Avon Skin So Soft Vs. Mosquitos

Updated on April 27, 2009
D.S. asks from Coppell, TX
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Does Avon's Skin So Soft REALLY repel mosquitos? I am a mosquito magnet. But I hate wearing Off and other similar bug sprays.

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answers from Abilene on

they have actually done a study, and yes it does work, Avon also has other products that repel mosquitos and has an SPF in it. No I don't sell Avon, just grew up with it, it is a great product line.

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answers from Dallas on

I feel that it does work.. I used it before I sold AVON. If you are not satisfied there is 100% Satisfaction Guarentee. They actually carry a Bug spary now in the SSS line. Bug Guard Plus, a spray, so much easier to use. Sunblock in it and Deet free too. Shop online www.youravon.com/katievanlandingham Call me if you have any questions! Enter REPFLYER for free shipping directly to your door. Have a good day :) K.

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answers from Dallas on

I used to work at a daycare, and one parent provided it for her kids who were very allergic to mosquito bites. They still got bit some, but not as much as without the SSS. The thing I hated about it was it was so greasy and messy. If you do use it, I would suggest putting it in a spray bottle so it's easier to apply. It will still be greasy and oily, though. It wouldn't hurt to try it, just know it's greasier than regular bug sprays.

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answers from Dallas on

I was literally thinking about this yesterday. When I was a kid, it definitely worked. My godmother used to sell Avon and I clearly remember her using it as a selling point. Now, that's been some time ago and I'm not sure if the ingredients have changed, but I would assume they haven't as it is a classic product. I'm interested any finding out other people's more recent experiences, but I remember it working just like OFF. HTH!

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answers from Amarillo on

YES!! It works great, I use it on my kids all the time, I haven't bought anything like OFF for a long time. Avon also makes single packaged wipes that are all natural too that repel mosquitoes. They work great too.

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answers from Dallas on

My Grandmother and Mother used that with me all the time. I don't know if it really helped or not. I am one of those who can be in the midst of bugs and not be bitten and my hubby get bitten all over.

We do use the Cutter repellent here.

Also, I saw a Citrus type plant at Home Depot a couple weeks ago that "claims" to repel the bugs. I have one potted on my deck and we'll see if it works.

Good luck

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answers from Dallas on

YES! It works very well.

Another thing that works are those plastic coils with citronella. They look like bracelets made out of old phone cords. My kids and I put one on each arm and one on each leg if we're in an area with a lot of mosquitos and other insects. Wearing only one will work in some situations. They can be used over and over again if you seal them up in a ziplock when you don't need them, or they can be worn continuously for a few days if you're camping.

I've worn them to Boy Scout camp for three years, and the only time I've been bitten was once in the shower when I took them off. All of the other people were eaten up and got ticks. I never did.


answers from Dallas on

I use Arbonne's Awaken Rejuvenating Body Mist - it really works and if safer to use than bug sprays. I walk in the mornings and was being eaten alive, then someone told me to try this and it worked.

All the best



answers from Dallas on

Ok so you got plenty of responses but I wanted to throw mine in the mix too.

I'm like you. Others might get a bite or two but Mosquitos will eat me up and seek me out. My husband seems to repel them as does my oldest daughter. Maybe it is because I eat a lot of sugar. Maybe it's because I radiate heat. Who knows?

What I do know is this:

Only female mosquitos bite for blood. Male mosquitos drink the juice of plants.
Dark shirts are more likely to attract mosquitos-light or white shirts are supposed to dimish attraction. Don't ask me why. Can't tell you. I've just been told this for years.
Skin so soft DOES work but is oily like said. Citronella also works. The plant mentioned works too. I bought one to try it and kept it in a pot to move around with me when working outside. It survived the winter and hs come back out despite looking like it died. Stays mostly on my front porch which is where I water most of my outdoor potted plants, watch kiddos on sidewalks, visit with neighbors-etc. I would love to surround my home with these plants just because they do work. I have a keen sense of smell and can smell the scent of it in the air.

I prefer to avoid Deet. I'm chemical sensitive. I've used those coiled bands mentioned too because of ease of use. Have had my children use them too but as bracelets my girls kept taking them off too much or losing them so I started slipping them around their ankle. Works just as well there as not. Those things kinda annoy me-braclets get in my way too but I found they still work even if near you. I've been known to hang one on a bed post or drawer pull near my bed to avoid bites during summer nights.

I hate mosquitos enough to constantly check for standing water during rainy times and remind neighbors to also. My unused hottub gets a lethal dose of bleach to prevent the larvae...

Putting up Purple Martin Bird houses can help manage mosquitos as these birds eat tons of them. Bats and dragonflies eat them too!

Some of this may help, some may not but at any rate, I too tired of being targeted and I memorize anything related to help me on my quest to avoid being eaten alive or driven crazy when feeling lazy.

Blessings to you!



answers from Tyler on

It works, but it is oily and smelly. I personally use a bug repellent on my skin, but I use the Skin So Soft on my kids (I don't like it, but I like it better than a bug spray on them).

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