Asthma Doctor in Cedar Park Area? Treatment for Asthma???

Updated on May 04, 2011
R.M. asks from Cedar Park, TX
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My son is struggling with asthma today....I need to get him some help...but don't want to take him to his regular doctor again...he will just get anebulizer treatment and some orapred (sp?)...are there any other treatments for asthma? Who is a great doctor for this problem?

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answers from Austin on

I would try Kim C. My daughter went for two years with a gut-wrenching cough before she finally got some relief. She saw every specialist you could imagine in Dallas and Austin and all they did was treat the symptoms with more steroids, breathing treatments, etc. which only gave a couple hours of relief (and lots of money). They just blamed it on her asthma. She missed so many classes at college and had to quit the track team because it was so bad.

A naturopathic doctor (sorry, she is moving away from Austin), finally found the cause of the coughing. Putting it briefly, her body was so full of drugs (that she couldn't absorb anymore) that she needed a detox and lots of natural vitamins and supplements. It stopped her cough in two weeks! Now she just takes a daily multi-vitamin.

Was it expensive? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely. We spent more in two years on all the other doctors than we did in the one month with the naturopathic doctor.

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answers from Austin on

I go to Dr. Briggs for my allergies, he's been a great help to me. is their website - he can usually get you in the same day for an appointment. I have also seen his partner and she is good too.

Good Luck!

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi RM,

I have a friend in Henderson Nevada that has gotten rid of asthma in 4 of her children. Asthma is of course reactionary and she simply removed everything that would exaerbate breathing. She detoxed her home (I did too and no longer have any allergies) and started all of them on a good absorbable multivitamin that gave them the nutrition they needed to have a strong immune system. The last asthma attack any of them has had was over four years ago.

If you're interested in trying the natural route, I'll be glad to walk you through what she and I did. It's quite simple and inexpensive as well.

God bless! Hope your little one feels better soon.


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answers from Boston on

Treatment depends on how well controlled his symptoms are. Does he take a control med? What are his triggers? My oldest takes singular and symbicort daily to help control his asthma, albuterol when needed. The things that cause him to flare are dust, tree pollen, respiratory illnesses, very cold temps, and very muggy weather. To help with dust I dust and vacuum every day he has a cover on his mattress, for tree pollen he takes flonase and claritin when the coun is very high we stay indoors and he showers at night, for respiratory illnesses he usually requires albuterol around the clock and a week of orapred, for cold temps and muggy days we stay inside.
You need to see a pulmonologist and an allergist. Find out what medication works or him, what triggers him, and if he has any allergies.

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