At What Age Can You Tell What Your Child's Dominant Hand Will Be?

Updated on January 08, 2011
D.F. asks from Monmouth Junction, NJ
13 answers

My son is 24 months old and eats only with his left hand, draws only with his right and sucks on his right thumb alot. My husband is ambidextrous and Im right handed. When will his dominant hand be more obvious?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would say if there is a dominance it is likely to show very early. If not then you will see around kindergarten. Believe it or not I knew my daughter would be a lefty when she was an infant. As all baby's kick their feet, she was always more dominant with the left foot, it always hit harder and made a louder sound. I watched as she grew and I was right, she is a lefty!

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answers from Houston on

ive seen that it is hereditary, ususally if ambidexterous or left handed tendencies are present you will find them in the family, occuring more often. i think it all matter s what hand they "write" or color with.



answers from Redding on

I knew my daughter was left handed very early on. But, we have lots of lefties in the family on both mine and her father's sides.
She writes with her left hand but does a lot of other things with her right hand.
I write with my right hand, but do almost everything else with my left hand.
I guess neither of us have a true "dominant" hand.
Your little one may use both hands for different things. It's not that uncommon. (At least not in my family).

Give him some more time to see what develops, especially when he begins learning to write.

Best wishes.



answers from Reno on

It may not become apparent until your son learns how to write. My son was well into the third grade before he finally settled on his right hand. For me, personally, I was a right handed writer until the 6th grade and then I switched between both hands for that year because, oddly, it felt like the right thing to do. To this day, I can still write with both hands, although I prefer my right.

My other son and my husband are solid righties.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. In the long run, it doesn't really matter!

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I was told not until they are writing (around kindergarten - 4/5yrs old) and even then it can switch.

Mine used both left and right. They are 5 and 8 and write left handed, I think eat left handed (shouldn't I know this?? LOL) but they throw right handed, golf, play guitar, etc.. right handed but only because we encouraged that or I should say - didn't give them left handed clubs or position the guitar for a lefty.



answers from Cleveland on

my daughter is 21 months and for pretty much everything she does its with ehr left hand so i think she will be left handed



answers from Kansas City on

Our oldest son started using his left hand pretty much as soon as he could start grabbing and reaching for things. He's now 4 1/2 and still using his left hand for everything.


answers from Denver on

It's obvious now. He's ambidextrous but he favors his right hand.



answers from Detroit on

I think it's around kindergarten age, although with my daughter (who is 3), she's used her right hand for just about everything since day 1 - it's what she automatically uses for drawing, feeding herself, etc.



answers from Phoenix on

My son would reach for toys at 5 months with his left hand. When he was a year we noticed the he would throw things with his left hand. he ended up being left handed.


answers from Los Angeles on

I think not until at least K...when they really start writing a lot.

In can change, and if she does all the things you say with both hands it might just take her that long, if not a lil' longer to completely be sure.

~My oldest son is a lefty...but really he only writes and eats with his left....everything else like batting in baseball, bowling, playing guitar he uses his right....then my youngest son is a righty but really only for eating and writing but everything else, batting, shooting arrows, bowling, snowboarding he is a lefty....some kids can be really hard to tell...don't push or suggest a hand, just let them figure it out for themselves.


answers from New York on

I wasnt sure until my youngest son was 4! (my oldest was one and my middle child two or so) toddlers and preschoolers will use both hands a lot but start to favor one eventually.



answers from Raleigh on

Most definitely! Or at least I think so. And it's so funny you ask this because me and my 11 year old were sitting with my daughter who is 15 months and he said "Mom do you think Mikayla will be right or left handed???" My daughter sometimes uses her left hand but most of the time it's her for drawing and eating. And right now as I'm typing she is holding her sippy cup with her left hand lol!!! I'm pretty sure my daughter will be right handed just like me & her father and I'm sure it should be obvious by now what your sons dominant hand will be! : )

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