Asmathic Bronchitis

Updated on July 23, 2010
Y.T. asks from Woodbridge, VA
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I have a soon to be three year old girl who was recently diagnosed with Asmathic Bronchitis. She was given a treatment using two different inhalers (using a mask, since she is so little). This whole thing makes me nervous. Has anyone had a child who had this? Did it go away? I feel bad for her because she hates doing this "treatment" three times a day. Is there anythign else I could also try?

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So What Happened?

Thank You All who took your time to respond to my question. I feel supported and not alone. I will definetly continue with the treatments and also try the allergist if this doesn't work.

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answers from Charlottesville on

My son use to have asthma. From age 3-10. We found out he was allergic to wheat and milk. Once we had him completely off of milk and wheat, he has not had to use an inhaler, nebulizer - nothing! You may want to see an allergist to see if she may have a food allergy. I wish we had done that when he was 3 and not put him through all of that for all of those years! A.

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answers from Washington DC on

Oh, my heart skipped a beat when I read your post.
I too have a 3yr old who seems to get bronchitis everytime she gets a cold. She just had it in July and then again in October. Normally she would get liquid albuterol and a decongestant and an antibiotic.
Her pediatricians office has 4 doctors in it and this time we saw someone different, who informed me that children do NOT get recurring bronchitis. That something else was going on.
The doctor said that her cold had turned asthmatic and treated her for asthma along w/ her cold. But this time it turned into Pneumonia. Treatment was the same: she got the inhaler w/ a mask to go w/ her antibiotic and decongestant. It improved a bit, but at her 2nd check up they switched to a nebulizer in which she got pulmicort and xopenex (sp), and a new antibiotic. Her coughing improved w/in 2 days. At her 3rd check up she was better. But now a week later she has a runny nose and is starting to cough again.
I am thiking of trying the allergy route. Getting her an allergy pill to take and see if that wards off this cold that turns into bronchitis/asthma/pneumonia.
You too could look into the allergy option and also ask for a nebulizer and see if she likes that better. Check w/ your insurance first to see if they cover it. My daughter preferred the nebulizer.
Email me if you have any questions.

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answers from Washington DC on

Hi Y.,
Yes, it is worrying. I had the same experience with my youngest daughter when she was about 3. It only occurred once.
Have you ever considered using natural products to clean your home? I actually found this has made a huge difference. I was reading in a medical journal that even a quick one-a-week clean in your home using the normal mixtures of house-hold cleaners and sprays can contribute to increased risk of asthma and other respiratory problems because of the chemicals in them.
It's actually much cheaper and easier than most people realize to go natural with your household products. If you would like any advice with this then feel free to write me a message.
Hope your little girl is feeling better soon.
L. P

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answers from Richmond on

I have a 10 year old who was diagnosed at right around a year old with Brochial Asthma. Asthma never goes away but you can control it to the best of your abilities and unfortunately the treatments are required and so is the inhaler. My daughter needs to have her inhaler with her at school, daycare and at home. Now you need to watch her b/c colds can be worse for her and the flu. As well, my daughters worst time of the year is Jan-May here in Virginia with the allergies. Children's claritan works great on her better than benadryl. My best advice go online and educate yourself fully on it that is the best thing to do. Good luck to you!!!



answers from Washington DC on

I would strongly suggest seeing an acupuncturist. They often will not use needs on little ones. Many times using acupressure or moxa or other ways to stimulate points. Use a practitioner who has a Mac after their name. They have had extensive training. Also a homeopath or naturpath both work well with this condition. Please feel free to email me and I can give you referrals of different alternative practitioners in your area that specialize in children.
L. M



answers from Norfolk on

Both my sons are asthmatic. We've had respiratory issues with my youngest since he was 16wks old. She will get used to the treatments and if she cries she is actually getting more medicine into her lungs. If the bronchitis is the only reason for her asthma issues right now it should decrease after the bronchitis is gone. If it does not clear then you have to look at other triggers. Most importantly follow your doctors advice. Don't try anything else with out consulting your doctor. Also, have him/her teach you what to listen for with a stethoscope. If you vigilant about treating it right from the start it should subside sooner. Godd luck.



answers from Washington DC on

I have to agree with Tamara. My daughter will be 3 in a few days and she was diagnosed with the same thing over a year ago. You will just have to monitor her more closely with the change of the seasons. I also send her breathing chamber with her to daycare just in case and she has a treatment machine at home. Some children grow out of it and some never do. As far as her not liking the treatments,I incorperated my little one in the process while I set the machine up. She would help me poor the medicine in the neb. and hold it herself. (She is very independent) My insurance company also sent me a chlidrens coloring book explaining what it is. That was perfect for her to understand. HTH



answers from Los Angeles on

Ok =D

I am not a mom, instead I am a son.
When I was little I was allergic to milk and those things that are on other posts.

I had Asmathic Bronchitis, and I longer have it - not 99% of the sympthoms. No more masks, inhalers or whatever.

I do remember using a mask and having to be sit at my bad for 30 minutes or something like that...

Well, now I drink 2L milk a day... I play Handball, got my 17th out of 200 on my 12th year school race and... Well nothing much else.

If I go to an old church or an abandoned house... I might start sneezing and coughing very hard... but loads of people do that too without having had Asmathic Bronchitis...

My life is quiet normal... at the moment... and It is ever since I was 8.
I'm 19 Now.

Hope you are reliefed.
Sorry about bad english... I am portuguese.



answers from Kansas City on

I had a nebulizer, which takes the medicine and vaporizes it, my doctor gave me the drugs to go into that, since my son HATED having the puffs, I had to hold him down, but would sit for the entire 10 minutes for the nebulizer treatment. These drugs help them lungs open so they can pass more air and get the oxygen to the blood they need, please be VERY careful removing them from your daughter and know that if you have already started them and the bronchitis is not better, you can cause the lungs to get much worse, and then you're looking at pregnesone to prevent hospitalization. Good luck and hopefully she'll be better soon!!



answers from Washington DC on

Dear Y. - You might want to try getting all of the chemicals out of your home. My friend, who is an RN, has 3 asthmatic sons; they have not used inhalers in almost 3 years, since switching their home to Melaleuca products! Good luck! N.

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