Asthma and Croup

Updated on March 05, 2008
A.S. asks from Franklin, IN
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I have already got a doctor's appointment for my 20 month old son but I'm looking for an parent exprience with asthma and croup. I don't know if my son caught it that why the doc appointment today. We went last Thursday because of his breathing and went back on treatments. I found out later (Friday afternoon) that someone in his daycare had croup. I look up symptoms and he does have a few but it could also just be his asthma.
Has anyone had an exprience with asthma and croup and what you did. My son is already on Albuterol and Pulmicort. He's tired a lot and sleeping is rough.

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So What Happened?

So he didn't have croup but he was starting a sinusis infection. FEW! He is on antibotic along with his Albuterol and Pulmcort and making progress. Sleep again is great! He's still grumpy in the afternoons from been tried yet but what else can be done about that, he'll get caught back up soon. Thanks everyone for your replys. And any one with Asthma in the house, those naturally products really do work. Stepheen's asthma is better since I started using the cleans.

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my oldest had both as a baby. she got croup 2 times 1 time ans an infant and again at 1 1/2 yrs old. really what you can do is limited to the child, my daughter if she got into a bathroom full of steam would actually stop breathing so that didn't work for us. taking her outside at night helped alot but mostly what did the trick for me with croup was sleeping with her. the humidity from my body heat would help open her up yet it wasn't so much it would aggravate her breathing, with the asthma they will eventually wean him/her off the pulmicort and the albuterol to as needed. i know it seems a long haul but it will get better. my 3 yr old has it now and hers goes very active when she gets sick. the nurse practitioner at her old ped. office say's she has reactive lung disease since she really only gets active and wheezy when she is sick but as an infant she had alot of bronchitis. if he's tired his lil body just needs the extra sleep. its fighting off something and with active asthma it is fighting for oxygen. honest my daughter sounds so muchlike your baby when she was little now she only has reactive like her sister or if its cold out she will trigger. it will generally get better over time and hopefull god willing he will go from active asthma to reactive, you can control reactive alot more than active i found, well good luck

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My little boy has asthma so bad when he was 4-5 that I had him at the pediatrican practically every week; it also went into pnemonia a few times. He missed so much school that his doctor did allergy tests and found that he was allergic to so many things including the area trees in Austin, TX. The doctor researched areas that we could move to for us and we resorted to moving back to the Ohio area and he was instantly better. We couldn't let him miss so much school once he entered the first grade.

So my advice would be to have him tested for allergies. There are so many more kids and adults allergic to so many more things now a days because of our environment. There are many preventive things that can be done to help ease his symptoms. Kids tend to outgrow asthma so that may ease your mind. My son is an adult now and not a lick of breathing problems.

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answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Hi A.,

Asthma is a invention of the 20th century. It really can be calmed down if not prevented. My children have never had it but I have had friends that have had children with Asthma. The toxins in our homes (cleaning products and bath and body products contain so many chemicals). I would bet that your home is very clean! Pledge and Windex are neurotoxins affecting the brain. Clorox goes straight to the lungs. We are the only culture that worships clorine bleach. It was invented for chemical warfare by our military and we diluted down for residential use. I use a line of natural products that are cheaper than Walmart products that have helped my friend's children (one has been without his inhaler for 4 years now. If you would like to speak to me, please call me on my cell ###-###-####.I can also give you my friend's number if you would like to talk with her) If you are not interested in talking to me go to a health food store or even Publix to the organic department and look at the "Seventh Generation" products or something like those. They're good (about $6.00 for something that would be a replacement to your "409".)My alternative that I use is just as good is about $1.25 for the same size bottle.

My Lydia didn't have Asthma but was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. She no longer has the diagnosis. It was "undiagnosed" 8 weeks after I removed the chemicals from my home. It was 4 years ago and she is bright and FOCUSED. I also watch her diet.

Anyway, if you don't want to believe this, google, google, google. Many, many testimonials are out there about children getting off the steroids that doctors use for Asthma. Steroids did a number on me as a child and I wish my mom, God rest her soul, had asked more questions!

I hope this has helped and please, feel free to call.


PS I just read your profie and saw you work PT for Work at Home United! I left the note above for others to read because it hasn't been mentioned yet in your responses. Have you completed detoxed your home? I mean completely? You have an incredible product to completely rid your home of toxins and start fresh. Talk to your mentor or call the home office. There are many people that can help!

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I have been here. My daughter wasnt diagnosed until she was 4 with Asthma and allergies, she is now 7. She was so sick and coughed all the time and couldnt sleep, I figured she just had a really bad cold but it got really bad so I took her in the doctor and they listened to her chest and she was so raspy. They put her on singulair and like you pulmicort and Albuterol. This seems to help her and she only has flare ups every once in awhile and when she does we attack it right away with the Albuterol. The doctor told me that when she starts the coughing that she is having an attack and to start the albuterol. The thing I noticed about her and kids that have allergies and asthma is they are more prone to get the croup. So along with the singulair and the pulmicort daily she takes vitamins to boost her immune system. I am sorry you are having to deal with this with such a young child, at least mine could kind of understand what was going on. I hope you can figure this out and wish you the best!!!!

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answers from Jacksonville on

i have lots of experience with asthma i have an 18 month old that has severe asthma..we are stationed at ns mayport..if you have any question just wishes C.

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answers from Tallahassee on

HI A.,

My son is 13 now but when he was 8 months was diagnosed with asthma. He was put on albuterol and then when he got really bad he would on ocassion take prednisone which is a steroid. The one side effect with the albuterol is it makes them hyper so this is why he may not be sleeping. Ask your doctor about Xeponex because it seems to have less side effects. You might when to take him to an allergist to see if he has any allergies. My son's asthma was triggered by his allergies. As long as we kept the allergies under control the asthma would be less severe. What you will find with asthmatic children is anything will flare the asthma up ( colds, viruses,) so be mindful of that. One imporant thing too, if he is in a daycare setting you might want to concern allowing to go to a home daycare center. The less kids the better for him. I had my son in daycare and was told by the doctor to take him out. He stayed extremely ill and this made a difference once I had him removed. What I will say is they do outgrow it but you must stay on top of it. I hope this helps a little and it will get better.

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