Asperger Syndrome

Updated on March 26, 2008
M.S. asks from San Jose, CA
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does anyone know of a support group for my 30 year old son for asperger syndrome. he needs to meet people like him. it would be great if he can find a local group to join in the san jose area. any help is greatly appreciated.

thank you,

cheryl k

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Hi Cheryl -

Please check out my website at I'm a neurodiversity counselor in Palo Alto, and hope to start a new ASD group this summer. If you sign up for my newsletter on the Contact page, I'll be sure to get you and your son information when we get closer to the date.


J. J-T

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Parents Helping Parents in Santa Clara has a support group for Asperger Syndrome.

Carol Gallegos
PHP Asperger Support Group Facilitator
Parents Helping Parents
3041 Olcott St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
###-###-#### x118

Does he do any sports? I don't know if being involved with various Special Olympics activities would help him meet some "like" friends.

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Have you checked with Parents Helping Parents? Their website is Their office is in Santa Clara and they have support groups and hold informational meetings -- mainly for parents of children with developmental disabilities. If they do not have an adult support group, they may be able to direct you to one.

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Here is the URl for a mutual support group in San Jose. I hope it helps him. I work with children on the spectrum, and see improvements happening on a regular basis. At least now there are enough people with various forms of autism that research is getting more serious!

Excerpted from their webpage - "Positive community support for adults, children, families, and friends . . . we're not focused on diagnosis here -- we're about social skills development, independence, happiness, and community.
All are welcome to join. Please respect that this is not a forum to debate causes and "cures" for the autistic spectrum. This is a place for shared knowledge and experience, for learning how to thrive, and for making new friends!

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