Atopic Dermatitis for 3 Month Old Boy

Updated on April 06, 2010
M.B. asks from San Diego, CA
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My son started to have rashes in the his face since we got him from the hospital. We thought it is just about the changes in the weather like heat. But now that he is 3 months old, the rashes seems to appear also in the elbows, knees and shoulders. It is colored golden brown but when dried after scratching due to itchiness, it turns gray or dark brown. I cannot help but cry in desperation for my husband and I have never experienced any of allergies and asthma.

My family and my in-laws are all worried. I make sure our house is clean, vacuumed and the materials I use are baby friendly even if it is a little expensive just to be sure that it won't harm my kiddo. I use Pigeon products, Indigo baby and Oasis by Planet Noah. My pediatrician gave us series of cortisone creams that I think doesn't work for I am observing changes for 2 weeks.

I have done researches about dermatitis and all I can read is about hay fever, asthma and food allergy causes. My son is left in NICU for 1 week after my delivery but before I left, I started breastfeeding him already. The doctors are giving him S-26 Gold milk when I left. Then when I got him out, I had exclusively breastfeeding him. In his second month, my milk supply is starting to decrease so I started with S-26 Gold again but after 3 days, white patches appeared on his neck. His doctor changed his milk from S-26-Gold to NAN HW 1 because she is suspecting milk allergy. Then my baby's stools became dry and had a very bad odor which is a lot different when I breastfeed him and when he was taking S-26 Gold. But the white patches are starting to disappear. Then the doctor again changed the milk, from NAN HW 1 it became Enfalac A+.

I stopped breastfeeding already for 3 days as I am suspecting that it is from the food I have eaten that is causing these rashes. As of now, I'm in the fourth day of no breastfeeding at all. I am seeing changes like when it is not scratch the wounds heal and when I put Jar of Hope First Aid Gel by Indigo Baby, it cools the rashes so my baby gets enough sleep again with the aircon always turned on.

The doctor prescribes 3 different creams already. I stopped using it when I saw the rashes are getting everywhere except in the nappy area. I am scared of the steroids creams my doctor has prescribed for I found out that it has long term effects on the baby. As a mom, I want and believe in natural healing by using natural remedies or herbal medicines. That is when I found out the JAr of Hope and Oasis Baby Oil. It gives little improvement if compared to the steroid creams like Desowen, Hydrocortisone and Fucidin H.

My question is, what will be my next step? Will I change the formula milk again? Will I look for another pediatrician? Please help me.

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So What Happened?

Hi guys! Thank you for answering my questions! I'm a new mom and depression strikes when I see my son crying hard due to itching. I'll go to a pediatric dermatologist first and ask about milk and his diet or rather my diet. Please pray for us too. May God bless you even more for finding time in reading and answering my inquiries. I'll tell you again what happened. Thank you very much!!!

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answers from Charlotte on

I wouldn't waste my time or money going to another pediatrician, if the problem is his skin, go to a dermatologist :) They specialize in all skin problems.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You need to start removing certain foods from his diet to see if that is the cause, dairy and soy being the first. You do not need to stop breastfeeding!!!! That is the best thing for you to be doing, just eliminate things from your diet.

My daughter's eczema was terrible for many years. Food was a culprit; eggs, soy, dairy, gluten, yeast were the main ones. We also started using a skin care product line that totally helped. Sensaria Natural Bodycare has no sodium laurel sulfates (which irritate and strip natural oils), no petroleums (which suck moisture from the skin and makes a barrier around the skin), no dyes (which are harmful on so many levels), and everything is scented with essential oils and plant extracts and not synthetic perfumes.

The body wash replaces all soap and can be used as a bubble bath and to wash hair on the little ones. The Freshening Mist is great for all over the body especially for the dry, inflammed areas and for diaper rash. Any of the lotions, especially the Nourishing Moisturizer, are to be used for the inflammed areas and all over.

You've got to take control of this and not use the creams that the doctor prescribes as they only thin the skin and offer a temporary solution for the symptoms, not the cause. Also, look into reading:

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies: The Groundbreaking Program for the 4-A Disorders, by Dr. Kenneth Bock

The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Robert Sears

If you want more help /information on diet elimination, let me know.



