Updated on October 17, 2009
N.E. asks from Kaneohe, HI
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Has anyone stayed at the resort Atlantis in Nassau, Bahamas? If so, can you please let me know how your stay was and what activities you did? Would you go again? Which "tower" did you stay in?

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So What Happened?

I like how there is an adult-only tower there and a nice pool. I also heard and read there's always lots of kids. That's totally fine, but I think I'm looking to be a little more secluded and more of a grown up thing this trip. When the kids get older maybe we'll plan a trip there.

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My husband, sons and I stayed at Atlantis in May 2007. My elder son was just ten months old, I was three months pregnant with my second son and my husband had to work at the resort. (Husband is a musician/musical programmer.) A such, we did not do much. However, we had a great time walking around the resort, playing in the pools and the ocean and eating at the various restaurants. Restaurant prices are fairly high. If you want to keep your total food bill down, you might eat brunch at one of the restaurants (sorry I can't recall the name of it) instead of eating both breakfast and lunch. I would go back there. This time, I would see more of the island. I don't recall the tower we stayed in. It was the tower farthest from the gym.

My parents went there a couple of days after my kids and I left and stayed with my husband. They saw the Janet Jackson performance. The experience (show, food, etc.) left quite an impression.

Lynne E

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We stayed one time at Atlantis in the Coral Tower I believe....don't quite remember because it has been about 5-6 yrs but we loved it! We also went back last year but stayed outside of Atlantis. The kids loved the water slides and that will probably be a two day event because they have so much fun on them. They have a private beach you can go too right outside the resort and they have a comedy show you can go to in the evening and they have a babysitter that can come to your room and stay with your child or children for a fee. The aquarium they have is amazing! I think they do have other activities but we didn't look into them. Depending on how old your kids are you can also do parasailing and ride the banana boat. Have fun if you go.

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I have not, but I plan to soon! It looks amazing and I've been saving for two years, so hopefully soon. Great question!


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Haven't curious to know what you found out though....



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I just heard last night about where you can get condos at Atlantis very reasonably price. full kitchen and 2 bedrooms!

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