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Updated on December 06, 2008
J.G. asks from Homewood, IL
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My daughter will be 18 mos old when baby #2 arrives in June...what "must haves" do I need for 2 little kids? We will probably use a bassinet because I'm not sure my little girl will be ready to be out of the crib. Do I need a double stroller? Any lifesaving products I need to pick up before I go through the chaos of going from 1 to 2?

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answers from Chicago on

Hi Jenn -- Welcome to the "2 under 2" club!

Without a doubt, you will definitely need a double stroller!! Heck, I STILL use mine (even though my daughter is almost 3) because it better ensures the safety of both kids at the same time. Being able to strap down your toddler will become a necessity at certain times. And there was no way my daughter could have handled a sit-and-stand at 15 or 18 months. She would have jumped-off and made a run for it!

The previous poster made an excellent point -- you will need help. I did not have any family in the area and I ended-up hiring a part time nanny until my baby was about 7 months old. This allowed me one-on-one time with both children, which was especially important for my first born. Even someone as young as a preteen to serve as a Mother's Helper a day or two a week will allow you to get a couple things done at home.

I highly recommend buying some outdoor play equipment (climbers, playhouses, etc.) and toys (chalk, balls, etc.) so that you and your first-born can get out to the backyard to play during all the baby's other naps. I found some great used outdoor playsets on Craigslist. If you are strict about naps/sleep being in the home (vs. on the run), playing outside in the yard or on the driveway will be a lifesaver for you.

Finally, I strongly recommend keeping any major transitions for your firstborn either 3 months before the baby arrives or 3 month after. I don't know if you need to change rooms, but this is a pretty big transition for a little one -- even without a baby coming into the house!

Oh, and take time to wean your child from any equipment that the baby will need, long before the baby arrives. For instance, consider transitioning your child to a booster seat now and putting the high chair away. Your child will forget about it and won't feel that the baby "took it" away from her. Same with all of the infant/baby toys. Time to put them away so that she forgets about them by the time you pull them out for the baby.

Sorry this is so long! Feel free to contact me if you even have any questions!! And congratulations again!



answers from Chicago on

Hi Jenn and congrats on baby number two. You know, I always thought that it was so much easier going from 1 to 2 then from none to one believe it or not, because you are already in that baby mode. My oldest daughter was 2 yrs and 8 mths when lauren was born, and we got a double stroller, so I really think you will want one of those for sure. I also think having a bassinet is good. We used one for all our kids in our room and they were in them till 4 or 5 mths too. The girls it was 4, but with Erik it was 5 because he was born 15 days early, and was the smallest baby I had. I am trying to think of some must haves. Are you going to nurse? you might want to get a good nursing pillow, and maybe a doll for your daughter so she can take care of her baby while mommy is taking care of the baby ya know? I am a labor doula and work with pregnant moms and new moms all the time and these are the things I can think of off hand. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime. Oh, and I just seen someone elses post and a moms helper is a great idea. I will just throw this out there to you, but my 13 year old has worked 3 summers as a mothers helper now, and she is now old enough to babysit, but she would be able to be a mothers helper and she is very experienced too. She works in the daycare area at church as a voulenteer, plus iwth her brother and sister. Her brother who is 5 has Autism, and so that is a challenge and she does well with him and knows so much, and also my middle daughter is 10 and we just found out in May she is on the spectrum too and she takes alot of patience too. So, that is a thought. I know the people that my daughter has done work for love her and the church does too and they cant believe she is only 13. I am proud of her for this. I just wanted to throw that out there for you.
S. Bailey CLD



answers from Chicago on

Congrats and how exciting!! You will have so much fun with two!!

I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but when I went from 1 to 2 I wish I would've secured 2 things...1)a mom's helper (so you can have 1 to 1 or nap or cook, etc. It will also help distract #1 from you being busy with #2) and a bunch of easy dinners (diner by design, etc)

Other things: gift certificate for a home helper/house cleaner...stuff so that you can focus on getting rest (ha) and on the kids and the adjustment.

I have a double stroller and made use of it especially in the summer months. I would take a look at the sit n stands b/c #1 will want some independence soon. How about a wagon with a canopy? (to block the sun..we regret not getting one with a canopy). How exciting !! Enjoy the one on one time with #1!!



answers from Chicago on

My son was 18 months when my daughter was born also in June! I talked to some neighborhood moms with kids close in age about needing a double stroller. They thought I was nuts to try a manage without one! I did a lot of brisk walking/jogging after the baby to get into better shape, so I got a double stroller with air tires.
I love my Bumbleride Indie Twin. It's pricey, but comes with a car seat adapter that fits my Graco Safeseat. I felt so free taking both of them for long walks, even with a newborn. It also fits through doorways! It's the best stroller out there. I did a LOT of research. Here's a link:
It's a huge transition, but so worth it! Have fun!



answers from Chicago on

I had baby #2 last June - my son had just turned 2 and I thought I could get away with putting her in a sling and him in the stroller for longer walks. Reality is, she didn't have enough head control, it was too hot, she was enormous (like 20 lbs at 5 months!) and I wished I had just gotten a double stroller. We actually got a Sit N Stand type one a month ago and I wish I had done it way back when.

Otherwise we didn't really get ANYTHING for her. She still sleeps in our room, though we moved our son to a big boy bed at 20 months and he was fine with that. Make sure you have some place to put the baby - bouncy seat or whatever. Also get a good baby sling that you can use with a newborn baby. Pouch-type slings work well for this - I got a Slingling pouch sling and that was nice and cool for summer once I got the hang of it.

Pick up a copy of "I'm a Big Sister" by Joanna Cole to read to her when it gets a bit closer. Also pick up "There's a House Inside my Mommy" by Giles Andreae. Congrats!! 2 kids isn't nearly as hard as people think.



answers from Chicago on

Congratulations! Mine are 17 months apart. I used my double stroller all of the time and just recently went to a sit and stand (my daughter is now 17 months and my son will be 3 in January). The other thing I used was a snap-and-go (a stroller frame that you put just the car seat in) whenever it was just the baby and I or where my son wouldn't have far to walk. They are very light weight and easy to use. I had someone come and clean the house every other week for the first few months. This was a huge help. I also bought several new toys for my son (new to him anyway) and brought one out every few days or so to keep him entertained. He also picked out a doll himself and would do whatever I was doing with my daughter with his baby. I was very anxious about losing my relationship with my son and a nurse suggested just to make sure that I touch him - pat his knee, hold his hand, rub his shoulder, etc. whenever I could. This really helped us stay connected - lets them know that we know they are there.
Good luck! and hang on for the ride!

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