B-day Gift Ideas for My 19Yr Old Who Is Moving Out?

Updated on October 05, 2010
K.I. asks from Lindenhurst, NY
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Hi All,

So, my (almost) 19 yr old SS has a b-day coming up in a couple weeks and I am in need of some ideas of things to get him. He finally got a job, after trying for a year, and wants to move in with his best friend who lives a lot closer to his work place then we do. Hubby and I agree that this would be an excellent move for him, especially seeing how it's almost winter and the (only) road from our house to his job is SCARY in the winter and often gets closed...so we are all excited for this next chapter in his life!

I was thinking about getting him things for his new pad. The house they will be staying in is like a mother-in-law set up out back of his friends parents house...it has 1 bedroom and a bathroom, a lil' kitchen w/a fridge and an oven. They do not have a microwave so I was thinking I could put that on the list. Maybe some bedding for his bed? The bed situation is the only thing that gives me pause...he will be sleeping on an aerobed on the floor, I asked if he wants to take his childhood bed from our house but he says there is not enough room, so it kinda sucks he will be sleeping on a blow-up mattress but he is a young guy and it should be fine, right?

So what do you guys think? Is stuff for his new pad good gift ideas? Anything else you all can think of besides a microwave and some new bedding? Maybe a couple new towels? What did you want when you moved in to your own new place?

I would love to hear any and all ideas! Hubby and I are so incredibly proud of him, we cant stand it!! :)

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answers from Eugene on

The microwave is a great idea. Put some kitchen towels in it as men never have any. A couple of potholders and a pair of kitchen scissors to open all those packages that he is going to pop in the microwave. I'd get him a teakettle too so he can heat water for coffee or tea the normal way.

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answers from Modesto on

You might make him a little cookbook with some of his favorite (easy to make) recipes in it.... to go along with the microwave. Plastics for left overs always come in handy. Maybe give him a laundry basket full of the little essentials that one needs to start keeping house on their own. Give him a coupon that he can fill in the blank on what he might need after being on his own for a couple of weeks.... he wont really know what he's missing until he does start missing it.
Congratulations on raising a son that is launching at a normal age!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

How about a Futon that he could make into a couch during the day? Like the Microwave idea also.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Is there room in the place for a futon? It could double as a bed, rather than using an aerobed.

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answers from New York on

Love the microwave idea. A few other thoughts...

A supply of grocery staples, like spices, sugar, peanut butter, munchies
Depending on the laundry situation - A laundry basket filled with detergent, fabric softener, and a roll of quarters
Towels, shower curtain, bath rug, hand soap, cleaning supplies
Dish strainer and dish pan filled with dish detergent, dish towels, etc.
Do they have dishes and silverware?
A few pots and pans
A gift card to Walmart, Target, Grocery Store, Gas Station

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answers from Spokane on

get him a futon and the bedding, that way they have a couch and a bed.

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answers from Dallas on

When I moved out at 18 (with a baby) my mom gave me a laundry basket filled with stuff like plastic hangers, kitchen utensils, ziploc baggies, a nice pair of scissors, a small tool set, etc. It was cool b/c that isn't stuff that young kids think about buying and you always need them. Towels are a great idea too.

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answers from St. Louis on

when our son moved out, we went to WalMart & just filled the cart with basic living supplies: dishes, utensils, cooking utensils, paper products, cleaners, cleaning equipment, etc. Total amount spent was < $100.

We also gave him many hand-me-downs: kitchen & bath towels, bedding, camping pots & pans.....even furniture. We made sure he had enough groceries for the 1st couple of weeks....& then periodically added to his stash. (I'd usually have a bag waiting by the front door.....without his asking, without me being a buttinski.)

I think the microwave is an excellent idea! By putting the word out to aunts/uncles, our son started single life with a full household & he appreciated it! When he moved back in due to a phyical disability, everything went into the basement for when he's back on his own.....& it was heartening to see how much the family had helped him! Good Luck!

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answers from Portland on

I think the microwave is a great idea. My parents bought me a pretty good one when I moved out and it lasted for about 10 years. If the bed is a true Aerobed then it's a good air mattress and I wouldn't stress over that. It's better than the floor and you can always do the futon for Christmas since that's only 2 months away. I agree with stocking the cupboards with "staples" and laundry supplies. Or, give him gift cards to a couple of stores (grocery, Wal-mart, etc) so he can purchase what he wants as he needs it. If he doesn't have room for the bed he might not have a lot of storage space either.

Good job raising such a smart, responsible young man.

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answers from Seattle on

I like the microwave and futon ideas - or maybe a set of studded tires?



answers from Sacramento on

When I moved out at 18, my then-boyfriend's-older sister bought me:
a sewing kit
a gas card
staple spices
This was amazing helpful!



answers from Boise on

Can he cook? Do they need anything for the kitchen? Cooking lessons? A pantry stock up?

Don't worry about the bed...they are actually pretty comfy. Also, if you want to give him Dave Ramsey's the Total Money Makeover, he can start making good choices NOW, and save himself grief later. Plus, save up for a better set up.



answers from Kansas City on

Our 20 year old son just moved out. I did a massive Costco run and got food and things like paper towels and TP.
Since he likes to cook and experiment I also bought him some spices and herb blends. Which he has already used. Oh, and a bag of charcoal for his grill.


answers from Dallas on

Food - sounds silly. But I remember my first roommates mom stocked the kitchen with bulk items. She bought him a year supply of maltomeal, macncheese, oatmeal, ovaltine, rice, ramen noodles, you name it. By the end of the semester when he was out of financial aid - that maltomeal was a lifesaver! There will be times when your darling boy is going to be broke and choosing betwen gas or food. It'll be nice to have a stockpile of oatmeal there for him.



answers from Seattle on

I think you have a good list started. I would add dishes and pots and pans. Maybe from the thrift store so they don't cost an arm and a leg. Congratulations on having such a great son.



answers from Seattle on

Congratulations! I'm not sure how much you want to spend. Microwave, towels, dishes, pots & pans, silverware. Perhaps a gift certificate to your local super market so he could do his own grocery shopping. Flashlights, Lanterns (in case the power goes out) Blankets.

Hope this helps.

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