B-day Party for 11 Year Old

Updated on February 12, 2010
K.W. asks from Prosper, TX
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Looking for ideas for my daughers 11th birthday. Last year we had a dozen kids come over, we had a mystery party here at the house then a sleep over. Everyone loved it. This year we want her to have only 4-5 kids over but we are lost at any cool/different ideas. We can only think of having a sleepover then go out to the movies.. Trying to keep the cost down and all. Please let me know if you have any creative birthday party ideas....oh we would have her party next Friday the 19th.

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answers from Chicago on

Love the american idol type party. that would be a huge hit. another thought is the spa type party. go tot he dollar store and get a bunch of finger nail polish, get some hair stuff and let them just have fun. you can do the cucumber slices on the eyes and warm towels around the neck facials etc for really cheap. and its fun. they can do it then maybe go for pizza or something lots more fun than going to a movie. or art projects are always good too. you can get these cool cardboard boxes shaped into stars, hearts etc at hobbie lobbie they can decorate them with markers, stickers, paint, glue on jewels etc pretty cheap also and then they have a take home thing. good luck

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answers from Dallas on

Do a scavenger hunt at the mall. Its free and a lot of fun.



answers from Dallas on

There is a really nice skating rink in Arlington out by the mall- it's a lot of fun and would be perfect for 11 year old girls! I think it's $3-$5 for admission and then you can rent skates for another couple of dollars- not exactly sure how much, but I know it's pretty cheap. They might offer birthday packages too. Roller skating is always fun though!



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We see this on the 'Source all the time. I have no ideas about what is cool or different for a group of 11 years old girls. I would hope that just being together with friends would be cool enough, without trying to topple last year's soire'. If you keep it low-key during some years, then you can do it up big on the special birthdays - like 13, 16, 18, 21, etc.



answers from Columbus on

How about a pirate party? Could be pirate-themed, with either an individual or group scavenger hunt, leading to a pirate's treasure chest of small, fun things. Could to swashbuckling sword fight (with pool noodles and safety helmets). Pirate movie, pirate cake, etc. If it's warm, could do a water balloon fight, in teams, or if it's cold, a snowball fight, between "pirate ships."


answers from St. Louis on

Rock and Roll party - come dressed as your favorite singer. Have them take pics of themselves. Put on a 'show' for you. This could also be done as an American Idol party - have them each sing a song karokee style and tape it.

Ice Cream Party - Go to the movies then when you get home have a few kinds of ice cream, toppings, bananas, etc. Or even better, rent a movie and let them make their own ice cream sundaes and eat then while watching the movie of their choice.

Go to the movies then out for dessert at a restaurant and let them order mocktails. Or take them to a coffee shop and let them order something non-caffeinated (or caffeinated if you are brave!)

Make your own pizza night - get all the toppings, have the girls make chef hats, wear aprons, etc. Get to go boxes from your local pizza hut/dominoes to put their pizzas in (even the smaller ones so they can take home leftovers).

Spa Party - Have the girls come over in their pajamas or comfy clothes. Do manis/pedis. Do their makeup, style their hair. Then let them have a photo shoot and give each girl a pic to take home.

Go roller skating!

Does your daughter like to scrap? Look into a local scrapbooking store to see if they have something scheduled on that day that is free. If not, and you like to scrap, set up everything at your house so that each girl can make a 2 page layout.

Jewelry party - buy a few kits and let the girls make their own jewelry.

Pajama Party - have everyone wear pajamas and rent movies, make comfy beds on the floor, make cookies and decorate them.

Food ideas: Chips/Dips, Pizza, Ice cream, fruit tray, veggie tray, cookies or stuff to make them, cake or cupcakes.


answers from Dallas on

We did a couple of limo parties. It is not as pricey as you might think. I go to Allen Limo. The seating is limited therefore your party size is smaller! The driver picks each girl up at her home for pictures, etc drove them all over town then back to our house for a party/sleepover with mani's, etc. Lot of fun.

