AZ To PA Move - Info on Colonial SD Housing & Mental Health Field Needed.

Updated on May 28, 2008
D.C. asks from Tempe, AZ
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Hi Ladies-

I realize that is this request is probably way ahead of time, but I (now with a family) am moving back to the Montgomery Co area next summer (2009) and cannot wait! I am trying to gather all the info that I can on jobs and housing before our trip out there in Oct to lay some ground work.

My husband and I are moving there because of the superior quality of the schools, and we are just ready for a change...120 degrees is only fun for so long :). We are looking at the Colonial School District part because of the great things I have heard/researched and part because we have family in Conshohocken.

My husband will most likely be working in Wayne...and where I will be working still has yet to be determined. I am a therapist in the community mental health field and know nothing about how the system in PA works - only what I have read on the web. If anyone works in this field, I would love to chat.

As far as housing goes - we are in sticker shock! We currently rent a 4bd/2ba 2000 sq ft house in AZ and realize that we are not going to come close to that size in the Colonial School District for any price that we can afford. I have looked at some apt complexes via internet (Sussex Square) but would love to hear from those that have info on other complexes in the area. Is there a good website where house rentals are listed?
I would love to find a 3 bd/1 or 2ba, 1000+ sq ft house/apt in the district that is around $1200/mo.

Any guidance you ladies can give me would be welcome - when I moved to AZ all I had was a car and 3 boxes of "stuff". Now as I make the trek back across the country, I have a husband, daughter, 2 cars and a whole house of "stuff". Super exicted, but wondering how I am going to make it all work.

Thanks so much for reading!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi D.,
My husband and I used to live in the colonial sd, in plymouth meeting, pa. we rented a small 3 bedroom 1 bath for 900 a month. we were probably closer to 900 sq feet than 1000. Plymouth meeting is a great little community, we truly miss it. We've moved northeast to Warminster for our jobs in the past year. But be encouraged, you're not completely out of luck with looking for a house in that price range. The neighborhood between I-476 and Arch, bordered by germantown pike and belvoir road is a nice area in the colonial sd. there were always nice little houses for rent and the neighborhood is quiet and safe. It's also bordered by great shopping centers, mall, whole foods, target, IKEA's great and affordable. Happy House Hunting!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I'm gonna warn you now, but in that area renting a 3br/1ba is more of a $1500-1700 monthly payment...

Plus, general living expenses are a bit high...
Monthly electric will run ~150-200 in the summer with A/C
Car insurance will probably increase 33-50%
Plus school taxes and per capita taxes can be horrible

My Aunt and Uncle live in Yuma, and for what they were getting by with here, turned into 3 houses(the one they live in and 2 that they rent out) and a garage there(he's a mechanic-35+ years exp).

As long as you're accepting of maybe moving a step down with income, you should be fine. Montgomery county is just a really expensive county, I think only seconded by Bucks--at least in this area lol.




answers from Philadelphia on

Hey D.,

Colonial schools are good (near plymouth meeting). Your hubby's commute won't be too bad. Plenty of backroads to take from that location. My hubby and I lived there after we first got married. We are now out in Collegeville (PV school district) and my hubby commutes to bryn mawr.

Yes - the prices are a little nuts. Many of the homes in the colonial school district are older - so keep that in mind. You will really be paying top dollar for a "newer" home or new construction in that area...they are hard to come by. Check out - they have renting info on there as well.

If you have additional questions re: commute and location - feel free to drop me a message.

Take care!



answers from Philadelphia on

Before I had my little one, i worked for a large MH company called NHS Human Services. They always have positions open all over the Philadelphia area (including the suburbs - i worked in their lansdale office), and they are always looking for good therapists. I worked as the Supervisor of Case Management. All of their positions are listed on Career Builder, so you may want to try searching them there and see what you can find. Feel free to send me a private message if you have any more questions.



answers from Philadelphia on

Here is a good way to connect with local moms from the area in PA you are moving to. we are a local and FREE moms group with playdates, mom nights out, message boards, support groups, and more. think about joining and meeting local mommies.



answers from Philadelphia on

I am a realtor serving that area. If you send me some more details on what you are looking for, I will keep an eye out and send you any pertinent information.

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