Babies Got Heartburn.....

Updated on February 05, 2007
L.W. asks from Gresham, OR
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My daughter is 4 month old and I believe she has acid reflux. Everything I read about it is her symptoms. My son had it when he was born too. My question is does anyone know of an over the counter medication I could give her or my mom suggested cutting up half a tums and giving that to her. I would love feed back on what other moms have used. She has a appointment on Monday but I am one that likes to try other things before jumping to a perscription.

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So What Happened?

finally got my daughter into the doctors and he didnt seem to concerned...she looked healthy ans is gaining wieght but I think I am going try the aloe...thank you!

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my little one suffered from acid reflux as well. he also has serious food allerigies even though he was breastfed. i had to cut out a lot of my favorite foods to try to help him. when nothing else worked my massage therapist suggested we give him liquid aloe. it is completly edible and he still loves it. we put an ounce in the microwave for 10secs or so to take the chill off and he sucks it out of a medicine dropper. it has done wonders.
good luck to you and your little one!

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Hi L., Does your son have allergies or sensitive to milk or other dairy products? My son was showing reflux symptoms. I took him to the doctors and they done some tests and found he is lactose intolerance.
I would highly suggest taking you daughter to a doctor before trying home remedies.

A little about me:
Mom of 6 kiddo's and grandma of 3 granddaughter. My youngest is 3 yrs old. Not to forget my wonderful husband.



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Hi L.,
My twins both have reflux. They are eight months now and still haven't grown out of it. They are both on Zantac but originaly I wanted to stay away from the perscriptions. I've also been told NOT to give a baby an adult antacid so I stuck with the only things that I could do. Keeping them upright in a car seat, boppy, or tilted mattress. This kind of worked but I got to a point where it was just too difficult. They couldn't sleep for very long. They were so uncomfortable because the reflux continued. Between their discomfort and my lack of sleep I went with the Zantac. It's worked great....
But I have never tried liquid aloe. If you try it will you tell me if it works for you. I still would like an alternative to the zantac.



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both my kids battled with that and every doctor (including my stepdad) said do not use anything over the counter for little kids, like tum ect. its made for an adult body not even a half. untill your doc. perscriibes something like zantax or previcid best thing to do is hold the baby up right when they eat and keep them that way after, like in a car seat or swing, when also inclined when they sleep, the car seat is perfect for night time. i wish you the best of luck i know how it feels.



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My Nephew has the same problem and he takes baby zantac it was the only thing that helped after trying low dosages of everything else over the counter. It is only available by perscription however. Also if you formula feed her you might want to look into changing formulas to one that breaks down easier.

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