At What Age Do You Move a Child from a Toddler Bed to a Twin Bed?

Updated on November 22, 2011
J.B. asks from Lanoka Harbor, NJ
22 answers

At what age do you move a child from a toddler bed to a twin bed?

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answers from Washington DC on


My kids never had a toddler bed. They went from the crib to a twin bed.

My daughter was in a twin bed at 2.
Greg was in a twin bed at 2.
Nicky was in a twin bed at 2.5.

We took them shopping so they could select their beds. They saw the toddler beds and didn't want that - twin was the way we went.

good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I bought a toddler bed second hand & realized it would be way too small.

He will be 3 soon & will put his twin mattress on the foor next to the wall.

Possibly w/o the box spring. We'll see.
I do have a second hand rail for the other side, however, I doubt we will
use it.

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answers from Tulsa on

My son went to a full size bed at almost 3 when we moved to our new house. He could have gone earlier, but I didn't have the space.

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answers from Anchorage on

There really is no need for a toddler bed at all. A twin mattress on the floor works just as well and can save money. So basically you can move a toddler into a twin at any time, just be sure it is low to the ground or you have a rail. The rails slide in between the mattress and boxspring and are easy to install and use.

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answers from Washington DC on

all 3 of my kids went from the crib to a twin, never had the money or the room for a toddler bed (and I needed the crib LOL) at about 2. They even slept in their twin beds WITHOUT a rail "gasp". I know I'm a terrible mother LOL

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answers from Detroit on

my little guy went from his crib straight to a twin he will be 3 yrs old next daughter went from a toddler bed to a queen between 3-4 yrs old she will be 7 yrs old next month. The only reason we moved her to a queen was because we got a great deal on a queen sleigh bed set. We got both their mattresses from Costco & decided not to do box springs yet. We put a bedrail on our little guys bed we took our daughter's rail off this past summer.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

All my grand kids were in toddler beds by 15-18 months. They switched to cots in child care as they entered the toddler room at 12 months so it was a natural transition at home too.

As for a twin bed, they could have gone into one at the same time if we had been able to have a twin bed. Once we moved rooms around and had a twin bed we moved them into one as soon as the next kid turned one and needed the toddler bed. The toddler beds are for kids that are toddlers, 12-24 months old. After that they are too big for them and really need a twin or larger bed. My niece never did the twins, each of her children had queens as soon as they were out of the baby bed they had converted into a toddler bed. Her thoughts were that they would have the same bed when they moved out to go to college so why buy 2-3 different sets of bedding, mattress sets, frames, etc...just go with what they'd have when they were older.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Mine oldest two went straight from crib to twin around 2. We never did the toddler bed.


answers from Spartanburg on

Just made this move with our 2.5 yr old son. We also went straight to a twin bed. We figured it would minimize the bed switching. there was this really cute bedding at Pottery Barn Kids for a twin or queen ;-). I ordered him a regular twin bed, but bought a low profile box spring when we bought the mattress. It's either simmons or sealy. They have a "my first beauty rest" collection :) Oh and I left his crib mattress in his room so it wouldn't be such a big change for him. I put it right next to his new bed so it kind of acts like a little step for him.


answers from Kansas City on

None of our kids had a toddler bed. They went to twin or with some we did a twin with no boxsprings but had a board cut at Lowes/Home Depot like a bunk bed board. They cut it for free, be sure the corners are not sharp. Put the mattress on it and it's the right size for them to sit on, not too far if they do fall out, and they can learn to make their own bed easily. Later on just purchase a boxsprings.
Most of our kids were moved around 2 but some later, some earlier ( one at about 18 months). I would only do this if necessary though.


answers from Washington DC on

we moved our daughter from a crib to her twin bed at 16 months old and our son at 2 years old.



answers from Chicago on

My oldest went from a crib to a twin bed when he was just shy of 2. It was in the corner of the room and I put a bed rail on the outside edge, but that only lasted about 3 days. I found that when he was getting up in the night he was climbing over the rail and making things more dangerous. His bed sat pretty low to the floor and he did fine without the rail. My others used the transitioned crib as a toddler bed at age 2 and went to a twin at about 2 1/2. Now my baby, he is almost 15 months and has climbed out of his crib twice already. May need to convert it to a toddler bed sooner than I had planned.


answers from Kansas City on

at 18 months I moved my son from crib to a twin mattress on the floor, putting the rail up so he gets used to it. And if he fell out, he would fall 3 inches.... LOL!

