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Updated on May 08, 2008
M.C. asks from Pasadena, CA
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My husband is going to be coming home from Iraq in 3 months and I am so excited for his home coming, the thing is while he was in Iraq and I was still pregnant I packed up a u-haul truck and moved all my things and myself back to New Mexico from Georgia. Now it is time for me to go back to Georgia and set up a home for my husband to come home to and what not. Here is why I am writing this, I ow have to move all my belongings and my daughter back to Georgia, my daughter will be 7 months old and I am concerned about the move. Does anyone know if you can even put a car seat in a moving truck or will i have to hire a moving company? Has anyone ever moved across the country with such a small baby before? My biggest concern is will i get to rent my own truck and put her in it. My poor little Army brat.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Hi M.,
Congratulations on you hubby coming home safely!

My husband and I are balloonists, and have been doing road-trips with our first son since he was 3 weeks old; now we have two, and just got back from a balloon rally this weekend.

It is very possible, you just need to be a little organized and plan some things ahead.

Plan for your drive to take about 50% longer, (or more if you are breastfeeding. You can use a breastpump plugged into the cigarette-lighter, but then someone else needs to be driving.) It'll work best if your baby is on a schedule, because you'll know better when you'll be stopping along your route (and can plan for a "nicer" rest-stop), and baby will mostly sleep or play quietly in their carseat as you drive (hopefully).

From what I understand, as long as your carseat was built with a seatbelt adapter (most are) you should be okay.

If baby's on solid food, buy jars of baby food. I make home-made foods, but for traveling, the pre-made stuff is tidy, quick, convenient, and healthy enough. They also sell containers at wal-mart that hold pre-measured amounts of cereal or formula powder, to make mixing faster.

In your bags, carry a bottle washer and small bottle of dishwashing liquid to do dishes in the motel room at night.

Don't plan on driving more than 6 to 8 hours a day. You won't get as far, but you and baby don't need to be stuck in a moving van for longer than that: the stress will get to you both, and your baby will be more prone to diaper rash.

Speaking of diaper rash: have a diaper-changing plan. On-the-road bathrooms can be surprisingly disgusting, and the gas station may not have a changing table or countertop to change a diaper on. I set up a changing-station in our truck, and put diapers, wipes, cream, change of clothes, etc in a box; and a nice folded towel or blanket so they're comfy and don't roll around too much while I'm standing in a parking lot in the-middle-of-nowhere, or on the side of a highway.

If she *does* get diaper rash: the fact that you get to a hotel early enough will give you time to give her a bath and take proper care of her skin.

Instead of dressing her in layers for cool mornings, use blanket layers. Then, if she starts to get warm, you can easily peel blanket-layers off with out having to stop.

Pack things you *may* need, conveniently in the moving van (near the door). Portable crib; stroller; etc. You may not think you'll need them, then you suddenly get somewhere and... (p.s. motels often have portable cribs you can borrow)

Most of all: think safety. Always park in well-lit areas, and get motel employees to help you get settled (if nothing else, ask them to call your room by a certain time to make sure you got settled okay). Try to get to your destinations before dark, and carry extra food so you don't *have* to go to a restaurant in an unfamiliar town where the people may be creepy.

Thank you for supporting your husband as he defends our country!
Good luck!

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answers from Albuquerque on

My sister always had the Army move her (packing an all). Can you do that? I would suggest that someone else move your stuff as it is hard enough to travel in a car with an infant (especially if you are by yourself)let alone a truck that you have to deal with (which only usually has 2 seats = you + baby and no help). Good luck and congratulations. I am very glad for you that he is coming home. I wish they all could!

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answers from Washington DC on

do you have a friend or relative who wouldn't mind either 1) flying your daughter out to meet you in GA or 2) driving across country with you? i am moving to MD in two weeks from NM and i am having my daughter's dad fly out here and get her. i know this isn't an option for you but maybe her grandmom? and my friend is going to fly out and drive across the country with me. when my daughter's dad moved to MD we used a POD they aren't super cheap but if you don't have a ton of stuff and with the price of gas you might look into it. good luck!

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