Baby Acne and Eczema

Updated on March 10, 2011
L.H. asks from Livonia, MI
11 answers

My 1 month old has a lot of baby acne on his cheeks and some eczema ( doctor called it seborhea ) on his forehead and head. Any suggestions? I have tried washing his face with a baby soap and without soap 2x/day. Has anyone had this problem and is there anything I can do? Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hey L.

The only cream I have found to work with my son and husbands Eczema Is Renew cream and I had to order it online. Works the best out of all the other creams I have tried. Send me and email if you have any more questions [email protected]

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answers from Boston on

First of all, cool to cold water (instead of warm) will help. Secondly, if it continues in a few weeks get this cream from Britain called Sudocrem !
It was absolutely the ONLY thing that worked for my daughter. I ordered it online, and it was a few bucks but the ONLY thing that worked. it was creat for excema, and even extremely stubborn diaper rash. You just need a hint and it will last forever!



answers from Detroit on

Eucerin Aquaphor is great for dry baby skin. My youngest's cracks and bleeds if we don't use this ointment (comes in a white plastic jar with dark blue lid). Aquaphor also makes a baby wash/shampoo that is really mild. I used it for a while until oder daughter mixed it up with water. I've used dove soap on them both ever since and that works really well too. Also finish the bath with a little baby oil. You can massage it in or put some into the bathwater so it evenly coats the baby when you remove them from the water.

Also don't bathe them every day. Obviously the diaper area needs cleaning after each diaper, but their skin is pretty fragile right now. I still just bathe my girls 2x per week, unless they get dirty from food or something else. I have very dry skin, especially in the winter time, so I limit my bathing as well, and stick to dove soap exclusively.

Best wishes!



answers from Great Falls on

yes i agree, washing the babies face too much will be bad since it will dry out his/her sensitive skin. the acne is normal a lot of babies get it and it usually clears up on its on in a month or two. never dealt with a BABY that had eczema, but i personally have had eczema all my life and what works for me is a really simple bar of soap with no added fragrances or anything, a dermatologist once reccomended plain dove bar soap. but also aquaphor works great but dont use too much cuz it can get kinda greasy. another thing like the person before me mentioned is diet. if you are nursing, try eating yogurt. the probiotics really help, and some of that may transfer to your baby. hope it helps :)



answers from Detroit on

Try Eucerin Aquaphor. If that doesn't work an off-brand 1% cortizone.
Also, our ped said no soap on a babies face.



answers from Spokane on

The baby acne will take care of itself in another month or so, do NOT pick at it, or rub it, and soap will just dry his skin out without taking care of the acne anyway. The eczema I don't have experience with, so don't really have any tried and true advice - sorry! As far as I've seen, if it's truly eczema then a diet change may help (your diet, I mean, if you're nursing), and if all else fails then a steroid cream will be the only thing to clear it up. If it's just cradle cap, then you can try massaging with baby oil and then washing gently with head and shoulders shampoo - but even this is not a one time quick fix, this will take repeated applications.



answers from Detroit on

My doctor had me buy Hydrocortizone (1%) in a tube and Lubriderm for my child when he had this problem. I applied the Hydro 2x a day and the Lubriderm 2x a day for the first couple of days, then just once a day once it almost went away. It pretty much disappeared after 3 days and I went straight to the Lubriderm only once it stopped. Worked wonderfully.
Only wash the face if necessary, don't use baby wipes to clean, and just use a damp washcloth when necessary.


answers from Chicago on

I think you might be overdrying the skin and exacerbating the problem. My daughter has bad eczema and we were told to bathe her less often -- not more. Also, depending on the "baby soap" -- a lot of the commercial ones are extremely drying. I would try the Aquaphor baby wash and Aquaphor thick petroleum stuff as a lotion (that is what worked for us) or Eucerin lotion (it is a super THICK cream). The Aquaphor and Eucerin are sold in drug stores in the regular adult section and the Baby wash in the baby section. Any Johnson & Johnson baby product made my daughter's eczema and baby acne worse.



answers from Detroit on

my baby had acne all over her face & after several trips to the was finally suggested we try head & shoulders to wash & it all cleared up in 2 days! the dr said it was probably baby dandruff...

ps...don't get in baby's eyes!! be careful :)



answers from Detroit on

If you are breastfeeding, put some breastmilk on every time! Congrats on your new little one!



answers from Youngstown on

No soap your pediatrican should have told you that. Aquaphor is great. It makes their faces look greasy and shiney but it took away my sons
"acne" within hours.....

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