my child as i washed her. she slipped a little and came dangerously close to her head dipping into the water. That was enough for me. Ever since then, I'd clean the main bathtub thoroughly and would get into the tub and hold my child securely in my arms as i bathed her . Once i was done bathing her I'd call my husband to come and take her from my arms safely; then i'd exit the tub. some will disagree, but that eliminated any further slips; i'm glad i did it.

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