One year instead of the driver bringing them back to our house, we went to the Shops of Legacy Marriott hotel where I had a suite and 4 girls stayed over. We had dinner and midnight roomservice.




answers from Mansfield on

my MIL had to coolest party for her daughter in October. It was the party of the year at thier school. She did a makeover party- so they did hair (curling, braiding, crimping, messy up dos, straightening,spraying with glitter and colored hair spray, etc) polised nails, glitter body makeup etc. (she had her older teenage girls and their friends come to help do the youngers girls makeovers). She also had each of the party guests bring a plain white oversized Tshirt and they used that tie dye spray to make tiedyed sleep shirts. One year we actually did real tie dye (for another kids party) but that takes longer and is alot messier. The spray on stuff- you microwave for a minute then let it cool and done- ready to wear. No washing required.
There were other activities ready to do at that party but I don't think the kids got to any of them other then playing some fun dance music and goofying off to it. The older girls also taught the younger girls the hoedown throw down from the Hannah Movie... it had just come out not too long before the party so that was fun.
If your daughter and her friends enjoy doing crafts, you could have a craft party. We have painted our own pottery (jewlery boxes, mirrors, mini tea sets, ornaments, real dishes, etc.) made hair ties (use a plain thick pony tail holder and about a dozen peices of coordianting fabric-like 4 of each color cut in about 12 inch strips with fun shape scissors- and just tie them on... super cute, fun and easy. The girls all loved making and wearing them. Let the girls make beaded bracelets or necklaces for the girls to give to each other or keep and take their own home. Or teach them how to make the braided friendship bracelets we used to make as kidswith crossstick thread (we at least I did) . Paint little ceramic ponies or whatever animal is your daughters favorite. Or flowers there are tons of crafts for girls to do, if they like that kind of stuff.
Pizza, popcorn, rent a ton of movies and just stay home with all the girls and pig out. Sleepover included. Make huge icecream sundaes, etc. Lots of fun. Play board games and/or video games and let them stay up super late. Big breakfast the next morning.
Maybe no time now but my kids all love water themed parties. If there is an indoor pool or Y you can rent to go swimming, or go to an indoor waterpark, etc.That is always my kids first pick- but I don't let them do it every year. Not sure of texas weather - is it warm enough to be outside there? Outdoor parties are great. We had a carnival this summer in my back yard. It was organized and ran by my daughters girl scout troup and we had so much fun. The kids all invited friends and the kids in the neighboorhood. There were tons of carnival games and prizes. Popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. It was super hot so after everyone had done all the carniva games more then once we just let the kids loose with the slip n slide.
Hope this helps :) Have fun



answers from Dallas on

Not sure if your daughter would like something like this but one year we had a pamper party. They gave each other pedicures and manicures. I cleared it with their parents for a little make up. They dressed up in evening dresses from thrift and goodwill stores and took glamour shots. I used a Polaroid so they could take the pictures with them. I cannot remember how old my daughter was, she may have been younger than 11. Just an idea.



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We once had a picture scavenger hunt. You divide up into groups and then go out and take pictures of the groups doing various things. Of course with kids they would need to be chaparoned. We did this as adults and had an absolute blast!! The group that got back to the house with the most pictures required, won. Set a time when they need to be back by. And you will need adults to drive the kids to the required places unless you can come up with places and things to do within walking distance. When we did this we used the old time polaroids that gave us instant pictures. It is much easier now with digital cameras. And the kids will love looking at them together. ISome of the pictures were hard to get but people were delighted to help when we told them what we wanted.
Members of the group can take turns taking the pictures while the others perform the tasks.

Some of the things we were required to do were as follows:

1. Take a picture of the group on a bus stop bench.

2. Take a picture of the group climbing a flag pole.

3. Take a picture of the group laying on a hospital gurney.

4. Take a picture of the group at a railroad sign.

5. Take a picture of the group pushing a shopping cart with one or more in the cart.

6. Take a picture of the group building a human pyramid in front of a fast food restaurant.
Be creative with the tasks and they will have a blast. Or you could always go with the typical scavenger hunt. This was always a favorite with our family. Good luck and have fun!!