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Updated on April 12, 2011
S.B. asks from Portland, OR
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ok, so i always see these things in magazines that say "work at home, earn 40,00 a year" and i looked into some of them, and so far they seem like gimicks. Are there any real buisness's that you can do from home? Ones that are real? just looking to make extra income.

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answers from Dallas on

Unless you want to peddle someone's wares - especially those that push the healthy living stuff, there really isn't much out there. You should NEVER pay a fee to get a job NO MATTER WHAT - even it is only 29.00. That is how those companies make money - think about it if everyone pays 29.00 and they sign up 100 people a month someone has made 2900.00 for doing a bunch of nothing.

Mary Kay & Avon are great jobs, but where I live the market is flooded with representatives. Arbonne seems to have a good following but the ones I know that sell it are pretty pushy. That's why I like Avon, they leave a book on a table and leave!

The best work at home jobs are ones that are from companies that have a building and employees in the town where you live. They are hard to find, but they are out there.

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answers from Kansas City on

most of the time, the only real work from home jobs are ones where you've worked for the company and they allow you to work from home instead of coming into the office. Unless you want to sell something, like Avon or Mary Kay or something.

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answers from Wichita on

Some of the secret shopper jobs are not gimmicks.

Also you could get into medical billing/coding, but you would have to take some online classes for that.

You could also take on sitting a few children (maybe after school age) to make a little extra income.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You should never pay money for a work at home JOB, as most are scams or not worth the investment. Work at home BUSINESSES, on the other hand, generally have a start up fee but they are legitimate companies and, if you put the effort into it, a solid source of income.

If you're interested in a sales business, as others have mentioned, I highly recommend Discovery Toys for many reasons:
1. There is not another home-based toy company, so you don't have competition in the market the way you do if you are selling cosmetics, jewelry, homeware, etc.

2. The enrollment fee is currently reduced! Instead of the usual $125, it is now only $89 to join the team, AND you can get this amount fully reimbursed if you meet your sales goals in the first couple of months.

3. The products are fun and educational, so you get a sense of fulfillment when you help parents choose quality products for their children. Plus, if you have kids of your own, you get all kinds of great toys for them to play with!

If you're interested, please contact me ASAP to get started. You can check out the company and the toys, and learn more about the business, by visiting


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answers from Dallas on

Most are gimmicks to get your info.

Some are MLM's which require you to invest, sell, recruit and you don't make money until the people who are over you make money and you have people under you. Hence the "pyramid".

Most legit working at home is someone who telecommutes, someone who started the business at home (my hubby and I run our company from home), and babysitting. Maybe a virtual assistant type of thing will come your way once in a while.

Working at home is a JOB and if you are working for a, say major corporation, you are expected to be on their time and not be involved with children, other chores, etc. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. I could not do my job at home with children under foot. When I am "on" I am "on" and a mistake could cost us thousands of dollars. It is vital to stay focused on the job at hand. I multitask with my job which is dealing with AP/AR, invoicing, making air, car and hotel reservations, working out deals with delivery companies to make sure my client has product when they want it.

Be careful and weigh all options. Some people love MLM and do well. Personally it is not for me and I tend to run from those I know in it because I don't want to be hit up with the sales pitch.

Also, working at a moms day out program has good hours for moms.

Best wishes.

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answers from Cleveland on

The responses so far are good.

You might have to start your own business. One way would be to market a product (greeting cards, clothing, birdhouses, whatever) or a skill (sewing, music lessons, cooking, tutoring, babysitting....) either to perform that service for others and/or teach them how to do it.

The people I know who work from home are writers, musicians/music teachers, babysitters, or people who once went to an office but are now allowed (or told ) to work from home.

Good luck!

K. Z.

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answers from Florence on

Yeah I think those kinds of things are usually gimicks. Guess they can make you some kind of money but not like they advertise.

I was like you looking to stay home with my son and I signed up with Homemade Gourmet. You can check out my website for more information on the company but it's the best thing I ever did. I go to peoples house, have parties, have my own parties and meal making classes (let's be honest we ALL have to fix dinner for our family--why not make it easy on ourselves?) and get some Mommy time that way. I signed up 2 years ago and just promoted to Director so it's amazing. Now I'm working towards an Alaskan cruise for FREE! Woo Hoo! I'd be glad to give you more information if you are interested!

Good luck on your journey!




answers from Boise on

Have you heard of Mona Vie? It is a health juice that provides a world of benefits. My husband and I drink this wonderful juice ourselves and feel so much better for it. Sleep, joint pain and energy as well. Since starting this product, we have become distributors for Mona Vie.
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I am a stay home mom as well. I was working a temp job that just wasn't concrete for me, I needed something that I could do that was for sure. We had a friend invite us to a tasting and we heard all about Mona Vie and the benefits and how we can make money. We have been in this business for 1 month now, and already make money. It's a wonderful company that wants everyone to succeed and make money that they offer incentives all the time. My husband told me not to look for a job anymore that I would be working on Mona Vie, talking to people and sharing our experiences with.
If you are interested, let me know. Take care and God Bless!


answers from Dover on

There are a lot of gimicks and scams out there but there is also legitimate work at home options. I currently work full-time outside of the home but have recently starting building my own business from home. If you would like me to tell you more about it just let me know or go to for more information. It is NOT a "get rich quick scam" and there is no risk.

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