answers from San Diego on

My cousin dealt with this same issue with her son, who is now 6. It is allergies, to food, to the carpet, to everything. They ripped out their carpet, use nothing but vinegar to clean and he's on a strict diet, with no dairy, all organic, etc. They kept him in long sleeves, pants and hat to keep the sun off of him as well. Not easy, but it does improve with age. You must be so stressed out. I'm so sorry. Baby will be just fine. You may need to drastically change your diet if you will breastfeed to rice, no dairy, no chocolate, etc. and take supplements. I'm sure you can read up on additional steps. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

hi! i had the same thing with my baby boy. he is now 1.6 years old and he doesn't have any rashes anymore. i guess in time they all outgrow it. hopefully your baby will outgrow it too. the best thing to do is to go back to breastfeeding but you need to monitor what you eat. it's usually chicken, chocolate and junk food that cause allergies in your baby. if you can't go back to breastfeeding anymore, you can shift to a soy formula. cow's milk also causes allergies and most formulas like enfalac and nan are cow's milk-based. you can also buy physiogel AI cream and put them everyday on your baby's rashes. this is not a steroid cream. it worked well with my baby. hope this helps



answers from Los Angeles on

it sounds like eczema. use aveeno products. my daughter has eczema like that and i only use aveeno products on her and nothing with a scent. stick to dreft or dye/scent free detergent if your using others. i also lotion my daughter after a bath and before bed. on her worst parts i use aquafor. i also give my daughter aveeno oatmeal baths once a week (everyother day if shes really bad). good luck i hope this helps.



answers from Los Angeles on

So Sorry for your poor little guy to go through this. A friend of mine put her baby boy who was having similar issues on Neocate formula. Unfortunately, it's very expensive but it did WONDERS in 3 days. It's absolutely hyperallergenic, and reduces any potential reactions (skin, respiratory, eczema, itching, etc. )common with commercial formulas. She combined that with something called Ultra care for Kids by Metagenics. Good luck!!



answers from Los Angeles on

Yes, skin problems in infants due indicate allergies later. I had three such children and they were allergic to soy and milk EXCEPT for goat's milk which I started each of them on after I had to wean and as they became allergic to soy formula. We had a family history of allergies on both sides. For skin problems, I switched to Dove soap and all cotton clothing. Aveno lotion or Aquafer (spelling) for dry itchy skin. No pets in the house. Air purifier. No carpets. Hepa filters on vacuum and air conditioning. No wool or kapoc products in the house. Cotton or silk only for baby. I think at this point you need a second opinion from a pediatric allergist. Ask about goat's milk as it is much more digestable then cow's milk or soy. It saved my daughter's life!



answers from Los Angeles on

I am a doula. It is very, very unlikely that your diet is affecting your baby's skin. Your breastmilk is a safer and more protective food for him than any formula. Call La Leche League for more information about this. The skin condition may be Seborrhea is sad , but they do outgrow it...and try a pediatritian who will support breastfeeding... it's miles and miles better for your babies needs.



answers from Atlanta on

This is a systemic condition and it caused from the inside out. It could possible be your breastmilk but I doubt it. The human body filters out natural irritants pretty well. the things that the body does not filter out is chemicals. Avoid processed foods and sodas and see if that helps. Formula is full of chemicals and is well known for causing eczemas.

Your right about the steroids. They will do much damage to a little one. ONE week on even topical steroids causes as much bone loss as a woman going through menopause. Steroids should only be used for life threatening issues.

I'm glad you are trying the natural way. It does work but you have to have some info on what to do first. If you want to send me your email, I can send you some information on a product I use and recommend highly for these types of skin issues. I have never seen it fail...Like I said, this is a systemic problem but if it can be nudged along some, that would make a world of difference in his comfort.

God bless!




answers from Los Angeles on

My nephew had a similar issue and the only thing that worked for him besides strictly organic products was powdered goat milk formula. It is the most easily digested from all the formulas. Please research it and if your milk is decreasing, try supplementing with it. I hope the best.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi, I had the the same problem with my now 6 month old boy. It started out looking just like dry skin on the sides of his face, his legs, arms and even his back and belly. I didn't do anything with it, I figured nature would take care of it. Then it got worse and finally his skin was breaking. I was really concerned thinking it was what I had ate or psoriasis. I didn't want to use andy medicated cremes on him or stop breast feeding. Luckily my husband's friend suggested sheabutter because she said they use that on their babies for everything. Believe it or not, less than a week of massaging RAW SHEABUTTER on him made the skin look like regular baby skin. I have the privilege of getting it all natural and raw from Africa but I'm sure you can find it in health food stores or on the net. It is hard when it is cold so you just warm it in your hands and it melts, like butter and you massage it onto the skin. This really has worked for us!!! I have stopped a few times and the dryness comes back after a few weeks so I just do a week of shea butter again. I think he will eventually grow out of this condition, but until he does, we are stuck on shea!! DON"T STOP BREAST FEEDING!!! and please try this before doing any medicated cremes. My nephew has been on cremes since he was a baby and now there is a concern that these cremes have stunted his growth!!! No, say no to the unnatural stuff and try this or any other natural remedy first. Coco butter is good too. It is important to buy it raw though, so you don't get the preservatives and colorings etc, that they love to put in anything in a bottle! GOOD LUCK!!!

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