Austin with 2 Preteen Boys

Updated on March 13, 2013
E.B. asks from Sour Lake, TX
5 answers

We're taking a quick trip to Austin and am looking for a few day and night things to do with our boys. Free or low cost would be preferred....Thanks Mamas and Papas!

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answers from Austin on

I am not sure that the bats are flying yet, so make sure you look up that information..

I also forgot the Travis County Livestock show is going on.. But look up the prices. It seems like there is a parking fee, a get onto the grounds fee, and of course the carnival rides all cost money. But it is fun at night.

I forgot.. The Circuit of the Americas..It is an International Racing Track.. I THINK they offer tours..

Also this site is always great, it has a calendar of events.

You can research on Google Free things to do in Austin, Spring Break 2013

Also the local paper has a section called 360..
They have a listing of things for each week and each day.

This is the music portion of SXSW.. There are events where you do not need a badge to get into.. You can go on the SXSW site and check it out.

Things to do any time you visit.
The State Capital Building- Free
The Bob Bullock Museum - small fee
State of Texas Cemetery- Free
Zilker Park, Free to park during the week, small fee on weekends. The pool is open 365 days a year. small fee, but at the foot of the pool, is an area to wade in and it is free.

The other side of the park (across the Barton Springs Road) is an area that is perfect for frisbees and kites.. - Free

You can also rent canoes to paddle with on Lady Bird Lake. small fee. Or just walk the trail all the way around Lady Bird Lake. Free.

There is a free skate board park located on Lamar, next to House Park (it is located between the parking lot and the parking garage.

You could visit the University of Texas Campus, This is where the LBJ Presidential Library is located.. They just finished with the remodeling in there.

Go to the Top of the UT Tower on the observation deck.. I think there is a small fee..

South Congress Avenue has a ton of the Food trailers. It is fun to go down there and try some different foods and watch the people. Also a cool candy store down there called "The Big Top"

The Central Market on North Lamar, has free live music almost every Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. night. The good thing is there are lots of outside tables so you can either purchased prepared food from the store. Or you can order food from the Cafe and hear live music.

Best Book store in Austin is "Book People"..
Awesome Toy store, usually open until midnight is "Toy Joy" on Guadalupe.. It is funny, we go there and there are hardly any children there.. It is UT students and adults there having fun with all of those toys.

Here is the music section of 360

Out towards lake Travis is the Oasis Restaurant. It has a great view of the sunset When the sun does set, everybody claps and cheers.

Fun movie experience is The Alamo Drafthouse. Different locations. They have a full menu and serve you while you watch the movie. This is a serious movie theater. If you talk or text during the movie, they will kick you out.. No refunds.. The food portion, can add up quickly so look at the menu online and plan what you all will have so you do not blow the budget.

I hope you all have a great trip.. There is always something going on here. If I hear of anything else, I will post.

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answers from Dallas on

Visit the Capital! Picnic at Lake Travis.

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answers from Los Angeles on

6th street before it gets too late in the evening

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answers from Austin on

The Texas Memorial Museum is a great small museum if you like dinosaurs. It's free, but the parking on the UT campus isn't.

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answers from Victoria on

I automatically thought of things outside Austin like Natural Bridge Caverns.

There is a place downtown you can sit at TGIF (i belive) and watch the bats fly out at dusk. Do a quick search for exact times and location of viewing and time of year. (i think its all yr but could be wrong) call them and ask about glass classes or any other class they offer. Its family fun you can display.

There is a glass blowing store right next to Armadillo Clay you could ask about when they will be open or if there are certain times the public can view the glass blowing process.

We all enjoy Dave and Busters (but not so Austin )

I think there is a spot to rent small boats near the same bridge to view bats.

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