ATT U-verse - Arlington Heights,IL

Updated on January 04, 2009
S.J. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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I read todays post on att u-verse and mentioned all the great reviews to my husband.
He told me to ask if it works with Tivo? Is it difficult? (We've heard that Tivo is not easily compatible with u-verse) We have 3 tivos currently and really like them.
Thanks so much!

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Honestly, I never really went the Tivo route, so I'm not entirely sure what it is. I expect that U-verse would replace your Tivo, but you'd have to talk to the people at AT&T to know for sure. U-Verse comes with a DVR and the ability to program your shows to automatically record, as well as pause live TV (which is kind of what I thought Tivo was, but I was busy with Dish Network at the time and never did the Tivo thing).

Hope that helps.



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Like the other 2 said...with ATT U-Verse you get 1 main box that is the DVR (it's a whole house DVR system, where the main box records and deletes what's been recorded, but you can watch everything from any of the other boxes) and whatever other boxes you records four programs at once and has a fairly large memory to hold all of the can also go on-line (you would log into your main e-mail account) and set programs to record that way (in case you forget to do so while you're home). I'm not exactly sure how it works with Tivo, but you'd be paying 2 services to do the same thing basically...


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You don't need Tivo because it comes with DVR, which is the same.



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All I can tell you is that when you order TV I think you automatically get the DVR recoder which is essentially the same thing. Like the other poster said, your best bet is to contact AT&T to find out. We previously had Tivo, but don't use it now b/c the DVR feature works great...and is better in my opinion b/c you can record 4 things at once while watching something else instead of recording 1 and having to watch 1.

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