Babies R Us or BuyBuy Baby

Updated on August 12, 2013
K.R. asks from South Elgin, IL
7 answers

What store do you like better? What store is most helpful when it comes to Breastfeeding? Or do you go somewhere else

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answers from Chicago on

All the stores carry the same items too. I did go to Babies R Us, but Walmart and Target have the same items too.



answers from New York on

Around here Buy Buy Baby is much better all the way around.



answers from Chicago on

Babies r us is great. Buy buy baby is better but oh so much more expensive. On the upside the store is clean, well laid out and you can definitely find what your looking for but you will pay more than if your at the babies r us. not sure either store can help with breastfeeding. are you talking about equipment you will need? or information. if its information you can find a la leche league contact through your doctors office.



answers from Rockford on

I remember doing a lot of shopping at Babies R Us and then being told to check out BuyBuy Baby, but they seemed so pricy. When I was pregnant with my son we went looking for a sit-n-stand and our Babies R Us was out of stock for some reason, and they told us to check out BuyBuy Baby. They didn't have one that was less than $250 and that was three years ago. We ended up getting one at Target for around $130 or so. They had nice stuff, it was just out of our price range at the time.
As for breastfeeding, I got all of my supplies at either Babies R Us or Target. There are a lot of helpful websites for that sort of thing too. If you get signed up to the right ones they will send you promo codes for free nursing covers, nursing pillows, baby slings, and car seat covers. I will look through my email and see if I can find which site it was and send it on to you.

*Edit* From what I can tell it was scroll down to the bottom and join the mailing list. I have gotten a lot of cool stuff and good deals on things for myself and my friends.



answers from Chicago on

Amazon. Better selection6 lower prices, free 90 days returns for baby related products.



answers from Orlando on

I like babies r us and Target. I am the founder of FefisBaby ( We only sell baby soothing products (swaddles, blankets, carriers, crib soothers, white noise machines, pacifiers, teethers and more). After having a very fussy baby and being sleep deprived, I decided to open a business solely dedicated to products and information to calm/soothe babies. We have a great resource center. Hope you visit our site and FB page!



answers from Chicago on

When I was recently looking for carseats I decided to look at Buy Buy Baby because I was up in that area and we don't have a store down here.

They had NO car seat under $150. Not a one. Trust me there are about 20 that are priced under that.

I did get some great washclothes that I had not seen elsewhere, but their toy selection was small and the bouncy seat section was super high priced as well...

SO, they each have their place. You can't get some seats sold at Buy Buy at BRU and vice versa. Check them both out before you decide what fits your budget and style and needs.

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