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Updated on July 28, 2012
C.E. asks from Plymouth, MI
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My DH and I are searching for an assited living facility for my MIL. You all have done right by us thus far with recommendations... can you recommend any places for her to live at? She is relatively in good health, just needs some extra help remembering medications, help with meals, and help with bathing. We would want a facility that has the full spectrum of care, assumming her needs will increase with time and we don't want to move her if possible. TIA.

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answers from Detroit on

My sisters and I are going through these changes with my mom as we speak. Mom lives alone in her house and has gotten really bad with memory, confusion, bills, etc. And she doesn't realize or is in denial of her situation and that we're not ganging up on her but trying to help her with some of the things that require too much remembering.
Have you contacted A Place for Mom? Go online and connect with them. They recommend such places that have round the clock medical staff, but have a workout gym, activities, transportation, and maintain a sort of independence with the person's own flat. There may be some initial squawking, but it's also the case that once living there, they make friends, their brain stimulation improves, and they enjoy it. There's the Henry Ford or Fox Run retirement centers. But if you need personnel on the site for emergencies I would go with A Place for Mom.
Good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

we are starting the process for my mom. i have found you need to talk to others who have some one in assisted living homes. but call the dept of aging and get in the door with that. then start looking at place...interview places. ask important question is -is the place self-pay or not. depending on if she is planning on paying her self or having help(that's the dept of aging). visit several places several times....ask friends. take notes. listen to what others have to say. we have a beautiful looking place in my town. but i have been told by several people it's one of the worse places they know of...we won't be looking there. good luck!!! i'll be interested to hear what you have learn and learning....since i might be able to learn from you also!!

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answers from Boston on

Ah, been there, done that. I know that regulations are different state by state, but given my experience, I recommend that you have a detailed conversation and written contract about the care available. My Dad's place was great in many respects, but it advertized a nurse on duty 24 hours a day. But she wasn't able to provide actual nursing services, not even to take Dad's temp. or blood pressure. When he felt ill, they would always call an ambulance and send him to the hospital, which was very unnerving for him.

And you are very wise to consider the future and providing more care than she needs now. Not all assisted living facilities allow residents to stay when they get less capable.

All my best.

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answers from Detroit on

My grandmother is in Grand Court in Novi. Its a beautiful place and she really likes it.

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answers from New York on

Go to the Office of the Aging. Here in NY there are many advertisied on TV and they are wonderful places. Should be fairly easy to find in your area.
Only you can decide which one is appropriate.

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answers from Portland on

In my area there is a group called The Area Council on Aging or something like that. They make recommendations for assisted living based on clients needs.

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