Was so easy for him to get in and out and gave him independence and confidence, as he was now in a big boy bed, with big boy bedding (Cars and trucks as apposed to Nemo and other sea creatures)

He loved it and within a few months we were ready for the box spring. We put his mattress where his crib used to be so he was still familiar with his sleepy space.

I moved his bed two months ago closer to the window so he could get more light this summer.

The good thing about having a twin bed is they love the space, and also you can lay beside them and read to them or just have a nice chat and giggles.

Good luck Johanna



answers from New York on

We converted our son's crib into a full size bed right before he turned 3. He was really happy in his crib and never tried to leave! Then he started waking up a few times a night and I knew it was time to change over. I have a pet peeve about toddler beds. It's the same mattress...what is the point? If you need the crib and mattress for a new baby then just go to a twin or full bed and get a rail (which we never had and it was fine) or just put it on the floor. If the child is not sleeping well, get a bigger bed.



answers from New York on

moved my son at 3 1/2 because was having a baby and needed the toddler bed (it was the crib converted)



answers from New York on

We just recently moved my son to a twin bed. He is 4. His toddler bed mattress was starting to get worn out (I could feel some springs sticking up) and he was also getting to tall for it.



answers from New York on

when they are physically too big for the toddler bed. usually happens around 3 1/2 to 4 years of age.



answers from New York on

We never used any toddler beds, my kids moved from crib to twin bed right around the time they turned three.



answers from San Diego on

We didn't use a toddler bed. Anth was in a twin bed a 3. Drew was in a twin bed at 2.



answers from Phoenix on

When they are too long/big for the toddler bed. When they can no longer comfortably sleep in the toddler bed. It has more to do with size, than age, IMO.



answers from Lexington on

I have never owned a crib or a toddler bed. When I was pregnant with my first, we bought a pack-n-play and used screw eyes and cord to secure it to the wall in the corner of the room (I had heard of larger children tipping them over if they pulled up and bounced at one end of the pack-n-play) and we bought a bunk bed set. The bunk bed could be assembled as a bunk bed with a trundle bed under it or as 2 twin beds and a trundle bed. So basically it was a unit that sleeps 3 people. My oldest was in a pack-n-play until she was 14 months and then went to a twin bed in the trundle bed part of the bunk beds(the rest of the peices were packed away). We used a bed rail just to make her feel more secure, but she never really needed it. Then shortly before she turned 2 we assembled one of the twin beds and moved her up to a normal hight bed and put the trundle underneath it. My younger daughter is 10 months old and in the pack-n-play still. We will move her up to the trundle when we feel like she is ready, but most likely around the same age as her sister.

Our feeling was that the crib and toddler beds are a waste of money and don't offer any superior function or safety features over the pack-n-play and regular twin bed. We liked the bunk bed set for the versatility that it offers - we can bunk them when the kids are ready for that or not, and it is nice having the extra bed for a sleep over when the kids are older. I also never saw any reason for a bigger than twin bed. I slept in a twin until I got married and was perfectly comfortable. So these are the beds our daughters will be in until they move out.


answers from New Orleans on

Lets see.....My 2 year old has a toddler bed that he sleeps in now. My girls who are 4 and 5 in a half just got twin beds maybe in March of this year. We waited a little longer for them plus we brought our home last year and went out and purchase new beds for their rooms.

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