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Updated on September 23, 2010
A.J. asks from Redlands, CA
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Just curious if any of you mamas out there have tried or used the Earcheck at home device for your babies. I despise the age that my little guy is in. He's cutting multiple teeth at once (5) we know of, and I just packed both of my kids up to head to the pediatricians office, because I swore he had an ear infection. Only to hear nope must just be teething, or the onset of a viral infection!

Unfortunately this little guy is either hot or cold. So he's either crying or happy there is no in between with him. With my first he was always happy, and when he was irritable or cranky, it was definitely because he was sick. And if he was in pain pain you knew it. I don't think with my baby I could say the same thing.

I know he has a high pain tolerance, teething is apparently the exception, but he had a fever of 101 this morning . (along with the screaming, frequent night wakings, not eating, clear running nose etc) so I thought yes, something we might be able to really help out with, thinking it was an ear infection. For some reason I'm just not in tune with this little guy, so it seems.

Anyway I was hoping I could save myself our copays with this device. I just don't know how accurate it is. But at least I wouldn't waste a trip out, there if it came back as being clear, and if it shows a possible ear infection, at least I would feel more confident walking in.

Why didn't our babes pop out with a " fix it" easy button! I guess in the end I wouldn't have worried so much if it wasn't his 1st birthday festivities this weekend :( Hoping this little one feels better by then.


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answers from Chicago on

Have you tried any other remedies for teething pain? Like Hylands teething tablets, pain meds, or homemade mini popsicles to sooth the gums? As for the device I have never tried it so I will be looking at the responses.Good Luck


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answers from Phoenix on

I hear ya on taking your little one in for an ear infection, only to find out it's not, I've done that often myself. This last time just recently, I decided to check out the neighborhood clinic that's in the grocery store here. I was really pleased with the gent working there because he took a look in his ears while I was still filling out the paperwork, and told me there was obviously no infection and he didn't need to examine him. I appreciated that.

However it still doesn't give me any answer as to why my 8yo son still has frequent ear aches and itchy ears tho! Suspect it's allergies. Not much else I can do.



answers from Sacramento on

My baby was always happy up until he was one year old.
When he wasn't happy, it was usually due to teething.
Did you give him some pain meds? That always helped my baby's
disposition once the pain was managed. (I used Infant Motrin when he got older for the rest of his teeth cutting especially the molars.)
So maybe give him some meds and invest n the ear test device once you hear from these moms which is the best. Hang in there. Most of his teething will be behind him soon enough.
For his birthday party, just let him rest/sleep through it. Let everyone else enjoy. It's really for everyone else at this age anyway. You can take some pictures then let him rest. He'll have plenty of other parties to "terrorize" and run around. Ha ha



answers from Indianapolis on

I personally wouldn't choose to use it. I'd question whether or not the FDA has approved it and its clinical claims of accuracy.

Our daughter had tubes by 10.5 months and again this past May just after her 2nd birthday.
I'd only trust a trained pediatrician, nurse practitioner, etc. to make the official diagnosis after our experience. The risks of not getting a diagnosis correct can be lifelong, so I personally wouldn't feel comfortable.

Good luck.



answers from San Francisco on

My son did not get many ear infections but for the most part it was very obvious. Even when he was little. They have such a way with communicating. He would pull on his ear lobe or touch his ear so we always knew. the Ear check does work but nothing is full proof for ear aches so if it says he is o.k but you know something is still wrong, always go to the doctor or call the advice nurse.



answers from San Francisco on

I bought an Otoscope years ago when my kids were little because my son got ear infections constantly. You can tell when there is fluid and try to reverse it. When it's normal, it should look like a pearl, it's quite interesting. It certainly couldn't hurt to get one. I don't know if the Earcheck is the same device, this was years ago but I did find the otoscope helpful.


answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't use it. Their site says if your child's sick see your doctor - so what's the point? Also it says fluid can come and go quickly. So you can get a positive reading at home and have it gone by the time you see a doctor. Anyone with a stuffed up head can get fluid behind their ear drums. It doesn't always get infected. So fluid by itself is not an indicator. If my son has a fever (103 or higher) or is in pain or pulling his ears - I'm taking him to the doctor.



answers from San Francisco on

Go to Wal-Mart or CVS and you can get one for $14. I have one and use it all the time and when I take my son in for an ear infection they do not always believe me that I checked it at home so I bring it with me and more then once the Dr. has used it and liked it better then theirs. They usually have 3 different attachments one is for a baby. they run on batteries and have a chart. Can't beat it for $14 and I has saved us many times. Good Luck!



answers from San Francisco on

I agree w/other about not ubying onw. It's just a gadget. I'm a gadget lover & was so tempted to buy this thing when our youngest was born but glad I didn't as I had the same response from other moms that you got here.....shows fluid that can build up easily & go away quickly. Our youngest had a horrible time w/teething & would be so miserable at times that he barely slept unless I gave him fever reducing meds. I just used the store brand which worked as well as the name brands. The key is to stay ahead of the pain & be on top of dispensing consistently. If it says every 4 hours, then give it to him at about every 3.5 hrs so the pain doesn't get unbearable. I also gave our son wet &/or frozen wash clothes to chew on & had other teething rings/toys around for him to gnaw on. Good luck!



answers from San Francisco on

Hello Tia, I have not only used but have purchased for baby showers scopes to check for ear infections. It saved my bacon with our 5 children more than once. A little one with pain is hard tosee and to know you can't fix it but only give what comfort that you can.
Parenthood is a great adventure and you are facing only one part of it. Sort of like a thrill ride witha surprise around every cornor. But at the end its worth doing again. Good Luck Mom and hang in there.



answers from Fresno on

My daughter doesn't get infections but it was correct in lettting us know when there was fluid in her ears. We would check her and had follow=ups with the ENT and she had fluid with the earcheck and she had fluid when we went in. When it showed ok she was also ok. We used regular chiropractic adjustments and got the fluid cleared out then followed up with the ENT and avoided surgery. I was happy to have this to monitor her daily to see her progress

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