At What Age Are Kids Usually Ready Crayons?

Updated on October 17, 2008
D.M. asks from Thonotosassa, FL
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I bought my daughter some of the BIG crayons and drawing paper. All she wants to do with them is run around the house and chew on them. I've tried coloring with her but she just snatches the crayons out of my hands and proceeds to chew away. She obviously isn't ready for coloring or even scribbling. When will she be ready? I don't want to keep giving her the crayons cause I'm afraid there wont be any crayon left by the time she really does want to color. LOL.

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Thanks Ladies. I was trying the crayons out because has a few activities for kids and babies. One of them was letting them color a page once a month for a year and put a picture of them on the opposite page every month until their birthday. This was supposed to be for children my daughters age but I guess they were wrong about that. LOL. I guess I'll put the crayons away for a while before she eats them first. LOL. Thanks again XOXOXO

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You have sometime before the use of crayons. Because your daughter is so young, why not do finger painting with pudding. You can use vanilla pudding and use food coloring to make a variety of colors and if she wants to taste the "paint," it will not be a big deal. A.

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Hello D.,
A one-year-old is a little to young. My older two weren't ready until they were like 2 1/2. My youngest is 16 months, and her favorite thing right now is pulling things out of the toy box, cabinets, hampers, etc. I let her play w/ a laundry basket and put her toys in there, pots and pans, wooden spoons etc. She loves it! Hope this helps! M.

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they have scribble squabble tops (tops that spin with crayons in them.) My son is 14 mo and that is part of their curriculum at daycare. I buy the big floor tablet paper and the tops w/crayons. Good luck.



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between 1 and 2 is a good age because they stop putting everything in their mouth. Just keep trying and show her by example what you do with a crayon. She will get it don't give up keep giving them to her she'll be ready before you know it.



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Hi D. -

My daughter who is 21 months now loves to color. She has been coloring since she was about 15 months old. I ALWAYS make sure that she colors only in her highchair.When she wants to color she go to the closet with the coloring books and crayons and will let me know and then runs over to her highchair to go in. When she was just starting I would always sit with her and color with her. Now she does it on her own. Also in the beginning she wanted to eat the crayons but eventually that stopped. Don't be discouraged keep trying and one day she'll just do it :)


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