Babies Close Together?

Updated on February 01, 2007
C.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I am wondering who all has children close together. Also who has large many?
I have a just turned 2 and just turned 1 yr.olds (13 months apart.) My husband is waiting on me to be ready to have another..he is sooo ready.
I would not mind having another one now,but Iam also content for a few more months atleast. Thinking I would like to get through potty training first. Iam also still pumping for my 1 year old and would like to continue that for a while. ((side question..has anyone else exclusivly pumped for this long?)) We know we want a large family. Right now we say 6 ish and we would like to adopt some of those.
Just looking to talk about it..what do you think?

PS.Jaime if you are reading this Iam not pregnant!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Well I have 2 a 3 yr old and a soon to be 2 yr old. They are 1 1/2 yr apart, 1 boy 1 girl. We are still working on potty training which is not easy. I am not sure if we will have another but I like the oldest to be in Pre-K at least so I can enough another baby. ight now I would be so busy I wouldn't get to enjoy the baby. They also say 1-2 yr in bewteen is good for recovering. If you want to wait a bit then do.

Mine are close in age and play together but also are like having twins. What 1 has the other wants. When they are 3 and 2 you won't want a new baby.

Good luck and best wishes !



answers from Dallas on

Hi! I have a 7 year old, a 5 year old, a 3 year old, and a two year old. I wouldn't change it for the world. It was very hard when they were all really small, but now it;s great they can play together, do sports together & of course fight together but at least they are very close! The older one call each other best friends! It makes me so happy.

I'm sure teenage years things will change but for now It's perfect!

I personally think potty training is easier with the younger ones if they have watch the older one go through it! At least mine were!

Hope this helps!



answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,
I have a 20 month old (will be 2 in may ) and a 5 month old (will be one in august).I have the best of both worlds a girl (may) and a boy (august). I enjoy them both together and separate. They are exactly 15 months apart to the day, my girl was born may 24th, 2005 and my son born august 24, 2006. At first I tripped b/c I was just pregnant for 10 months but mostly a little scared of the sacrifces b/c of them being so close together. I am done though, but I am very happy with the way things turned out. Alot of people tried to make me feel bad b/c I did have them so close together, but I didnt pay them no mind. If you and your husband wants a basketball team, then do it. I was an only child, its great to have someone else to depend on beside your parents. I think as long as you and your husband are happy with having them back to back and close together, then do it. Good luck and Enjoy them babies, they grow so quick !!!

P.S. My only problem is potty training my girl and buying 2 sets of diapers, it sucks...LOL (as with any mom, right !)


answers from Dallas on

My hubby and I only have one now, but we too would like a large family, hopefully close in age as well. My sister and I are close in age, and it was always fun.

Also, about the pumping, if you were breastfeeding that's one thing to continue for that long, because of the bond, but breastmilk doesn't really lend any new nutritional needs to a child that is otherwise eating okay after the age of one, so I wouldn' think pumping too much longer after a year would be needed. My son just turned one and I am weaning him from nursing at this point. Now that he can have cow's milk and so I don't worry about breastmilk for him anymore.



answers from Dallas on

if your children sleep well and your husband is super involved, i would go for it. i hear after 2 or three it isn't AS hard. my MOPS coordinator is about to have her 5th and her oldest is 6 yrs old and she couldn't be happier!!
Also, ask youself how you are doing emotionally on the "bad" days.

i have to hand it to you with the whole pumping thing. WOW!!!!
I nursed both of mine for a long time, but i HATED to pump!!

P.S. they are finding that the bennefits of breastmilk peak at around 18 months, not 12 as previously thought

P.S.S. if you are interested in cloth to reduce the cost of all those diapers let me know

you go girl!!!



answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,
I have two girls that are exactly 15 mo. apart, the oldest turned 3 in Nov. and the youngest will be 2 in a few weeks. I absolutely love having them that close but I am not sure if I would have wanted to add a third so close to that. We are not sure if we want anymore but I think if we do that we will probably wait another year or two. we have also talked about adoption as a possibility in the future. I think you really have to go with your gut on this. I really thought about having a third when my youngest was around a year old. Now I am so glad that we didn't. At 3 and 2 I really feel like I have my hands full and would probably go crazy if I had a one year old as well. That is just my feeling though. If you feel that you are ready for another than I think you should do it.
Also to answer your question about pumping. I didn't exclusively pump but I did nurse and pump for 13 mo. with my youngest. If you want to continue than definitely do it.
There are continued benefits to your breastmilk after a year so if you want to continue it would definitely be a good thing.

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