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Updated on January 16, 2008
A.G. asks from Brookfield, IL
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Hello all. I was just wondering what all of you spend on groceries per week to feed a family of four. This is not including eating out..that's a whole other topic:) I have two kids ages 5 and 17 months, and I find it very hard to spend less than $150 a week on groceries (this is an average, some weeks a little less, some a little more). Is this normal, and also, was wondering what some of you thrifty moms do out there to save money. I do try to buy healthy foods for the family, but beleive I do not go as nuts as a would like with the organic, preservative-free, no trans-fat, high fiber, etc. as I'd like, otherwise I'd spend $300.00 a week. Any suggestions, without having to live on PB&J and Mac-n-Cheese. THis money does include things like diapers,rice milk(both my kids are lactose intolerant)and incedentals like deoderant, shampoo, medicine, etc. Am I just complaining for n0othing?

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answers from Chicago on

I have 3 ages 3 and younger and I have a great solution that has dramatically helped me have GREAT meals for my family while saving my time and money.

Homemade Gourmet!!! It's a direct sales company that focuses on quick, healthy and easy meals. Last night, I did a show where 10 ladies went home with 8 meals for their freezer ready to go in one hour and the cost was minimal. It's an affordable version of meals - and you can typically feed an entire family of 6 for under $10. Smaller families can stretch further.

Now, if you buy 'mixes' you won't be saving money. However, we have a great 4 meals in 4 minutes concept that shows you how to buy containers that come with coordinating grocery lists that make sense for a family who is trying to save money.

There is gluten-free options, diabetic options, etc. We don't add any MSG or Preservatives to our products.

I don't know if this is appropriate - as I have been selling Homemade Gourmet for 4+ years. However, as a mom, I have found that I can typically go every TWO weeks to Woodman's and spend onloy about $150. I then go to WalMart to get Diapers and Formula. I am very pleased that I have been saving my OWN Sanity and TIME even though I work from home.

You can even save 20% by becoming a Preferred Customer - and on fee to join and you can cancel anytime.

If interested on more info - but seriously no pressure - you can check out my website at:
www.homemadegourmet.com/Rebecca10161 or email at [email protected]____.com

I or send me a private type message and I can get you my phone number.

Have a GREAT week! I have my meal ready to go in the crockpot as I am going downtown Chicago today with my dad to try out for Wheel of Fortune!!!

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I was able to cut my grocery bill in half by going to Aldi for most of my groceries. I still go to Jewel for meat and things that Aldi doesn't sell. Aldi is great and the quality of their stuff is excellent....as long as you don't mind bagging your own groceries. The grocery carts are 25 cents, which you get back when you return the cart.




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WOODMAN'S!!!!! I go there every two weeks and spend about $175 on all of our groceries, toiletries, and household cleaning products. It's a bit of a drive (Orchard Road to just north of I-88) but's it's totally worth it.

They also have a HUGE organic food sections, and two or three aisles of specialty foods (diabetic, low-carb, gluten-free, etc.)

Just an example of the savings, I can get TWO loaves of Butternut Whole Wheat Bread for $2.79 (one loaf at Jewel is $2.59). V8 Fusion is $4.49 at Jewel and only $2.99 at Woodman's.

The only downside is that you can only pay with cash or debit card. They do not accept any kind of credit cards - and their gas station/oil change place is SUPER cheap, but they accept CASH ONLY.



answers from Chicago on

We also shop at Aldi. There stuff is the same as name brands. They also have name brand items once in awhile. It saves a TON of money. We go to Walmart for shampoo, medicine ang things like that. When our kids were little we bought diapers, wipes, etc. from Walmart too. We buy meat, pop and things like that from Jewel when they are on sale ONLY. We just stock up then. The Aldi in Plainfield is nice.



answers from Chicago on

One food saving tip is to make your own baby food. I puree steemed vegetables (carrots, broccoli, pears, apples and sweet potatoes). Baby girl loves it and it's so much cheaper than buying the gerber. $150 a week sounds high but I am guessing you freeze meat with that. If not, you may want to get rid of the extras (chips, pop)... Not sure if your 4 year old eats like an adult.

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